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  • Not the 25-cent sack of candy from the local confectioneer..
    Nope, its the DAoC weekly grab bag! This week: questions about champion weapons from the coming "Darkness Rising" expansion.

    Q: (Insert question here about the champion weapons in Darkness Rising.)
    A: From the Really Evil Overlord of Camelot, Jeff Hickman: "We are aware that there have been some concerns about what we are doing with the champion weapons and encounters in Darkness Rising. We want to clear up a few misconceptions:
    1. Champion weapons are almost identical in power to many popular artifacts, and we are looking forward to user feedback during testing.
    2. Champion Quests can be done with one group (eight players) or fewer. Players can of course bring MORE players to make the encounter easier, but please note that due in part to our “one group” design decision, many steps are instanced. And as you know, no more than one group can get into an instance.

    All this and more in this weeks Dark Age of Camelot grab-bag!

    Sun, Aug 21, 2005
  • We reached into DAoC's grab bag..."

    And pulled out more info on server clustering, DAoC's project to create more populated PvP regions. How clustering affects shared housing, players who have characters in different realms within the same cluster, and more is included with this edition.

    Q: I have characters in two different realms on the same server cluster. I tried to make characters in the third realm on the third server in the cluster, but it wouldn't let me. How come?

    A: This answer has changed a little since Februrary. If you did not have characters on one of the clustered servers when they were combined, then you are limited on which realm you can create characters in on that cluster. You can only create new characters in one realm on a cluster, so any new characters made on a server you previously had no characters on would be from one of the two realms you currently play on that cluster.

    In addition, you cannot delete your characters from one realm to switch to the third realm. Since you already have characters in one realm, if you delete all of the characters on the second server in the cluster, you will be limited to the first server's realm at that point.

    All this in more in this week's Dark Age of Camelot grab bag!

    Sun, Aug 14, 2005
  • More fun than a Mongolian cluster... nevermind.

    This week's edition of the DAoC Herald focuses on a flurry of questions regarding the upcoming server reclustering announced this week:

    Q: (Insert question on clustering and timers here)

    A: I deliberately skipped the most popular set of questions this week, because there are a number of things still under discussion in terms of limits, timers (as you saw from the poll), accessing your characters in different realms on the same cluster, grandfather clauses, and creating new characters on the clusters. I also don't have a new implementation schedule for the proposed new clusters yet. The information I have on the Herald from earlier this year is outdated and incorrect.

    Have a DAoC question you'd like answered in the most minimal, roundabout way possible? Details on how to get your submission its negative two seconds of fame, as well as the rest of this article, here!

    Sat, Aug 06, 2005
  • Yummy Clusters of Server Goodness
    Mythic Entertainment announced a new clustering schema. Clusters are a way of preserving a server's home community for aged MMOGs while making the Realm vs. Realm and Frontier zones (areas where high level adventurers roam) one zone for 2-4 servers.

    "Guinevere will be clustered with Nimue and Percival... Merlin will be clustered with Palomides, Bors, and Gawaine... Lancelot will be clustered with Iseult, Kay, and Pellinor. Galahad/Morgan le Fay will be clustered with Bedevere, Igraine, and Tristan."

    Go here to see a timetable for these moves.

    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • DaoC - 14 Days - Free
    GamersHell is handing out 14 day free passes to Dark Age of Camelot. Some staff at Excalibur were swordfighting when one of them said:

    "New Dark Age of Camelot trial version incorporates introductory movie, tutorial, the latest graphics engine and user interface enhancements."

    You can grab the Dark Age of Camelot 14 Free Trial at Gamers Hell.

    Fri, Jul 08, 2005
  • All patched up.
    The Camelot Herald has the details of the latest Dark Age of Camelot patch. Our calls to Buckingham Palace to confirm that Prince Charles wiggled his

    ears and raised his eyebrows almost imperceptibly upon hearing the
    following were
    left unreturned:

    "As our players know, the community in any online game is of paramount importance to enjoyable gameplay. The backbone of that community is contained in the player guilds and alliances in the game. As such, after discussions with our community, we have focused this patch on improvements and revisions to our player guild system. We also know that artifact durability and the availablity of single line respecs are a concern for our players. We have listened to your feedback on these issues and present new systems in these areas in this patch."

    You can read the entire Dark Age of Camelot Patch Notes at The Camelot Herald.

    Fri, Jun 24, 2005
  • Alternative rules. It sure does.
    Dark Age of Camelot is going to deploy a new server type that has an "alternative" ruleset. Oh, we're pretty sure they wrote this:

    "We are very pleased to announce our plan for the next server type for Dark Age of Camelot. We've made this decision based on your feedback from our polls and Herald feedback forms – thank you all for your passionate and detailed feedback on these issues.  "

    You can read the entire Dark Age of Camelot New Server Type Article at The Official Site.

    Wed, Jun 15, 2005
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