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  • Nathan Richardsson Spills All... posted an interview with CCP senior producer Nathan Richardsson about their plans for EVE Online, including an upcoming DirectX10 version of the game. CCP is the Iceland based developer of EVE Online.

    FiringSquad: First, EVE Online continue to grow in its subscription rate even though the game itself is sold and download almost completely online now. Did CCP anticipate having this many customers at this time when the game launched?

    Nathan Richardsson: Well, that depends on who you ask and when you asked them :)

    The first ambitions were quite high, but along the development time the expectations became more realistic. After we acquired the publication rights back and started online distribution of the client, our numbers started growing again. We’ve so far exceeded our expectations year after year and hope it we’ll continue to be pleasantly surprised.

    Want to know more? Head over to FiringSquad to read the rest of the interview.

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    Tue, Jul 04, 2006
  • The little indy that could...

    Some poo poo EVE Online's peak concurrent user (PCU) numbers. It's true that EVE doesn't hold a candle to World of Warcraft's 6.5 million, but EVE beats every other game in this aspect: when EVE sets a PCU record, it's because EVE has more players in a single individual game world than any other game ever. Cool, huh?

    When EVE Online opened the China beta, code named Serenity, they did it again:

    CCP Games, the game's Icelandic developer, today announced that more than 30,000 users were concurrently playing in a single gameworld, which it claims is a new world record. In the first day, more than 200,000 people registered for the game. The Chinese version of the game is run by Optic Communications and runs independently of the Western edition of EVE Online.

    See more news about EVE Online and Serenity at GameSpot!

    Wed, Jun 14, 2006
  • Dev trackers are the sliced bread of the 21st century.

    We have just finished and activated another new feature on our ever-growing website: The Devtracker is a new tool that allows you to track down the latest postings made by members of the Development and Community Relations team on our own forums. The link is available in the navigation menu on the left side.

    What are you waiting for? Go and have a look what we have been talking about lately!

    Well... What are you waiting for?

    Wed, Jun 14, 2006
  • Will there be Wookie sounds? Probably not. However, you can find out more about what will be included.

    ast time (Klick) I explained that the arena creature's impact sounded good, though it is lacking depth and power. There are several ways to get that extra "umpf" into a sound effect and it has been quite a long journey to work out an approach that actually works.

    When I was creating the sounds for our very first end-boss, animator Michael Perdius would constantly say he didn't hear the impact. This was odd as I knew it was in there, as a matter of fact; every time he said it, I would add another type of impact just to make sure. Several explosions, door slamming shut and bodies dropped to the ground all layered together. I tried eq-ing, adding reverbs even bribery at one point but Michael wouldn't budge. What I was adding wasn't what he was listening for.

    After a while, I gave up, working on other creatures instead, promising him to go back to our end-boss one day. I wasn't sure if I would or could get it right at a later time but was sure I wouldn't be able to do so now. Months later, when working on the Walrus' footsteps, I avertedly stumbled across a solution. The walrus was the first creature I did, not to walk on rock/gravel. When creating it's footsteps I noticed there was more punch to them than I would have expected. By mistake I had copy pasted an explosion, thinking it was a breathing sound, to each step. The combination of this quietly played explosion and the sounds surrounding the impact of the steps; the creaking wood boards and a slightly echoed thump, this gave a tremendous sense of weight.

    After each impact, the wood creaked.

    You can read this all here.

    Mon, Jun 12, 2006
  • There's an IRC dev chat this weekend and here are the details.

    The fourth in our series of public Dev Chats will be held on Sunday the 11th of June at 21:00 CEST. The subject of this chat is the Rogue classes in TCoS. The chat is expected to run for about one hour and will be done in Question and Answer format, so make sure to tune in a bit before the chat starts to begin submitting your questions.

    You can stop by on our irc server ( and join the #spellborn-QnA channel in order to read or take part in the Q&A. We offer a compilation of information for people without in-depth knowledge of Internet Relay Chat. Follow this link to read up on it. Afterwards we will release a log of the event for those who cannot attend but are still curious to know what was said.

    Expected Dev attendees for Dev Chat #4 include Game Designer Coen 'Co-N' Neessen and Community Manager Andreas 'Thee' Bettermann.

    You can get more Chronicles of Spellborn news here.

    Fri, Jun 09, 2006
  • Updates and patches for EVE

    EVE Online was patched to Build 3913 yesterday, with promises of a more extensive patch in the coming weeks.


    • Carrier cargo holds can no longer be overloaded.

    Chat and Messages

    • Switching between tabbed chat channels no longer causes client lag.
    • Links that where wrapped into two or more lines in the chat were not clickable. This error has been resolved.
    • The line spacing in chat windows has been reduced.
    • Mailing list creators can now delete mails from mailing lists they have created.
    • Editing the MOTD of chat channels should no longer make unwanted color changes.
    • A character spacing issue with fonts using cyrillic characters, such as Russian, has been resolved.
    • The issue with the "your banned" window on login and session changes has been resolved.


    • An outgame browser window is opened through the reimbursement option in the petition system instead of being trapped behind the petitions window.
    • Text clipping in the character creation progress has been fixed.
    • Some textures in the Gallente Intaki female, Amarr Ni-kunni male and Jin-mei male avatars have been repaired.
    • The mouse cursor icon will now change when hovered over interactable text and links will be highlighted.

    For more info on the upcoming static patch, click here.

    Wed, Jun 07, 2006
  • It's a new feature that gives you an overview of everything that has happened in the last month.

    Hello folks!

    I am Andreas "Thee Nailros" Bettermann, Community Manager over here at Spellborn HQ. One of my tasks in this position is to keep our ever-growing community up to date about all the latest happenings to ensure everyone knows what's going on in the world of TCoS. To do so, we decided to introduce a new regular feature: the monthly Community Summary. The idea is to give everybody a short (Okay, I will TRY to keep it short...) summary of things going on over here.

    Enjoy the read!

    You will notice that yours truly was featured. If you haven't read my take on tCoS, you should. You'll like what you see of this game! (Not my writing of course.) You can read the community summary here.

    More Chronicles of Spellborn news.

    Tue, Jun 06, 2006
  • The 9th TCoS newsletter has been sent out! Among the regular items the newsletter contains lore about The War of Shadow’s Hammer and information about the upcoming dev chat!

    Because of the large number of subscribers, it might take a while before all copies have been sent out. As always comments are welcome in the forum thread linked below.

    If you haven't received the newsletter, you can sign up right here.

    More Chronicles of Spellborn News.

    Fri, Jun 02, 2006
  • A new developer journal on explains the rogue class in the Chronicles of Spellborn.

    Every class in TCoS has 3 basic attributes -, primary, secondary and auxiliary. The character’s primary attribute is defined by the class’s archetype, while the secondary attribute is determined by the actual class. The third auxiliary attribute has a small impact on the player's statistics but no impact on class-specific statistics and skills.

    The primary archetype attribute for rogues is 'focus'. The focus attribute impacts many of the class’s basic statistics like an increased attack speed and allows the rogue to use basic focus-related skills.

    Every rogue is granted the use of basic focus-related rogue skills when they reach the appropriate level, regardless of their class. Some examples of the rogue archetype skills include:

    Read the rest right here.

    More Chronicles of Spellborn News.

    Thu, Jun 01, 2006
  • Did I mention how utterly fantastic this game is visually? You can see some new concept art here. at the Official site.

    More Chronicles of Spellborn News.

    Wed, May 31, 2006
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