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    ArenaNet has posted new Guild Wars game update notes. It's been a few weeks since the last update notes and the players were getting restless for information:

    "Because it has been a few weeks since we've posted a major update, we wanted to let everyone know what's in the works. Typically, a few weeks is a short amount of time in the development cycle of a game, but we know there are many people who play Guild Wars with such dedication and intensity that a few weeks without an update seems more like an eternity. Here's what's on the way..."

    You can read the Guild Wars Game Update Notes at The Official Site.
    More Guild Wars information than Planter's has peanuts at

    Features, Previews
    Fri, Aug 05, 2005
  • New Deskpaper from Guild Wars
    We call it "Deskpaper" around here, because it goes on your desktop, of course, silly mortal. Featured deskpaper this week is a smear of light. But not just any smear of light...

    "The wallpaper image for this week offers one of several early concept images of the Hall of Heroes."

    Download the image here!

    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • Clan Bro Makes an Impact in Guild Wars
    NC Soft chose the European-based Clan Brotherhood as its Guild of the Week this week. Twitch gamers might recognize the title from other online tactical and shooter titles, and yes, it's the same guys. It's rumored that Clan Bro once challenged Clan Ya-Ya Sisterhood to a Team Arena, but Ya-Ya backed out for reasons that remain a secret.

    "Clan Brotherhood members follow four guiding principles and rules. Firstly, all members must work to foster harmony and an enjoyable atmosphere at all times. Secondly, it is important to seek out fun in the game; the guild believes that losing a closely fought match against a difficult opponent yields more enjoyment than seeking to win at all costs. Thirdly, any form of cheating or exploiting is strictly prohibited. Finally, members are expected to act in a mature and respectful way at all times. Along with these principles, the guild feels that experience playing together as a team is more valuable than the skill of any individual member.
    The Bro guild is active in the European PvP community, where they participate in the Erste deutsche Guild Wars Liga and will be fielding a team for the Electronic Sports League's 8on8 Guild-versus-Guild Opening Cup. While many Bro members seek competitive gameplay in Guild Wars, others prefer to pursue cooperative play, completing missions and quests, and exploring the world of Tyria. Members do not trade internally; instead they "gift" appropriate items freely, knowing the favor will be returned at a later date."

    Check out a larger guild bio, including their favorite builds, here!

    Wed, Aug 03, 2005
  • I wonder if Team Arena has met Team America - World Police? has released a guide to Guild Wars Team Arena. PvP and no monthly fee:

    "mk of an up-and-coming guild rapidly climbing the GvG ladder, Angry Businessmens [aB], plays Team Arenas during off-times when enough people aren't around. However, he feels that it has merits and can be fun, as well. Provided in this article are a brief introduction to the wonders of Team Arena, and also a featured build and how to execute it for success. Two hammers with two energy draining monks - it has seen much success, going undefeated for hours."

    You can read the entire Wonders of Team Arena and a Featured build at

    Tue, Aug 02, 2005
  • No longer can you exploit the... exploit. has apparently closed a common equipment exploit. Their heartily wisening, loquacious PR folks posted this in the Game Updates Area last Friday:

    " Closed equipment exploit."

    There's nothing more to read, but if you want to see for yourself, go to the official Guild Wars Update Notes area.

    Mon, Jul 25, 2005
  • On your desk = deskpaper.
    The Official Guild Wars site has delivered some new deskpaper. Truthfully, we can't see the desk for all of the icons, but hey!

    "This is a test of the emergency quote system. In the case of a real quote you would be notified who to contact. We repeat, this is only a test. BEEEEEEEP."

    You can grab the Guild Wars Wallpaper at the Official Site.

    Thu, Jul 14, 2005
  • PvP - No Fee - Updated Frequently
    The official Guild Wars site has posted the details of the latest update. A Monk/Warrior bumped into a Necro/Mesmer and said.

    " Improved faction rewards in Arenas and the Tournament:  

    • Arena Victory: 10 in Team/Competition Arenas, 5 in Shiverpeak Arena, 2 in Ascalon Arena

    • Arena Bonus for 5 Consecutive Victories: 10 in Team/Competition Arenas, 5 in Shiverpeak Arena, 2 in Ascalon Arena

    • Arena Bonus for Flawless Victory: 2 in Team/Competition Arenas, 1 in Shiverpeak Arena, 0 in Ascalon Arena

    • Tournament Victory: 20 in the first map, 40 in early missions, 60 in later missions, 80 in the Hall of Heroes"

    You can read the entire Guild Wars Update Notes at the Official Site.

    Thu, Jul 14, 2005
  • Fancy new screenshots.
    The Official Site has posted some new Guild Wars screenshots taken from the summer update Sorrow's Furnace. A pacifist told us that they prefer the term Guild Disagreement to Guild Wars. They also twitched twice and then yelled:

    "Ha! They didn't yell. They are a pacifist, but ArenaNET didn't write anything about their shots so it all works out."

    You can view the new Guild Wars Screenshots at The Official Site.

    Images, Media
    Fri, Jul 08, 2005
  • Please, please for the love of Pete, somebody tell us if Guild Wars is any good.
    Gaming Excellence has posted a review of Guild Wars. They made a warrior/monk and then wrote this:

    "While Guild Wars may have been a game that came out of nowhere for many of us, it in no way makes it lacking in quality. In fact, I am hard-pressed to find any PC game that has shipped recently that feels more solid and complete out of the box. From its quick installation (2 disc install that does not require any play disc afterwards) to its fantastic Guild Wars Manuscript; a 144-page book that painstakingly details the world of Guild Wars, you will find yourself wowed from the start. The first time you launch the game, you will also be taken aback by how quickly the login screen pops up and afterwards, how quickly it loads all the gaming worlds. Creating a character is painless and once you actually launch the game, it is truly amazing to behold. All of Guild Wars’ information is server side and the game automatically streams required updates and installs them transparently to the user in a matter of seconds. I have never seen a game load faster, on PC or console, than Guild Wars and it may not mean much to many, but waiting to play when you don’t have hours in front of you is important to me. The internet code is fast, lag-free and optimized brilliantly."

    You can read the entire Guild Wars Review at Gaming Excellence.

    Mon, Jul 04, 2005
  • A Guild Wars review, can you believe it?
    Guild Wars has been reviewed at Computer Games Online. We are relatively certain that Microsoft has not decided to call their next edition of Windows OS:

    "One resemblance between the above mentioned titles and Guild Wars is the ability to support simultaneously hundreds of thousands of players, but the main difference here is that Guild Wars is made up entirely of two types of instances. Cities act as meeting locations for the players. Each city is divided into districts, which can accommodate a maximum of 150 players. If this number is topped, a new district will be created and vice-versa. As you can see, the limited number of players in an area negates the “massively” characteristic, which is specific to other MMORPG’s, making the cities act like instances. On the other hand, you can meet your friends by joining the same district, and if they are on a different server - North America, Asia (South Korea) or Europe - you can choose one of the international districts."

    You can read the entire Guild Wars Review at Computer Games Online.

    Mon, Jun 27, 2005
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