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  • Retreat

    We complete the Valley of the Four Winds quest chains by finding the Hidden Master and fighting off the Mantid in this portion of the quest walkthrough guide.

    Features, Zone Info, Guides
    Wed, Aug 01, 2012
  • pools-of-youth.jpg

    We continue our walkthrough guide of the Krasarang Wilds with this second part that features the Temple of the Red Crane.

    Features, Zone Info, Guides
    Mon, Jul 30, 2012
  • mogushan-square.jpg

    Mogu'shan Palace is a level 87 instance in Mists of Pandaria and one of the coolest in the game, check it out in this guide.

    Features, Zone Info, Guides
    Sun, Jul 22, 2012
  • What's eating Zhu's Watch

    The Krasarang Wilds make up a zone for level 86 to 88 characters in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, this walk through lays out the quests in the zone.

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    Mon, Jul 23, 2012
  • MoguShanVaults.jpg

    Gearing up in Mists of Pandaria is going to be a little different than in past WoW expansions, let's look at what has changed.

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    Tue, Jul 17, 2012
  • dragonsoulloading.jpg

    Raid Finder works pretty well in general, however there are players out there that cause disasters for the rest of us, so what are the top 5 player caused disasters?

    Features, Opinions, Guides
    Mon, Jul 16, 2012
  • MOP - Mists of Pandaria

    Mists of Pandaria will change a huge number of items in World of Warcraft, which five is the Messiah most excited about and why?

    Basics, Features, Opinions, Guides
    Mon, Jul 09, 2012
  • DarkmasterGandling
    Get a glimpse at what the notorious Scholomance will hold for level 90 players daring to brave it's brand new Heroic mode.
    Features, Guides
    Thu, Jul 12, 2012
  • Shado-Pan Monastery square banner

    A guide to exploring the Mists of Pandaria instance the Shado-Pan Monastery. Can you save this ancient temple?

    Features, Zone Info, Guides
    Mon, Jul 09, 2012
  • MOP Warrior Talent Tree

    A detailed look at the upcoming Mists of Pandaria talent tree for Warriors, which talents do what, and which ones are the best?

    Features, Class Info, Opinions, Guides
    Tue, Jul 03, 2012
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