EVE Online + Stargate Resistance Previews

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    With EVE Online’s 20th expansion just around the corner, Dalmarus takes a look at the new content and the community that helped shape its development.
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    Wed, Oct 23, 2013
  • EVE fleet attack
    CCP divulges what’s in store for the future and we’re here to share.
    Thu, Jun 20, 2013
  • MMO-XMAS_rift-01

    It's that special time of year where children dream of sugar plums and perfect strangers kiss under the mistletoe. As usual, most MMOs have holiday-themed events, and Ten Ton Hammer is here with part one of our seasonal wonderland showcase.

    Sat, Dec 22, 2012
  • EVE Online Retribution Logo

    EVE Online: Retribution is the game's 18th free expansion in all its nine years piracy and pod-killing. While CCP has painted Retribution in broad strokes in the past, CCP's Ned Coker was ready to talk details following a special fan reveal at Eurogamer Expo this weekend.

    Sun, Sep 30, 2012
  • eve-nebula1

    On the third day of Fanfest, the developers rested. Well, not really.

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    Thu, Mar 31, 2011
    Space Junkie
  • The need for fashion comes to EVE Online.

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    Thu, Apr 24, 2008
  • Kerfuffle? Who talks like that?
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    Fri, Dec 07, 2007
  • Saddle Up, Space Cowboys!

    Can't get enough of EVE Online? CCP was showing off their longstanding and cultishly cool MMOG at PAX, and GameZone has served up a preview of what's coming down the line for EVE:

    CCP was at the Penny Arcade Expo in the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle to not only show off the title to those who may not be unfamiliar with the premiere space MMO, but also to talk about some of the changes coming to the title.
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    Mon, Aug 27, 2007
  • Spying the Path to Kali

    Gamespy previews The Path to Kali, a lead-in to the next free expansion for EVE Online. They must have been able to talk to a dev at E3 (yup, Ethec's still just a tad bitter).

    EVE Online's graphics overhaul is no mere patch release. While the company is working on an updated version of the current engine, they've also taken the drastic step of actually building an entirely new engine for Windows Vista. The new operating system from Microsoft apparently has quite a few features that MMOs like EVE can take advantage of, including fully programmable shaders and support for instancing, so the development team has decided to scrap and re-do every one of the game's 300 plus spaceships from scratch while also adding new lighting and shadow features.

    Check out Gamespy's preview of the EVE Online Kali expansion by clickin' here.

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    Thu, May 25, 2006
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