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  • CGM, NCSoft - Nine letters that go together.
    The aptly titled, Computer Games Magazine has struck a three-month deal with NCSoft to promote City of Villains.

    " Computer Games Magazine Partners With NCsoft, Offers Free Online Game to New Subscribers; Gamers Will Receive Free Copy of City of Villains and 30 Days of Free Play
    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 20, 2006--Computer Games Magazine, published by the media division of, today announced a three-month partnership with game publisher NCsoft(R) - North America to offer the massively multiplayer online game City of Villains(TM) free to new subscribers of the publication along with 30 days of free play.
    City of Villains, released in October 2005, is the standalone sequel to the hit massively multiplayer online PC game City of Heroes(R). In less than six months, it has already received high marks and praise from the gaming community. New subscribers will receive all the benefits of the standard edition of the game including:
    -- A CD-ROM version of City of Villains
    -- One exclusive HeroClix(TM) figure
    -- One exclusive City of Heroes collector card from Alderac Entertainment Group
    -- Two-sided poster featuring: Villains vs. Heroes battle scene and Rogue Isles(TM) ancient map
    "This partnership helps us give our newsstand readers an incentive to subscribe to Computer Games Magazine," said Jayson Dubin, Vice President and Publisher of Computer Games Magazine. "We are confident that gamers will be thrilled to not only receive an immensely popular MMO game but also a year's worth of sophisticated gaming editorial, features, and reviews.""

    This and so much more in the rest of the official press release.

    Thu, Apr 20, 2006
  • Hunters of Undead in DDO

    Aelasyl brings the Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach - TenTonHammer faithful a Custom Build straight from Eberron lore: the Aereni Deathguard. If you're a hardcore Eberron fan excited about Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO), this could be the build for you. Heck, the Deathguard is fun to play even if DDO is your first visit to Eberron!

    While the elves of Aerenal venerate their undying ancestors, they despise all negatively charged undead. These foul creatures that defile the world are shades of what they used to be. The Deathguard actively hunt down and exterminate negatively charged undead. This character combines the holy righteousness of a Paladin 4 with the skilled stalking abilities of the Ranger 6.

    Learn how to build the Aereni Deathguard class at DDO - TenTonHammer today!

    Thu, Apr 20, 2006
  • An Auto Assault test drive... weighs in on Auto Assault with a "first glimpse" of the MMO that's making our imaginations run wild during the morning commute to work.

    Is the game perfect? No. There are still bugs-a-plenty, including with NPCs and missions, but NetDevil is working hard on fixing them. The clan interface can still use some work, and NetDevil has already said they plan on adding in at least a mail system, and other tools to help player merchants sell their goods. There is housing in the game - which you get via a mission. The graphics in the "pedestrian" city are good, though the animations on the players is a bit stiff - but that's not the focus of the game. The missions, on the other hand, often have GREAT storylines and funny lines - it's great to read them a lot of the time. Some can be funny, others touching, while still others disturbing.

    Read Auto Assault first impressions at And afterward, if you're still hankering for more AA opinion, check out our homegrown TenTonHammer First Glimpse / review of Auto Assault.

    Thu, Apr 20, 2006
  • New "Hero's Haiku" Contest at NCSoft @ TenTonHammer!

    Does the idea of running around as an extremely customizable superhero of your own design sound appealing? Put your creative talent to good use and submit a haiku to us for a chance at winning lots of great prizes, such as a City of Heroes Collector's Edition DVD along with other treats such as action figures, capes, t-shirts, and bumper stickers.


    • 1st place: City of Heroes CE DVD along with 1 Stateman action figure, 1 cape, 1 poster, 1 t-shirt, and 2 bumper stickers

    • 2nd place: 1 cape, 1 Stateman action figure, 1 t-shirt, and 2 bumper stickers
    • 3rd place: 1 Stateman action figure, 1 t-shirt and 2 bumper stickers

    Deadline is now on April 30th, 2006. Judging will be based upon creativity!

    Check out NCSoft - TenTonHammer for details.

    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • New City of Villains Issue 7 "Mayhem Missions" Screenshots!

    More screenshots from the folks at Cryptic Studios, originators of the City of Villains / City of Heroes series of comic book-inspired MMOs.

    This week, feast your eyes on a preview of the new "Mayhem Missions" - quests that take you into a special instance where your tasked with creating as much havoc as is villain-ly possible. Off to your right, for example, you'll see what used to a be a mailbox!

    Check out these new screenshots from what promises to be an incredible no-cost expansion: City of Villains Issue 7 "Mayhem Missions" screenshots right here at TenTonHammer!

    Images, Media
    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • If you've been waiting for it and your nail beds will never be the same from all the biting, your wait is over!

    After a hiatus to accommodate the GWFC playoffs, the Guild Wars Ladder was restarted at Midnight this morning. Jump into the competition to vie for your share of fabulous prizes of cash, travel, and more.

    Get the details here. Good luck with Season 2!

    See the happiness that is our Guild Wars Community.

    More news on Guild Wars.

    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • You heard us talk about them at GDC. If you didn't hear the excitement in our voices you weren't listening very well to the podcast or reading between the lines of our articles. We are really FREAKIN' excited about these Mayhem Missions. Now you can get the info from the horse's mouth. Read the details here.

    The count down begins, your heart is racing and your adrenaline spikes as you silently make your way into Statesman’s territory. You venture forth into the heart of the enemy’s domain, knowing that a hero could be around every turn as you unleash pure mayhem upon Paragon City. Whether you dare to go it alone or with a group of fellow villains, this could be the shining moment in which you let loose the villain within.

    Time is short and tensions are running high, you set off at a hectic pace, destroying all that comes before you with wild abandon. Buying yourself more time by decimating everything in your path, you fight your way across town to your target in order to grab the loot before time runs out!

    Whoah Nelly! They're really this exciting.

    More news on City of Villains.

    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • Gamecloud has 10 new screenshots of the Guild Wars upcoming expansion Factions.

    Check out our Guild Wars Community.
    More news on Guild Wars.

    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • A look inside the Auto Assault war room...

    It's always nice to see MMOs make the mainstream news (well, except when the headline decries parental neglect or Chinese communist ambitions). This is, in fact, the second or third professional piece from the land of Rocky Mts. and microbrews I've seen in the last week or so.

    Included is a interesting look inside NetDevil's hub during the last hours before the game went gold:

    Speaking last week on the precipice of opening the floodgates to his company’s virtual word, Brown said NetDevil’s future could hinge on the success of the game.

    “I’m not worried about bugs (in the game); there’s going to be some weird stuff,” he said. “It’s just launching that scares me.

    “That’s what I’m mostly scared about, having too many or too few players.”

    Too many, and the desolate earth of Auto Assault could crumble under the strain; too few and NetDevil might.

    Check out this very worthwhile read at Rocky Mountain News. (Thanks to Shacknews for the link!)

    You're intrigued about Auto Assault, you say? Good! Read on!

    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • Take charge for the win!

    Every gamer wants to know about the classes in a new game. Knowing the list of classes isn't enough for gamers drooling in anticipation of Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (LOTRO). Tolkien fans hope to learn how each class manifests the lore of Middle-earth while providing a functioning game mechanic. Ralsu takes a peek at the Captain and tells us what to expect:

    Any class that buffs damage output is welcomed in a Fellowship, and the Captain will fit that bill. The onus will be on the player to be mobile, dropping banners where they do the most good. Fellowships will quickly find players who don't utilize the Captain's abilities deftly expendable.

    Read Ralsu's introduction to the Captain class, at LotRO - TenTonHammer to learn more.

    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
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