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EVE Online News

  • Live Dev Blog Scheduled

    The official site for EVE Online has been updated with a note that there will be a live chat session with the developers today.
    Join members of the EVE dev team on Friday, May 10, at 20:00 GMT as they discuss the EVE Online backstory and fiction in our second Live Dev Blog. The chat will take place in the "Live Dev Blog" channel in-game and requires EVE Voice.
    Head over to learn more.
    Thu, May 10, 2007
  • EVE Online featured in Financial Times

    The official site for EVE Online has posted a note this morning to let us know that the Financial Times has done a news piece on them.
    The Financial Times looks at all the things that make EVE Online the exciting roller coaster ride in space that it is: wheeling and dealing, supreme capitalism and corporate espionage.
    Read the full article with just a click.
    Tue, May 08, 2007
  • EVE Online Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

    The official site for EVE Online has this note on it about one way they are celebrating this anniversary.

    On May 6, 2004, the world of EVE Online came to life as players logged in for the first time and began staking their claims as pioneers in this brave new world. Browse through the celebration thread in our forum to see what devs and players alike recall as their favorite and most memorable experiences.

    Mon, May 07, 2007
  • CCP announces EVE Fanfest 2007 dates, location

    The official site for EVE Online has an announcement on it that gives details about the fouth annual EVE Fanfest.

    The fourth annual EVE Fanfest will be held November 1 though 3 at Reykjavik's Laugardalshöll. Visit the Fanfest 2007 webpage for more information, including travel packages from Icelandair. Book now and save with their "early bird special".

    Get clicking to learn more.

    Mon, Apr 16, 2007
  • Vampires from Outer Space?

    With the unveiling of our exclusive EVE avatar video, we can now begin to draw lines and begin imagining how the engine could be used in an upcoming CCP game featuring White Wolf's World of Darkness. Watch the video, then read Micajah's opinion on the quality of the video and his excitement regarding the future of the World of Darkness MMO.

    World of Darkness fans, your prayers have been answered. I've now seen what CCP can do when it comes to avatar graphics, and I was astounded by it. It was natural and smooth. But above all, it was beautiful...

    Click here to see Micajah's article on EVE Online and World of Darkness!

    Sat, Mar 10, 2007
  • EVE Unveils Voice at GDC Booth #5324

    A press release was issued to announce that EVE Online is joining the Voice revolution.

    EVE Voice is fully integrated into the EVE client software, eliminating the need for third party applications, which take up computer resources, require a dedicated voice server, and pose a security risk.

    Read the rest of the press release to learn more.

    Thu, Mar 08, 2007
  • GDC: EVE Online-White Wolf Update

    FiringSquad has posted an update on the goings on at CCP.

    Of course purchasing White Wolf gives CCP access to a ton of new and well known RPG properties and they plan to use them to make new MMO games. When asked Bergsson would only admit to making an MMO based on World of Darkness but would not reveal any more info at this time.

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    Wed, Mar 07, 2007
  • Worker Misconduct Allegations Addressed

    MMORPG.com is reporting that EVE Online Community Manager Kieron has addressed misconduct allegations on the forums.

    Our goal is to provide the best possible game, gaming experience and development process possible. In light of that, we would like to address the recent allegations of CCP employee misconduct. CCP has taken these charges very seriously and since they surfaced we have launched a thorough investigation consisting of an examination of character histories ranging back to their creation as well as into any connected characters owned by the developers involved. This examination was performed by the same internal division which is also tasked with standard periodic audits of all developer and volunteer accounts. Areas of investigation include, but are not limited to: messaging history, financial and transactional history, combat and corporation logs, item and cash transfers and IP logs.

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    Thu, Feb 08, 2007
  • A New PCU Record - Close to 33,000 Users

    The official site for EVE Online has been updated with a note about their new PCU (Peak Concurrent User) record.

    A new peak concurrent user record was set Sunday, Dec 3rd when 32,955 users were logged into EVE Online: Revelations. This would not be that significant if not for the outstanding performance the Tranquility server demonstrated under this enormous load. According to preliminary log analysis the server cluster was at 47% capacity - A clear indication that the new Revelation expansion along with the accompanying hardware upgrades has brought the cluster to a new level.

    Tue, Dec 05, 2006
  • EVE Online Launches Revelations

    In a press release issued by CCP, we learn more about the recently release Revelations...

    "Revelations is an extraordinarily massive expansion. Not only will it make it a great deal easier for new players to join the world of EVE Online but the more experienced inhabitants of EVE will also see some drastic changes in warfare operations, in direct trading, exploration and socialization." said Magnus Bergsson, CMO of CCP.

    Read the full press release to learn more.

    Fri, Dec 01, 2006
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