Daily Tip:Keep track of your major ISK investments. If you have an expensive ship or pile of minerals gathering dust in a hangar, it might be best to sell it, rather than risk it decreasing in value over time.

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  • Dr. Eyjo Gudmundsson supplies an in-demand blog...

    EVE Online's resident economist is taking some serious notes on prices of the game's ship-constructing lifeblood: minerals. If you love stats (and most EVE players live for them) you're going to enjoy this dev blog and the Quarterly Economic Newsletter (QEN) to be published at the end of September. Here's a quote:

    Tue, Sep 04, 2007
  • EVE is buzzing like a stack of bees lately. Good stuff.

    Landing in my inbox like one of the new, immensely large Rorqual industrial ships, I received an email from Valerie "Pann" Massey that included all sorts of new screenshots and information regarding upcoming graphical improvements to EVE Online, the upcoming PvP Championship, and some concept art. The Trinity 2 graphics upgrade looks amazing, and I urge you all to check out the screenshots!

    Fri, Aug 31, 2007
  • EVE just got a whole hell of a lot cooler.

    Earlier this year at GDC 2007, Ten Ton Hammer managed to snag some video footage of a top secret EVE Online project currently in development. They called it "ambulation," showed us some gorgeous shots of in-game avatars walking around a space-ship, and then clamped down tighter than a clam on a pearl. Since then, there's been almost no information on the mystery project anywhere on the web, other than a few general details. All of that is about to change with this Ten Ton Hammer exclusive interview.

    Thu, Aug 30, 2007
  • Saddle Up, Space Cowboys!

    Can't get enough of EVE Online? CCP was showing off their longstanding and cultishly cool MMOG at PAX, and GameZone has served up a preview of what's coming down the line for EVE:

    CCP was at the Penny Arcade Expo in the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle to not only show off the title to those who may not be unfamiliar with the premiere space MMO, but also to talk about some of the changes coming to the title.
    Features, Previews
    Mon, Aug 27, 2007
  • Guaranteed to Blow You Right Out of Your Pod
    Features, Interviews
    Sat, Aug 25, 2007
  • Honest answers, courtesy of the friendly gaming press at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Features, Interviews
    Mon, Aug 13, 2007
  • Classical music and explosions abound.

    We found a series of fan-made videos from EVE online that are pretty well done and worth a look if you're a fan of the game.

    My 'Golden rules' or goals for each video have (1) been to attempt to portray what I think and feel, (2) to respect all parties that may have been involved in the production, and (3) to try and create something 'new' each time, as I am a strong believer that 'variety is the spice of life'.

    Video, Media
    Wed, Aug 01, 2007
  • Pics or it didn't happen!

    WarCry plays hardball with EVE Online dev Nathan Richardsson.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Jul 26, 2007
  • Now your ships will fly in space THREE times as spacily as before.

    CCP improves their technology to bring you a better game. From a press release:

    Wed, Jul 25, 2007
  • Maybe now your friends will believe you when you try to explain how open PvP and skill-based material grinds can be entertaining.

    Nominations for the 25th Annual Golden Joystick Awards were announced July 4th. EVE Online: The Path to Kali (also known as EVE: Revelations) was among the nominees in three categories: Online Game of the Year, PC Game of the Year and Ultimate Game of the Year. Voting is currently underway and finalists will be announced August 1st. The awards ceremony will take place October 26th at London’s Park Lane Hilton.

    Tue, Jul 10, 2007
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