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  • Because Sorrow doesn't need air conditioning in September... has announced that "Sorrow's Furnace," the free, major summer expansion for Guild Wars, is set for digital release on September 7th:

    "ArenaNet®, creators of the #1 selling competitive online roleplaying game, Guild Wars®, announces the release of the much-anticipated Guild Wars update: Sorrow’s Furnace. To be released on September 7, 2005, the update will be available free to all Guild Wars account holders and will stream to them live at game log-in.
    Sorrow's Furnace offers two large, explorable regions: Grenth's Footprint and Sorrow's Furnace. These regions will provide exciting new high-level content to Guild Wars players, and will offer new quests, new monsters, new items, and more. For characters who have completed their ascension in Guild Wars, these areas will provide new opportunities for exploration and reward."

    Read the Guild Wars official press release, then check out the TTH Guild Wars site for more great information on Guild Wars builds, competitive tactics, news, and much more!

    Tue, Aug 30, 2005
  • All PvP. All The Time.
    IGN has posted a Guild Wars Extreme PvP Weekend interview featuring Isaiah Cartwright. Hoss and Little Joe Cartwright from the Ponderosa ranch rode up and shouted:

    " With the multiplayer event coming up so quickly this Friday, ArenaNet
    was good to take the time to answer some quick questions about the
    update and what people can expect both from it and the future of Guild Wars. ArenaNet's Skill Balance Game Designer Isaiah Cartwright provides the answers to the future of skills in one of the most popular RPGs on the PC. "

    You can read the entire Guild Wars Interview at IGN.
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    Thu, Aug 25, 2005
  • PvP Extreme and still no monthly fee.
    Details on the upcoming PvP Extreme event for Guild Wars players have been posted on the official site. Dave Chappelle swears up and down that he didn't say this:

    " Join us for our three-day Guild Wars PvP Extreme Weekend (PvPX) and get a jump on the competition. For the entire weekend, all PvP play gets you extra faction points. "

    You can read the details of the Guild Wars - PvP Extreme Weekend at the Official Site.

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    Tue, Aug 23, 2005
  • Guild Wars Gone Wild is offering major bonuses for high level PvP arena battles this weekend, dubbing the 3-day event "PvPX" ("X" stands for extreme, apparently the "E" is silent, like in French or somethin').

    Join us for our three-day Guild Wars PvP Extreme Weekend (PvPX) and get a jump on the competition. For the entire weekend, all PvP play gets you extra faction points.
    Earn 5 times the faction awards for wins in high-level arenas and tournament play!

    Earn 2.5 times the faction awards for wins in guild-vs-guild play!

    This weekend only, gain full faction for guild-vs-guild victories, regardless of the period of time you've been a member of your guild.

    Want to know more? Visit the PvPX Dedicated Page at the Guild Wars official site.
    And be sure to check out our exclusive Guild Wars info at!

    Tue, Aug 23, 2005
  • They played the "name game" and won!

    Congrats to the grand prize winners in NCSoft's boss-naming contest! My entries: Graygrowl Monkeyteazer, FranzJoseph Gemuetlichkeit, o0bah haxx0rz, and Giggling Schoolgirl - well, they didn't even make the outtakes reel.

    We are happy to announce the winners of the Brand the Bosses Contest. Out of more than 8,000 entries, we have selected 6 Grand Prize winners and 18 Finalists. All 24 names will be incorporated into the Summer Update: Sorrow's Furnace and will be part of Guild Wars history!

    Winners of the six (6) Grand Prizes will receive:

    * An exclusive Guild Wars Team t-shirt
    * A Guild Wars hat
    * A copy of the game signed by the development team

    Each of the 18 Finalists will receive:

    * An exclusive Guild Wars Team t-shirt

    See the winning entries at the Guild Wars Official Site.

    Sat, Aug 13, 2005
  • More Guild Wars Goodness.
    ArenaNet has posted the latest Guild Wars update notes on the Official Site. Vin Diesel can play six Guild Wars characters at once and never lose an arena battle:

    "Update – Wednesday, August 10

    • Fixed a bug that was making some desert teleporters unresponsive.

