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  • And they're holy-flavored. Yay holy!

    So a cleric's spells are not always as flashy as a wizards,
    but they certainly can be powerful, especially those found in in
    Darkgolem's new guide to 7th level spells!

    "An outstanding single target kill spell, truly useful for
    taking out enemy spell casters before they can do too much damage.
    Superior to slay living because of it’s range."

    Read it at Ten Ton Hammer's DDO site.

    Mon, Jul 30, 2007
  • Oh yeah? Well, what's he done lately?

    With the addition of levels 13 and 14, wizards and
    sorcerers got some much needed new enhancements. See the best way to use them with Darkgolem's update to his guide to Wizard and Sorcerer
    Enhancements, the Accomplished Archmage!

    "The buffer is interested not so much in combat, but in making
    his or her friends powerful enough to deal with combats easily, while
    the buffer watches from the sidelines."

    Thu, Jul 26, 2007
  • Feel the righteous fury of the 6th level Cleric spells!

    Ok, so you may not have reached quite THAT high of a level of power by the time you have level 6 spells, but nonetheless, the spells one gets by the time you reach this level of power are outstanding! Learn all about the ins and outs of these cleric spells with Darkgolem's new guide to Level 6 Cleric Spells!

    "The image of the arch priest, with the power to quell any
    enemy of their faith comes to fruition when a cleric gains the ability
    to cast 6th level spells."

    Wed, Jul 25, 2007
  • Priests can actually fight? God, what is this, D&D? Oh, wait...

    This morning we have an update to DDO cleric enhancements for you all, including the new faith based enhancements and level 13 and 14 enhancements.

    Specializing in damaging your opponents requires certain
    enhancements to be effective. You will want high spell dc’s, because
    your going to want your spells to affect your opponents... meaning you
    will want a high wisdom. You will need spell points to cast your spells.

    Tue, Jul 24, 2007
  • Sadly, cure cancer is a 7th level spell. Better keep leveling if you want to save Grandma.

    We have a new guide to 5th level cleric spells for you all.

    Mon, Jul 23, 2007
  • Smite Them For the Sovereign Host!

    The Warrior Priests of Stormreach are a dangerous and zealous lot,
    masters of using clerical magic and warrior skills to bring destruction
    and fury upon the enemies of their faith. Darkgolem shows you how to
    make one in his latest build, the Warrior Priest!

    "A warrior priest is a build both loved and hated. However, if it is
    understood that the warrior priest will not be a primary healer (or at
    least not a dependable one), and counted as a warrior in a party's
    ranks, they can fit in as a deadly combatant."

    Thu, Jul 19, 2007
  • "Lets See, Heal, Cure Serious, Heal, and a Divine Healing to Top You Off..."

    Have hard time with mana sponges? Wish your party members knew the use
    the newest invention to reach Stormreach, known as a "shield". Well, say
    goodbye to your worries, you'll never have a hard time keeping your
    party in tip top condition with Darkgolem's newest build: The Master Healer!

    "When party members (especially impetuous party members) move into
    combat, don't hesitate to hit them with divine healing. It is a good

    Wed, Jul 18, 2007
  • Arrgh, Mateys, the Sea Witch Ahoy!

    Feel the salt spray in your face, battle pirates on the high seas, and
    say Arrgh, a lot! Find out how to best play this quick, fun, sea-battle
    quest with Khalas's new quest guide: Guard Duty!

    "This is a nice low level quest in Three Barrel Cove that gets you some
    easy Free Agent Favor. It's slightly trickier than it looks but a full
    party shouldn't have a lot of trouble with it provided you work as a
    group and use some basic crowd control. Magic casters will want to bring
    Web and Hypnotic Pattern if they have it."

    Tue, Jul 17, 2007
  • "Lets see here, Haste, Rage, Blur, Stoneskin, and a couple Cure Lights; There, You're All Set!"

    The Jorasco Adjutant is a master of keeping party members up and
    running. With the ability to heal and a wide variety of buffs and arcane
    additions, they are a useful member of any party. Read how to make one
    with Darkgolem's newest custom build!

    "Outside of combat, they can both heal party members using their
    dragonmark, and heal them at shrines (though picking up a healing item
    is a good idea). Finally, their halfling hero's companion ability is

    Mon, Jul 16, 2007
  • Here, there, anywhere.. Frankly, been there, done that.

    Members of House Orien are gifted with the Mark of Passage, able to
    travel vast distances quickly, or even instantaneously. The Orien Far
    Mage is an even greater master of travel than most members of the house,
    mixing arcane might with innate magical abilities. Learn how to make one
    with Darkgolem's new custom build, the Orien Far Mage!

    While one might question using dragonmarks to simulate what a wizard
    can do, recall that they have limited spell points, and that dimension

    Thu, Jul 12, 2007
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