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  • You can see the 6 new screens here

    I had begun to believe that this game was nothing more than a myth since the official webpage rarely got updated. Looks like I was wrong. Color me red.

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    Tue, Feb 14, 2006
  • I look for news on this game everyday so I was surprised that whilst browsing MMORPGDOT I came across this one. Gamespy has a Huxley Preview. I'm not sure that I'll actually play the game but I'm interested in seeing it in action now.

    t the center of Huxley's struggle are two distinct subspecies of humans-as-we-know-them-today: Sapiens, which are more or less like you and me, and Alternatives, which were more dramatically affected by the Nuclearite shower. They're at war with each other, but also with a wildcard faction known as Hybrids. As of now, we know that Sapiens and Alternatives will be playable races. As for Hybrids, well, all such inquiries to Webzen were met with coy glances, and vague comments. Make of that what you will.

    On a side note: I'm thinking that this is the year of the post apocolyptic genre. Not my bag but you can never tell what the future holds.

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    Tue, Feb 07, 2006
  • Mine with your mind!
    EVE Online has long been favored by truly casual players (for its offline training system friendly to those with little time to level) and truly hardcore gamers alike (hardcore gamers enjoy the game's intense PvP action). But if you play EVE and need some in-game money-- who doesn't?-- you need to mine some asteroids! Ten Ton Hammer's own "General" Lee usually takes a background role, whipping up the vast array of fine graphics you see on our network. But Darren comes to the forefront to share some of his EVE mining secrets!

    The objective of this series is to cover the mechanics of the fine art of mining in EVE. I'll touch upon some of the trials and tribulations that I've encountered going through the process as a Galantie character. I've taken a distributed approach to exploring the different aspects of the game. My expertise in mining is not complete but after a year of play, it's fair to say that I've learned a few tricks.

    All of the points made below are from the perspective of a solo miner. If you're a member of a thriving corporation that always travels in packs then most of the issues below will not apply. If you're like me and don't have time to support yet another demanding relationship in your life and simply want to fly around in space in your spare time then the info below might aid in the "fun" side of the experience.

    Check out Darren's mining guide here!

    Tue, Jan 24, 2006
  • OGaming dishes up an interview with Webzen's Huxley Producer Kijong Kang.

    OGaming: The trick to building an awesome sci-fi shooter title versus fantasy or RPG game is…?

    Kijong Kang: Creating a sci-fi world that draws on reality. We are focusing on a ‘near future’ concept to make the Huxley world somewhat familiar and relatable to reality. Weapons and vehicles that show up in-game will have realistic mechanisms that could possibly exist in the real world. We are striving to immerse players into a game environment that feels familiar… almost like they are fighting on a real battleground.

    Of course, we will provide strong action along with dazzling special effects. This will bring in the sci-fi FPS element. We’re doing a lot to create a unique game that at the same time will feel familiar to FPS players.

    Ah I remember back in the good old days when you'd just feel happy whacking at the stray Orc.

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    Fri, Jan 13, 2006
  • If you've been following along you'll have seen this little game steam ahead with some pretty impressive numbers.

    EVE Players greet the New Year

    At 20:44 this evening a new PCU milestone was reached when 22.020 EVE Players were logged in at the same time. CCP's hardware partners are working around the clock to deliver more power to the Tranquility cluster so that the regiment of one unsharded virtual world with no instancing can hold

    If you ask anyone what their favorite sci-fi / pvp type MMO is, Eve comes through as the final answer every time. It's worth checking out.

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    Our New Eve Online TTH Site. Go Take a look!

    Tue, Jan 03, 2006
  • And this used to be such a quiet neighborhood...

    At 20:33 on Sunday evening (2005.12.04) EVE players broke their own Peak Concurrent Player (PCU) record with 18.148 playing at the same time.

    For more information on Eve Online clickety Right Here

    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • 17K Space Rats and Going Strong...
    EVE Online reached another peak concurrency record over the Thanksgiving weekend. While 17,000 online at once doesn't seem like much in light of WoWs millions, it's significant to see a smaller, older, truly unique game growing by leaps and bounds in its own way.

    At 19:45 on Sunday evening (2005.10.23) EVE players broke their own Peak Concurrent Player (PCU) record with 17.032 playing at the same time.

    This is only days after a highly successful installation of TMS RAMSAN 400 Solid State Disk Array virtually eliminating all Database related LAG in EVE Online.

    Congratulations to all involved in making history once again.

    The new peak concurrency record at the EVE Online official site.
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    Tue, Nov 29, 2005
  • Real ads. Virtual payment.
    Joystiq is reporting that EVE Online is accepting ISK, the virtual currency of the game as payment for advertisement in the game's official magazine. Writers for the magazine will also be paid in the virtual currency.

    " Eve Online Magazine is the official print magazine of massively multiplayer sci-fi game Eve Online. The magazine’s publishers (also the game’s developers) are taking payment for magazine advertisements in the virtual currency (ISK) used in the game Eve Online. "

    Mon, Nov 28, 2005
  • Solar Systems Overload
    CCP couples an announcement about an extensive server upgrade with a plea for in-game corporations to move their operations out of several heavily trafficked systems. This from the official site, and no, I wouldn't kid you about the source:

    " An Oursulaert native went on record, saying "They better fix the *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* jump *bleep* gates before I *bleep**bleep**bleep* and then some." He then shouted something incomprehensible at nearby Customs Officials, subtle foam beginning to assemble at the corners of his mouth as he finally became able to jump to the next system.

    Similar stories have been reported in systems like Nonni, Sobaseki, Inoue and Isaziwa. Wasona Binge reported that rush hour traffic was approaching "Clusterfu*bleeep* proportions." "

    And now in a nutshell, friends, you see why EVE isn't a mainstream MMO. It's growing though, and I'll confess: it has me hooked! Read more about EVE Online's growth pains at the Official Site.
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    Wed, Oct 12, 2005
  • How do you say "party" in Icelandic?
    CCP has a lot in store for gamers at EVEfest later this month, Oct. 20-22. For a mere US$675, you too can get the complete package from Icelandair. Oh to be rich and speak a Scandanavian language or two. I've heard that Iceland's beautiful, not to mention an important NATO stronghold against the commies.

    "The 2004 EVEfest was a success and we aim to do far better this year. We have presentations from the leads at CCP, we have the pre-launch of our upcoming expansion, code-named Kali, technical sessions, panel discussions, the EVE Championship, and we have added developer roundtables and and the first glimpse of EVE Trading Card Game! "

    View 2005 EVEfest details here.

    Fri, Oct 07, 2005
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