    • Corrected flaw in Price of Failure skill that was causing missile attacks to miss their targets more than 25% of the time.

    • Corrected Hundred Blades skill to deal damage accurately; previously it was dealing only 75% of its intended damage.

    • Corrected Mind Freeze skill so that damage is dealt regardless of whether the caster's energy is lower than the target's energy.

    • Corrected flaw in Mist Form skill that was preventing it from reducing damage from elemental damage attacks.

    • Corrected "The Price of Steel" quest so that so that White Mantle always drop Ruined Armor for players on the quest.

    • Fixed a bug that was preventing the skill-swap dialog from disappearing after talking to Captain Greywind.

    • Fixed several rare client and server crash bugs."

    You can read the Guild Wars Update Notes at the Official Site.

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    Thu, Aug 11, 2005
  • Possibly the best movie of the summer movie season.
    The Official Guild Wars Site has posted the summer update preview movie. Confusing War of the Worlds with Guild Wars Tom Cruise appeared on national television, but apparently didn't say:

    "Featuring new Music from the Special Edition of the Guild Wars soundtrack by Jeremy Soule."

    You can grab the Guild Wars Summer Preview Movie at The Official Site.
    Dozens of Guild Wars guides are yours for the taking at

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    Tue, Aug 09, 2005
  • For newcomers to MMOGs (and Guild Wars in particular)...

    Chris Pickering with UK's PC has published a fairly milktoast review on Guild Wars. It serves well, however, to acquaint newcomers to the game and its premise:

    Now Guild Wars is quite a different beast from the likes of World of Warcraft or Everquest. While these games rely on monthly subscriptions to cover all kinds of costs, with Guild Wars you never pay anything more than the initial purchase in your local gaming emporium. Again, where the other big hitters in the genre require incredible numbers of hours put in, in order to get to any kind of decent in game level, Guild Wars requires you to display your intelligence and skill. With the in game level cap set at 20, which is reachable in quite speedy time, your own skill is required if your going to ‘beat’ the game.

    Read on by clicking here!

    Sun, Aug 07, 2005
  • Phinney's Fantabulous Foray into Fan Feedback!

    James Phinney, lead designer for Guild Wars, posted his responses to a player roundtable hosted late Thursday based on Phinney's "State of the Game" letter. Guild Hall improvements, changes to PvP and ladder sessions, and general room for improvement were on the docket.

    Despite the cries and tumult of numerous guilds warring in the hallway outside, Phinney managed to poset a few responses:

    Question: What is the one area of GW *you* would like tweak?

    James: "One" area? You must be kidding. As a game designer, you have to be incredibly foolish or incredibly egotistical to not see a ton of things to improve in any game you've worked on. The way I see it, every game you make is a learning experience. Usually, you just have to take the lessons with you and try to apply them to your next game, but with Guild Wars we have the opportunity to keep making the game better.

    There's a lot of passion for Guild Wars on the team. We like to play the game. We experience a lot of the same things everyone else does. We know that at its best, Guild Wars offers experiences that are unique and insanely fun. We're going to keep working to make every part of the game live up to those moments. The user interface guys are always looking to make improvements where and when they can. The mission and quest design guys are really looking forward to taking the lessons we learned in Chapter 1 (oh so many lessons) and making Chapter 2 that much better. We're currently reviewing balance on all the Chapter 1 skills in preparation for the first official ladder season. The artists are doing amazing things for Sorrow's Furnace and for Chapter 2. And, of course, we're always looking at the economy and rate of character advancement.

    Click here for answers to more of your Guild Wars questions!

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    Sat, Aug 06, 2005
  • They threw a Warrior / Monk into Sorrow's Furnace and got... two new screenshots!

    The Sorrow's Furnace Gallery at the official GW site has been expanded by two screenshots. Take a look at them to get more previews of the Ascended content to come.

    New Screenshots - 04 August 2005

    We're expanding the Sorrow's Furnace Gallery Page with another pair of screenshots from the Summer Update. One image displays the external depths of Grenth's Footprint just outside the entry to the mines. The second shows combat within the green-hued interior of one area of Sorrow's Furnace.

    Find the shots here. [Thanks Maya!]

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    Sat, Aug 06, 2005
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