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  • EVE_concept-AmarrStation2

    EVE Online's most recent expansion, Apocrypha, has been a great success. While existing players enjoy the the new aspects of gameplay and wormhole travel, new players coming in are reaping the...

    Thu, Mar 26, 2009
  • Is Factional Warfare working as intended?

    Wed, Sep 17, 2008
  • In space, no one can hear you scream!

    So don't undock without your handy dandy strategic map.

    Tue, Jun 10, 2008
  • Kerfuffle? Who talks like that?
    Sat, May 24, 2008
  • For Maccers, by Maccers.

    MacWorld has written a review of the EVE Online Mac client for players to read.

    Massively multiplayer online games—sometimes called MMOGs or MMOs—appear far too rarely on the Mac. Since 2004, World of Warcraft has pretty much dominated the MMOG scene. So it was exciting news early in 2007 when it was revealed that CCP Games was readying a Macintosh version of EVE Online, its MMOG set in outer space. The game was released in early November, and since then, may Mac players have joined the ranks.

    Thu, Jan 03, 2008
  • Revelations Reviewed

    The official site for EVE Online points us to this review at Plain Games. Keep reading to see what their thoughts are on the latest expansion Revelations.

    EVE Online is a really deep game. Players interested in crafting items, mining, and trade will find plenty to do. Even better, EVE has setup Corporations, like the guilds of other games that allow players to combine their characters’ skills and work together to accomplish great feats of production, sales, and trade. Another up-side to EVE is its in-depth market system that allows players to buy and sell from anywhere in a given region.

    Read more with just a click.

    Thu, Apr 19, 2007
  • People still enjoy mining, you know

    Games Radar has taken the time to write up their thoughts on this recent expansion to EVE Online.

    This is a bit awkward. EVE Online Revelations, the expansion to EVE Online, is a constantly evolving MMO. We’re reviewing Revelations but it’s actually an ongoing series of patches; for now we can only review the first installment in the sequence.

    Upsettingly, it hasn’t brought with it the major graphical overhaul, or any of the snazzy DirectX 10 stuff that CCP have been talking about during 2006. Nor has it fixed really hardcore problems like the sovereignty system used to capture player-owned stations. Without these things, the changes Revelations brings feel premature. I’d rather have waited for a massive installment some time in 2007.

    Get clicking to read more.

    Wed, Jan 24, 2007
  • EVE Online – A Beginner's Perspective has posted a review of EVE Online. They look at it from a beginner's standpoint.

    The truth is, Eve Online is not a casual gamer experience, and nowhere near to being so, even with the release of the new expansion Revelations. It’s not even in the same galaxy, to use a pun. Eve Online is by far, one of the most difficult MMOs to learn that I have played, and I’ve played’em all (well, almost all of them). This does not mean I do not enjoy the game. In fact, you may think that, having read this review thus far, that I am strongly opposed to Eve . That couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Don't miss a thing, get clicking to read the rest. Give us your review of EVE Online in our Ten Ton Hammer Forums today.

    Wed, Dec 06, 2006
  • EVE defies the trends...

    Eurogamer ponders why, in a crowded genre rife with games undergoing a full-fledged identity crisis, EVE seems to have just the right balance between giving players what they want while not cheapening the experience- it seems you have to have something to do and something to lose!

    As if by way of illustrating what a cruel game Eve can be, I just lost a fight in my most expensive, well-to-do battleship only minutes before opening up this page to write these words. The ship is dust and I'm royally pissed off. Way more pissed off than I would be at dying in almost any other game. While other MMOs might have coddled me with just a bit of money lost, or a few XP as punishment for my pitiful death, Eve has created several hours of concerted work. It's a bitch.

    This might not sound like a good start for an upbeat analysis of Elite's (remarkably pretty) online cousin, but it's losses like this one that give the game its raw edge. Like the thrill of gambling, player vs. player combat in Eve is exciting because you could lose something palpable: the time it took to make the game-money that paid for that ship, along with all the shiny gizmos I kitted it out with. You feel that loss in your guts. And there are few games that can boast that.

    I don't think you'll be disappointed if you read the rest of this nifty Eurogamer review of EVE Online.

    Thu, Sep 15, 2005
  • On the EVE of the 2005 holiday season...

    We take a look at the surprise upstart EVE Online. Not familiar? Neither was I until this two year old space-based tactical MMO (with enough of a hyper-capitalistic flavor to make Donald Trump wet his pants!) started making headlines again.

    Humans, curious buggers that we are, began colonizing the uncharted environs on the other side of a recently discovered wormhole called "Eve." Five races (4 of which are playable) evolved into rival nations of varying strength, bound together by a fragile peace. When "Eve" catastrophically exploded, bringing widespread ruin to the fledgling "New Eden" settlements, the colonists began a scramble to consolidate power into organizations and corporate entities. Their restless search of resources to ensure their continued survival and prosperity brought the settlers ever closer to greater threats, the greatest of which just might be... themselves (cue the dramatic music)!!

    Join TTH as we see just what all the fuss is about: EVE Online: The Second Genesis, profiled by Ten Ton Hammer!

    Thu, Sep 08, 2005
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