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  • Help Test Before The Storm

    The official site for World of Warcraft has been updated with some notes regarding the test servers.

    We're pleased to announce that our upcoming content patch, “Before the Storm,” is now available on the Public Test Realms. This patch will include an all new Honor System and brand new talents for every class. It will also be the last major content patch released before World of Warcraft's first expansion, The Burning Crusade! Be sure to read about all of the exciting changes on our patch notes page. To learn more about how you can help test this patch, click here.

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    Wed, Nov 15, 2006
  • Street date set for the expansion to Blizzard Entertainment®'s massively multiplayer online role-playing game as subscriber base reaches 7.5 million players worldwide

    A press release was issued today to let us know about the upcoming release date for WoW's latest expansion, The Burning Crusades. So mark your calendar!

    Blizzard Entertainment® announced today that World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, the highly anticipated expansion to the world’s leading subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft, will be in stores on January 16th in North America and Europe.

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    Thu, Nov 09, 2006
  • Release Date Announcement

    In a press release issued this morning Blizzard announced that the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusades will not ship as scheduled.

    Blizzard Entertainment® today announced that the release date for World of Warcraft®: The Burning Crusade™, the highly anticipated expansion for World of Warcraft, will be in January 2007. By adding a few extra weeks to the development cycle beyond its original target date, Blizzard will be able to extend the closed beta test and further refine the new content that will ship with the game.

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    Tue, Oct 24, 2006
  • More events to celebrate Halloween

    The official site for World of Warcraft has been updated with a page that tells you all of the events and fun things going on between today and November 1st.

    Observed by both the Horde and the Alliance, Hallow's End is the celebration of the break between the Forsaken and the Scourge. Adventurers can speak to innkeepers to get silly masks to wear during their adventures, and much more. This is just one way to celebrate Hallow's End.

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    Wed, Oct 18, 2006
  • Three Beta Reports

    Gamespy has updated their site with three articles that report on the beta experience for Wow's upcoming expansion, The Burning Crusade.

    The first is a look at the Hellfire Peninsula...

    On the Blasted Lands side of the Dark Portal, the crater area has been cleared out of high-level mobs, and quest-giving NPCs have been added instead. This begins a series of quest breadcrumbs that lead you through the Dark Portal, into Outland, and to the first major city where you can start loading up on quests.

    Second is a journal of sorts as the author tries out a Blood Elf Paladin...

    Yesterday, I kicked off with my early experiences of The Burning Crusade playing as a freshly created Blood Elf Paladin. Today, I'm going to finish up talking about the newbie zone, Eversong Woods, and then we'll move onto the level 10-20 zone called Ghostlands.

    Finally is a trek to level 70 as blue-skinned Draenei Shaman...

    If there's something I missed about World of Warcraft since I began my days as a raider, it was the feeling you get when filling up your quest log with assorted missions, and filling your bags with assorted loot rewards, inching your way to the next level. While the level 70 cap will allow me to experience that with my main, I'm enjoying the low-level experience all over again, with my beta test of the Draenei starting area. Since the Draenei shaman offers the most unique experience for Alliance characters, I went that route and began my adventure by swinging my mace and earth shocking things in the face. Just wait until I learn frost shock!

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    Tue, Oct 17, 2006
  • Burning Crusade Hunter Preview

    The official site for World of Warcraft has been updated with a preview of what is to come with the upcoming expansion, The Burning Crusade. This preview gives us a look at the spells and talents of the Hunter.

    Hunters now get 1 AP per Agility rather than 2. This change helps us provide more interesting stat distributions on hunter items. Previously, Hunters valued Agi significantly above any other stat, such that it was extremely difficult for us to create variety among Hunter items. For example, before this change, we could have spent 1 stat point on an item to give you either 2 AP or 1 Agi (which gave 2 AP along with a small bonus to crit and a small bonus to dodge... clearly the better choice). However, several changes have been made along with this change in order to offset the AP loss.

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    Wed, Oct 11, 2006
  • Find Out What Is Included

    The official site for World of Warcraft has been updated with an announcement of what will be included in the collectors edition of The Burning Crusade.

    We're happy to announce that World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade will ship in standard as well as Collector's Edition packages. The Collector's Edition will come in a special box that contains many exclusive extras to enhance your adventure into Outland, including:

    * World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade on both CD and DVD
    * World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Behind-the-Scenes DVD

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    Thu, Oct 05, 2006
  • ZOMG... Kenny got pwned!

    Comedy Central commercials revealed (and the WoW official site confirmed) that South Park will open the second half of its 10th season with a stab at World of Warcraft on Wed, Oct. 4th at 10pm (US Eastern and Pacific time):

    In Comedy Central's teaser commercials for the first of a new batch of South Park episodes, the series' four main characters--elementary school kids Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny--gaze slack-jawed at computer screens, morbidly obese and riddled with zits. While the portrayal is a bit of a caricature of the typical massively multiplayer online role-playing game addict, it doesn't take a genius to guess that the show is turning its gaze toward the genre and its current standard-bearer, World of Warcraft.

    Make love, not Warcraft in South Park, and Gamespot has the scoop.

    Tue, Oct 03, 2006
  • Official Site Update

    The official site for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusades has been updated. A new feature on the spells and talents page has been added to allow you to get all the information you could want on the Priest class. Still to come are the Hunter and the Druid. Stay tuned right here to Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest updates. Have you joined the WoW Ten Ton Hammer Community yet? What are you waiting for?

    Tue, Sep 12, 2006
  • Account Stealing Scam

    The World of Warcraft official site has been updated with a warning to players. It seems that there is currently an account stealing scam going on and they want you to be aware of how to protect yourself and your account.

    We'd like to make the community aware of a recent account-theft scam that is being circulated through email, game forums, in-game chat, and other mediums. This scam involves fake URLs, or hyperlinks, that once clicked will install harmful "keylogging" software intended to steal your World of Warcraft account name and password. After the creators of these keyloggers steal this information, they log into your account, immediately change your password to lock you out, and then sell all of your items and transfer all of your gold.

    Get clicking to get all the details! Have you seen this scam in action? Head over to the forums at WoW Ten Ton Hammer and tell us about it!

    Thu, Sep 07, 2006
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