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  • More PvP, man on man, woman on woman review goodness.
    The Junkyard has reviewed Guild Wars. Gary Coleman requested polited that we interview him. We politely refused, get it, refuse...Junkyard... bah..Here's what Coleman said:

    " When someone says, "RPG", what do you think of? I would come back with either rocket propelled grenade or a story-driven game involving leveling and lots of monsters/bad guys. Add the prefix "online" and I get monthly fees and other people to romp around with. Guild Wars is something new. While it obeys some old RPG laws, it has also broken or bent others and introduced a few new ones. The end result is something unique and, if I may, something pretty frickin' awesome. "

    You can read the entire Guild Wars Review at The Junkyard. [Thanks Shacknews]
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    Fri, Sep 16, 2005
  • I'll take the Pu Pu Platter build...'s Guild of the Week is a European guild called "Dynasty Warriors," which takes Chinese history seriously; requiring guildies to take names from the celestial lands. If you ever wanted to get a feel for a Guild Wars competitive match, take a look at this article; it features an interesting play-by-play commentary on a team arena "capture the flag" match:

    Members of the Dynasty Warriors guild believe that one of the keys to a successful battle is an understanding of the value of patience and knowing when to take risks, a lesson they learned from a war of attrition in one of their memorable guild battles. Set amid the foreboding backdrop of the Isle of the Dead guild hall, the battle started off fiercely as both teams struggled to control the flag stand. Though heavy losses were incurred on both sides, the DW team was finally able to hold the flag. The tenacity of their opponents was not to be underestimated, however, as they fought back to reclaim their flag...

    Did they hold the flag? Probably, since the article honors them! But see for yourself in the Guild Wars "Guild of the Week" article at the official site.

    Wed, Sep 14, 2005
  • Houston, we have a MMOG.
    The Houston Chronicle has posted a quick little ditty about Guild Wars that takes a brief, but focused look at the game. Vin Diesel can play four Guild Wars characters at once using only the powers of his mind. His mind powers had nothing to do with the following, though they could have if he had wanted them to:

    "It's a sad fact that most massively multiplayer online games are dominated by gamers with way too much time on their hands.
    Building a character and maintaining relationships within an online world often demand more time and energy than a casual gamer can muster. Guild Wars , a PC-based online game from ArenaNet and Austin-based NCSoft, seeks to change that by making it easier to join."

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    Tue, Sep 13, 2005
  • PvP With No Monthly Fee Says Killer Betty.
    Killer Betties has posted a review of Guild Wars. Killer Veronica was unavailable for comment, as was Jughead, but we are confident had they responded they would not have said this:

    "When compared to the other Massive Multiplayer Online games around,
    Guild Wars is fairly unique. It has no subscription fees, and thus, no
    credit card. If all you want to do is purchase the game from your local
    game retailer…fine. That’s all you need to purchase. However, there are chapters released every six months with exciting new game content and skills, although NCSoft stresses that these are completely optional and players will not be barred from PVP (player vs. player) combat if they have not bought the latest chapter. "

    You can read the entire Guild Wars Review at Killer Betties.
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    Mon, Sep 12, 2005
  • Better late than never

    Guild Wars' Wednesday deskpaper hit the site a day later than usual, but since the folks released the "Sorrow's Furnace" expansion this week I guess we can give them some slack.

    This week's wallpaper shows a blending of concepts for the fiery depths of Sorrow's Furnace. Find your choice of wallpaper sizes and aspect ratios, and decorate your desktop with something befitting of the latest Guild Wars update

    Help yourself to some Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace deskpaper here!

    Fri, Sep 09, 2005
  • Does "Sorrow's Furnace" have a loose fan belt?

    Nope! Give Jeremy Soule-'s Composer for Guild Wars- some credit, that's the new music. If you're a fan of that big angry Wagnerian symphonic sound that makes besting "feeble muskrats" feel like fighting the demon overlord for the souls of mankind, this interview might be of interest to you!

