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  • Spying the Path to Kali

    Gamespy previews The Path to Kali, a lead-in to the next free expansion for EVE Online. They must have been able to talk to a dev at E3 (yup, Ethec's still just a tad bitter).

    EVE Online's graphics overhaul is no mere patch release. While the company is working on an updated version of the current engine, they've also taken the drastic step of actually building an entirely new engine for Windows Vista. The new operating system from Microsoft apparently has quite a few features that MMOs like EVE can take advantage of, including fully programmable shaders and support for instancing, so the development team has decided to scrap and re-do every one of the game's 300 plus spaceships from scratch while also adding new lighting and shadow features.

    Check out Gamespy's preview of the EVE Online Kali expansion by clickin' here.

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    Thu, May 25, 2006
  • A new expansion was just announced for EVE Online, The Path to Kali

    ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPO, LOS ANGELES, CA -- MAY 10, 2006 -- The upcoming expansion to EVE Online—codenamed Kali—will introduce an innovative Advanced Reactive Content System (ARCS), in which the political landscape and physical borders of nation-states within the game can be altered dynamically through the collective outcome of player actions, thus directly controlling the game universe destiny and resulting storyline.

    CCP will also release a newer version of the current award-winning graphics engine for EVE Online, which will take advantage of the latest DirectX 9 features to produce superior imagery and detail than the existing client. This Herculean effort requires that the game’s three hundred plus starships—each of which is composed of millions of triangles—be remodeled in ultra-high resolution. Players will then see these ships rendered by the power of per-pixel lighting, HDR, and soft-self shadowing.

    "Games either provide active content, in which the player reacts to artificial changes in the game universe, or they provide reactive content, in which the entire game universe reacts to the actions that players decide for themselves," said Magnus Bergsson, CMO of CCP Games. "CCP believes strongly that the players should be the center focus of the storyline and control the evolution of the game universe. The Path to Kali will lead EVE Online to great heights in reactive content and further establish EVE Online as the premium free-form MMOG on the market today."

    Parallel development of an entirely new graphics engine called "EVE Vista" is also underway. The new graphics engine—named “Trinity II”—will take full advantage of the new features and optimizations offered by DirectX 10, which will ship with the new Windows Vista OS. The highly anticipated graphics API will give Trinity II the ability to render far greater detail by leveraging the fully programmable shader pipeline and utilizing the API’s built-in instancing support. The combined technologies will allow CCP to continue building dynamic environments with visual effects that will surpass the already stunning graphical presentation of the game.

    The final component of Kali will be factional warfare, in which players will have the option to align themselves with an NPC faction. Also included in the Path to Kali will be the opening of new regions in the game universe, the addition of significant exploration content, next-generation player R&D that includes reverse engineering capabilities, additional ship upgrades and player professions, the introduction of combat boosters, and the addition of new warships.

    The Path to Kali will begin in Q2 2006 with the first release, and end in 2007 with the factional warfare implementation.

    Fri, May 12, 2006
  • Womp 'rats with a little help from EVEMon... reports on an EVE Online standalone addon which simplifies character progression.

    Dubbed EVEMon, the standalone Windows program not only simplifies character progression tracking, but also helps players plan out training plans and take a look at the “what ifs” in character skill choices and more.

    Unfortunately, the addon doesn't automate the months of mining required to make character progression more than a fun minigame. Nevertheless, check out's article on EVEMon, mon.

    Tue, May 09, 2006
  • Like a man on a mission...

    "The General" brings us some interesting info on getting the type of mission you want in EVE Online, and Ethec joins in for the color commentary. The result? A pretty darn good guide about one of the least understood aspects of the game: missions.

    Kill missions require you to fly somewhere and blow up something (or somethings). These missions may or may not require a trip to a deadspace instance, so you may run into limits on what ship you can bring to the fight (consult the deadspace complex guide for details). Build up a good standing with Command, Internal Security, Security, and Surveillance agents are the best choice if you prefer carnage to travel.

    Check out the EVE @ TenTonHammer mission guide!

    Wed, Feb 08, 2006
  • Mine with your mind!
    EVE Online has long been favored by truly casual players (for its offline training system friendly to those with little time to level) and truly hardcore gamers alike (hardcore gamers enjoy the game's intense PvP action). But if you play EVE and need some in-game money-- who doesn't?-- you need to mine some asteroids! Ten Ton Hammer's own "General" Lee usually takes a background role, whipping up the vast array of fine graphics you see on our network. But Darren comes to the forefront to share some of his EVE mining secrets!

    The objective of this series is to cover the mechanics of the fine art of mining in EVE. I'll touch upon some of the trials and tribulations that I've encountered going through the process as a Galantie character. I've taken a distributed approach to exploring the different aspects of the game. My expertise in mining is not complete but after a year of play, it's fair to say that I've learned a few tricks.

    All of the points made below are from the perspective of a solo miner. If you're a member of a thriving corporation that always travels in packs then most of the issues below will not apply. If you're like me and don't have time to support yet another demanding relationship in your life and simply want to fly around in space in your spare time then the info below might aid in the "fun" side of the experience.

    Check out Darren's mining guide here!

    Tue, Jan 24, 2006
  • If you've been following along you'll have seen this little game steam ahead with some pretty impressive numbers.

