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    Anarchy Online sits down for a chat with Onlinewelten and rolls out a new video of the upcoming graphics changes.

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    Tue, Mar 27, 2012
  • Funcom_logo.jpg recently got the chance to speak with Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas about the company's future plans.

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    Tue, Jan 05, 2010
  • A tale of robots and swords, eternally retold.

    MMOCrunch has a new interview posted with Craig “Silirrion” Morrison, the game director for Funcom's Anarchy Online.

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    Thu, Jan 24, 2008
  • Erling Ellingsen, Funcom product manager, Gets Interviewed has posted an interview with Funcom's Erling Ellingsen.

    Q: It’s been five years since Anarchy Online launched – what has happened since then?
    A: A world of changes! The game has grown tremendously in those five years, and we’re confident in the fact that we’ve been able to get rid of everything the players disliked and that we’ve been able to add what they requested.

    Get clicking to read the rest of this answer and more!

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    Mon, Dec 11, 2006
  • The community manager updates us on how Funcom's rookie project is fairing had a chance to sit down and chat with Funcom's Craig Morrison recently. They posted the interview yesterday... Can you talk about the upcoming changes to Anarchy Online with the 16.4 material?

    Craig Morrison: The 16.4 update brings with it optimized resource loading and an improved animation system. Basically this means that the game client's performance should improve for the vast majority of players. We are changing the way that the Anarchy engine loads the graphical resources and animations to get rid of the old 'stutter' that would greet players in built up areas

    Keep reading to learn more. Share your thoughts with us on Anarchy Onlien and all your favorite MMOs in our Ten Ton Hammer Forums today.

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    Wed, Nov 22, 2006
  • Funcom’s Morten Byom delves into AO’s next expansion, Lost Eden

    GameZone has posted this interview today. They had a chance to talk to Morten Byom about the upcoming Anarchy Online expansion. Keep reading to find out what they were able to learn.

    Digital River, the parent company of, has teamed up with Funcom to offer an exclusive pre-download opportunity. The expansion officially releases on Dec. 12.

    But back to the expansion itself. GameZone wanted to know more and so turned to Funcom’s Morten Byom, AO and Lost Eden game director for a brief conversation about the title.

    Q: What are the major changes or innovations being introduced with this expansion?

    Find the answer to this and many more questions with just a click. Do you play Anarchy Online? Share yourthoughts on this upcoming expansion in our Ten Ton Hammer Forums today!

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    Thu, Nov 16, 2006
  • Is that a boss in your pocket, or are you glad to see me? (that never gets old... or does it?)
    Funcom's Craig Morrison describes the unique "pocket boss" system found in the "Shadowlands" expansion of Anarchy Online. Really, who doesn't want a boss mob they can spawn anywhere?

    The new Shadowlands quests grant faction as rewards for their successful completion as well as pattern parts for our unique 'pocket boss' system, so that players can collect the parts to be able to spawn a special boss mob at their own convenience. Spawning and defeating this boss mob grants further faction rewards allowing players to gain Shadowknowledge (exp) and faction at the same time, something they previously had to do separately.

    A variety of casual player friendly features in the latest "It's alive!" Anarchy Online dev interview at RPG Vault.
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    Fri, Oct 28, 2005
  • Where you online when the anarchy broke out?
    RPGVault has posted an entertaining, albeit short interview with Anarchy Online's own Craig Morrison. The interview takes a quick look at what older MMOs have to do to stay competitive. AO is probably one of the best MMOGs that you have never played. I enjoyed it and I'm not a Sci-Fi fanatic. Here is a brief look at what RPGVault had to say, briefly:

    "Set almost 30,000 years in the future, Funcom's Anarchy Online takes place in an age when humanity has reached deep into space to find, explore and colonize huge numbers of worlds spanning the length and breadth of the Milky Way. One of these is Rubi-Ka. A small, rather inhospitable planet in a distant sector of the galaxy, it would be little more than just another insignificant dot on a star map were it not for the fact it holds deposits of notum. This material is both rare and essential in nano-technology. As a result, its discovery many thousands of years ago led the enormous Omni-Tek Corporation to begin terraforming and extraction operations. Since that time, the company has established a city, Omni-1, which is Rubi-Ka's capital, its largest population center and the primary focal point for the authorized export trade. "

    You can read the entire Anarchy Online Interview at RPGVault.
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    Wed, Oct 26, 2005
  • Sci-Fi Talk Show.
    GameCloud has posted an Anarchy Online Interview, featuring Morten Byom and focusing on Lost Eden, the upcoming expansion. An MMOG that's free and more importantly fun to play.

    "Funcom's long running sci-fi MMORPG Anarchy Online has already had a number of expansion packs and yet another expansion, Anarchy Online: Lost Eden, is currently in the works. Gamecloud got a chance to chat with Anarchy Online Game Director Morten Byom to find out more about their plans for the expansion. " 

    You can read the entire Anarchy Online: Lost Eden Interview at GameCloud.
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    Thu, Oct 13, 2005
  • [Insert Caribbean accent] A.......O...A a a a O
    RPG Vault has posted an interview Funcom's game director, Morten Byon in which they discuss Anarchy Online: Lost Eden. A slot machine started ringing and a lady in flowery clothes jumped up and yelled:

    "In case any readers are not familiar with it, how would you outline the conflict that provides the foundation for the base game, Anarchy Online?"

    You can read the entire Anarchy Online: Lost Eden Interview at RPGVault.

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    Fri, Jul 08, 2005
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