    Soule also talks of DirectPlay, a fee-based service that allows game music composers to deliver more music to games and expansions gone gold.

    IGN: Since you also worked on the music for the initial Guild Wars game, how did you approach this project? How did you keep true to the original Guild Wars music while still creating your own unique sound for this update?

    Jeremy Soule: Guild Wars is a purely symphonic experience. I rely heavily on past composers such as Wagner and Beethoven. For this expansion, I made the "colors" darker, but kept the framework of Guild Wars in place. The main theme makes an appearance, and there are some textural similarities to Guild Wars. Fans of my work know that I favor big sounds; this orchestra is even bigger than what we used for the original Guild Wars. In virtual terms, we would need over 400 players to duplicate our sound in an acoustic reality.

    More of the Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace music interview here!

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    Fri, Sep 09, 2005
  • /sings "And that's the recipe for makin' sorrow!"

    How would you like to have your spirit shackled so you can be treated as a contemptible slave in a sweltering dungeon? We thought you would, and so did! IGN is hot for Sorrow's Furnace, and we can see why...

    With the addition of Sorrow's Furnace, players will receive two new zones with a ton of new quests and content along with smaller additions to existing areas and new gameplay mechanics. These guys play the game a ton themselves and workers dedicated to looking through player feedback and compiling it for the team to see have found some obvious areas of improvement. One of the most glaring bits that many players have mentioned is the issue of progression and reward. As it is right now, players making their way through the story campaign will tromp along swimingly, growing in power and skill at a great pace, when they'll run smack into a wall that slows progression mingling frustration with the fun.

    Read the lengthy Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace preview at IGN.

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    Wed, Sep 07, 2005
  • While the thought of "Counters" and "Smiting" might bring back early Parochial school memories...

    ...these are also terms used to descrbe important aspects of Guild Wars strategy. Even after the recent updates, smiting is the most common offensive technique employed on the scene. Important to note though, is that many good teams are not predominantly using smiting! Learn about the prominent cases of smiting, and the counters that can shut it down. Do your part to bring variety back onto the scene of Guild Wars!

    The current scene of smiting involves an Elementalist/Monk using fast recharge skills and Zealot's Fire, which takes advantage of using enchantments and Ether Renewal to keep up both energy and health with every cast, while dealing significant damage. Seems unfair? Many people feel that Ether Renewal should be changed, or rather, rebalanced.

    The full TTH Guild Wars Strategy Highlight: "On Smiting and Counters" is now available for your esteemed perusal!

    Tue, Sep 06, 2005
  • More screenshots than you can shake your current build at!

    A few new screens today of "Sorrow's Furnace," Guild Wars' Sept. 7th expansion pack.

    Sorrow's Furnace, and its accompanying explorable area Grenth's Footprint, will open to Guild Wars gamers on September 7th. A pair of new screenshots of Sorrow's Furnace is offered today in our Gallery. The shots show two views of combat within the subterranean depths of the depleted mine.

    Take a look at the screenshots at the Guild Wars official site.

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    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • A profession? My profession is weak bylines!

    Guild Wars' official site is sporting a new page dedicated to explaining each of the game's six professions. But who has time for that when there's deskpaper (and yes, we at TTH want to change your hearts and minds about what's been previously dubbed "wallpaper" - does it go on your wall? Nope.), sweet sweet Guild Wars Deskpape, to be downloaded?

    Wallpaper of the Week 31 August 2005

    This Wednesday's desktop presents an early concept for a Guild Hall design, dating from summer of 2004. You'll find your choice of wallpaper sizes and aspect ratios in the Gallery, or on this direct link.

    Professions Section Updated 31 August 2005

    We've taken another pass at the Professions Section and now display the names and descriptions of each skill and the related skill icon, as well. Find this expanded content on this page.

    Have a look at the Guild Wars professions, or have a sample from the Guild Wars Deskpaper tray. Go on!

    Thu, Sep 01, 2005
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