    EVE Players greet the New Year

    At 20:44 this evening a new PCU milestone was reached when 22.020 EVE Players were logged in at the same time. CCP's hardware partners are working around the clock to deliver more power to the Tranquility cluster so that the regiment of one unsharded virtual world with no instancing can hold

    If you ask anyone what their favorite sci-fi / pvp type MMO is, Eve comes through as the final answer every time. It's worth checking out.

    More News and Info on Eve Online

    Our New Eve Online TTH Site. Go Take a look!

    Tue, Jan 03, 2006
  • And this used to be such a quiet neighborhood...

    At 20:33 on Sunday evening (2005.12.04) EVE players broke their own Peak Concurrent Player (PCU) record with 18.148 playing at the same time.

    For more information on Eve Online clickety Right Here

    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • 17K Space Rats and Going Strong...
    EVE Online reached another peak concurrency record over the Thanksgiving weekend. While 17,000 online at once doesn't seem like much in light of WoWs millions, it's significant to see a smaller, older, truly unique game growing by leaps and bounds in its own way.

    At 19:45 on Sunday evening (2005.10.23) EVE players broke their own Peak Concurrent Player (PCU) record with 17.032 playing at the same time.

    This is only days after a highly successful installation of TMS RAMSAN 400 Solid State Disk Array virtually eliminating all Database related LAG in EVE Online.

    Congratulations to all involved in making history once again.

    The new peak concurrency record at the EVE Online official site.
    Other links of interest: (OPTIONAL)

    Tue, Nov 29, 2005
  • Real ads. Virtual payment.
    Joystiq is reporting that EVE Online is accepting ISK, the virtual currency of the game as payment for advertisement in the game's official magazine. Writers for the magazine will also be paid in the virtual currency.

    " Eve Online Magazine is the official print magazine of massively multiplayer sci-fi game Eve Online. The magazine’s publishers (also the game’s developers) are taking payment for magazine advertisements in the virtual currency (ISK) used in the game Eve Online. "

    Mon, Nov 28, 2005
  • Red sky at night, sailors' delight.   Red sky in the morning,
    sailors' warning.

    Those Icelandic miscreants we like to call CCP have announced the
    release of EVE Online: Red Moon Rising, a free expansion to the popular
    sci-fi MMOG.  Red Moon Rising will be available in December. 

    "CCP Games, an independent developer and publisher of
    multiplayer online games, today announced the public release of "EVE
    Online®: Red Moon Rising”, a new expansion to its highly successful
    fast-growing Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)
    “EVE Online®: Exodus”. Red Moon Rising is scheduled for release
    December, and will be provided to subscribers free of charge.

    “Red Moon Rising is the last of the EXODUS chapters and is the
    precursor of the Kali expansion," said Magnus Bergsson, CMO of CCP
    Games. “Players will see new ships and features in Red Moon Rising
    created explicitly to augment warfare, so those who crave the
    adrenaline rush of action-packed PVP will really enjoy this release!”

    With nearly 80,000 active subscribers and over 17,000 simultaneous
    users on one server, “EVE Online” is the largest independently
    developed and published MMORPG on the market.

    “The introduction of these new components is analogous to adding rooks,
    knights, and the mighty queen to a galactic chessboard,” said Nathan
    Richardsson, Lead Producer for EVE Online. “Fighters, carriers, and
    titans are going to take combat to a scale that the MMPORG genre has
    never seen before. In addition, the sheer economics required just to
    produce these leviathans will create great opportunities for
    industrious-minded gamers to take advantage of.”

    EVE Online®: Red Moon Rising is the march towards an epic clash
    the empires as the tentative peace presiding over the galaxy continues
    to slip away. Nations begin to conspire against one another, secretly
    preparing for the inevitable conflict that threatens to redefine the
    borderlines of EVE forever.

    Some of the key features of this upgrade are:

    • Titans: The largest, most fearsome space faring battle vessels ever

    • Carriers: Front line capital ships providing fighter coverage and
    support for fleets

    • Bloodlines: The addition of Asian bloodlines available to each of the

    • COSMOS Constellation Expansion: Addition of constellation missions to
    Gallente and Amarr territories

    • Fighters: The main offensive and defensive weapon of the Carrier

    • Starbases and sovereignty: Additions of roles to improve control
    access of services and improved calculations of player-determined

    • Next-Generation Manufacturing & Research Facilities:
    Mass-manufacturing enabling and remote industry management.

    • Performance Optimizations: Optimizations to core systems to provide
    even better performance.

    • Mining Industry Upgrade: New equipment, ships and skills for miners

    • Combat Enhancements: Varied improvements to combat, enhanced defenses
    and configuration overhauls

    • Jettisoned Canister Flagging: Removing the contents of a jettisoned
    canister that is not your own will flag you as a thief

    • Drone Enhancements: New drone capabilities and improved performance

    • An Eye for an Eye: You are allowed to revenge the unlawful
    destruction of your ship

    • Tech II: 23 new Tech II ships, including destroyers, battlecruisers
    and mining barges

    • New Corporate Logos: Corporations have more options to create their
    own identity

    • NPC Changes: New NPC's featuring elite ships with advanced
    capabilities such as cap draining

    • UI Improvements: Need info from Hagen.

    • Full Unicode Client: The EVE client now supports any language in the

    Oh, you want more?

    Mon, Nov 21, 2005
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