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  • Guild Wars: Factions Zboard keyset now available...

    For the truly elite among you Guild Wars players, Ideazon has a new Zboard keyset designed for the GW expansion Factions, due out next Friday, April 28th.

    Master the skills of the Assassin and the arcane spells of the spiritual Ritualist. Activate emotes with the press of a single key. Interact with your guild mates and engage your enemy with speed and control using clearly labeled keys, and key groupings. Conquer and Master the Lands of Cantha and experience Guild Wars Factions™ gameplay like never before!

    • 56 dedicated action keys and labeled commands
    • 12 quick-access emote keys including fist shake, bow and dance
    • Menus intuitively organized for ease of play
    • Stunning official game graphics that immerse you into the action
    • Compatible for use with Guild Wars® and Guild Wars Factions™

    But can I program my /scratch emote? Hmm. "Ethec scratches himself."

    Anyway, check out the new Guild Wars: Factions Zboard keyset at the Zboard site.

    Fri, Apr 21, 2006
  • It's not Vegas, but these slots will take your money.

    NCSoft / ArenaNet announced that, starting this summer, alternate character slots for subscription-free MMO Guild Wars may be purchased for $9.99 / €8.99 / £5.99 a piece. This is a one-time fee. From

    As a result, NCsoft presumably believes the facility will enjoy a broader appeal than it would for traditional massively-multiplayer games, and that relatively casual players as well as hardcore Guild Wars fans will find the chance to play as more alternative characters - while retaining access to other unlocked content - worth the extra fee.

    Given that buying the box for $52.99 grants you four character slots, I suppose you could argue that the $9.99 fee gives you a ~$3.25 piecemeal discount. If you love your PvP, this could be a nice way to supplement your collection post-Factions expansion.

    Read the full article at

    Fri, Apr 21, 2006
  • What would have made this perfect is if they had two animated heads in jars doing these news reports in a sports cast style. I have visions of Futurama floating in my head.

    We have brought on about half a dozen freelance "game reporters" to help cover Guild Wars from the viewpoint of competitive play. The first two of their articles describe matches that took place during last weekend's Guild Wars Factions Championship Seasonal Playoffs. Catch the battle reports linked from this page.

    Visit our Guild Wars Community!
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    Thu, Apr 20, 2006
  • If you've been waiting for it and your nail beds will never be the same from all the biting, your wait is over!

    After a hiatus to accommodate the GWFC playoffs, the Guild Wars Ladder was restarted at Midnight this morning. Jump into the competition to vie for your share of fabulous prizes of cash, travel, and more.

    Get the details here. Good luck with Season 2!

    See the happiness that is our Guild Wars Community.

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    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • Gamecloud has 10 new screenshots of the Guild Wars upcoming expansion Factions.

    Check out our Guild Wars Community.
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    Wed, Apr 19, 2006
  • M and M

    In this weekly Common Content editorial, the Ten Ton Hammer network is taking a look at the M's in MMORPG. They're designed for group play, but lately, there's been a shift towards allowing players the option to go it solo. Read our TenTonHammer - Guild Wars editorial about how Guild Wars lives up to it's "massively multiplayer" heritage.

    So why do we keep playing MMORPGs in droves instead of going back to the plain old RPG? I can't say for certain, but I can hazard a few guesses. We're social creatures. We like variety. We like challenge. More importantly, we like to play games with our friends. In today's CPU driven, broadband internet world, your favourite gaming buddy might not even be on the same continent, much less the same block. MMORPGs give us a "place" where geography is relevant only as a time-zone.

    Mon, Apr 17, 2006
  • I love the way the NCSoft CM's write. I can never improve upon what they have so -

    Satisfy your craving for a glimpse of several of the new armor sets of Guild Wars Factions by taking a stroll through the Screenshot Gallery today. There, you will find 16 shots—from Assassin to Warrior to every profession in between. These images will give you something to start planning for, as Factions nears release.

    Go here to see them!

    Go HERE to get some gravy tips on how to play the game.

    And finally ... go HERE for past news and info on Guild Wars.

    Fri, Apr 14, 2006
  • Get your wacky and zaney right here!

    Some of our fondest memories of the Factions Preview Event are preserved forever in the newest Factions gameplay movie, featuring combat, and dancing, and dragons, oh my! Find the movie, in your choice of three resolutions, in our Gallery. Or head directly to this page.

    Want to see it? I know you do... It's right here.

    Now.. let's take have a talk about why you should visit our Guild Wars Community.

    Wed, Apr 12, 2006
  • Pacesetting in Guild Wars

    Guild Wars contributing writer Tap joins us again with this week's Common Content article. How well is Guild Wars paced? How well does it hold up to the dominant MMORPG on the current market, World of Warcraft?

    Guild Wars has a nice linear approach to missions, yet allows enough dynamic game play in questing and other repeatable quests (Fissure of Woe and Underworld to be specific) to keep things fresh and exciting for players. Even while playing PvP exclusively since August ’05, I still feel the draw to get Fissure of Woe armor on my remaining PvE characters.

    Read more in Tap's editorial, "Pacing Yourself" at GuildWars - TenTonhammer.

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • Tapping into the PvP mindset.

    In a departure from our usual weekly Common Content editorials, we've got a treat for you this week. Tap, a long-time Guild Wars community member, brings us his opinion on the rampant problem of elitism in PvP. Almost all of us have felt the sting of exclusivity when it comes to GvG or Heroes Ascent, and all of us were "noobs" at one point.

    To sum it up; rank does not equal player skill. Rank indicates dedication and time spent, and in my opinion, that’s it. One should not judge a player’s skill or talent based off of his rank. Give a ‘noob’ a chance; you might discover a very talented player who just hasn’t been given a break yet.

    Read more about the PvP Elitism at Guild Wars - TenTonHammer.

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
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