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  • RickSaada posted a new developer log on the Official Site today. This one deals with the tool PBSedit. He talks of the change of focus and how that changes what they're doing with the tools and the backend.

    Hi again, folks! I know I’ve been silent for a loooooong time, but I’ve been quietly plugging away on tools for the rest of the team. Changes in focus made the old terrain system I’d been working on obsolete, replaced with the custom 3D geometry you’ve seen the gorgeous screen shots of, so we started over with the tool set as well. A major focus of any MMP is content. People want it, and lots of it, so the ever growing content team under Rev is working on cranking it out. The primary tool they’ve been using for creating it is PBSEdit, which has been my main focus for the last year and a half, and now it’s time to take the wraps off. This dev log is the first in a series where I will be showing you a bit of what’s under the hood of PBS, and how the content team is putting together the game you’ll be playing.

    Read the rest here.

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    delicate cough You can Yo ho ho a beta account my way there buckos!

    Thu, Dec 29, 2005
  • And your Mother said that playing all of these games would lead to nothing. Turbine is currently accepting applications for In-Game Support Supervisor and Senior Game Masters.

    Required Skills:
    • 1-2 years of experience in a Customer Service call center. Previous MMORPG GM experience is a bonus
    • Ability to quickly understand issues and provide fast, courteous solutions
    • Exceptional communication and typing skills
    • Work well as an individual contributor or as a team member
    • Must have flexible working hours to accommodate a 24x7 shift environment

    Mon, Apr 15, 2013
  • Slowly but surely this one is picking up speed in all things newsworthy. You can read this dev log On the official site however, you have to be a member of the site. So in essence.. they only want the MOST DEDICATED players to access their information.

    (@[QT]Rhaegar) (Raam) How goes guild management work? By that I mean, how soon can you start a guild in the game, and are there any requirements at all to make one?
    (@[FLS]Aug) Right now, our requirements for starting guilds are minimal, and people should be able to set them up very quickly once they are in game
    (@[FLS]Aug) This is an area that we are watching very closely in beta, however, and we'll bump up those requirements if we feel it necessary
    (@[FLS]Aug) Aside from that, guild management at launch will have the standard features, and will get better as we continue development :)

    Yeah I'm just that dedicated.

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    Mon, Dec 19, 2005
  • Arrgh! Oh wait, Awen already said that! Well, I'll double it and ask for a
    parrot! has
    developer journal #5 for Pirates of the Burning Sea. I wish I could be a pirate...
    minus the grungy teeth thing and getting sea-sick. But a plumed hat would be
    cool... right?

    Hello, everyone. My name's Raymond Wood, and I'm a mission designer
    for Pirates of the Burning Sea. I joined Flying Lab earlier this year and
    have been having a great time shouting "Arrrrr" at all my coworkers.
    Normally, mission designers build PvE missions and combat encounters, but
    recently I was lucky enough to lend my mission expertise to one of the coolest
    parts of the PvP system.
    Our first design goal when we sat down to work out the details of the PvP
    system can be summed up in one word: “Relevance.” Too many games
    place PvP on the borders, as something that happens at the edge of the map
    between players who aren’t necessarily tied in to the rest of the game.
    Often, PvP takes place in areas that are wholly separated from the main geography
    of the game. That isolation makes the player versus player struggles seem
    less exciting to us, so our first decision was to place the PvP in places
    players go, places they care about. In Pirates of the Burning Sea, the hottest
    PvP areas will be right in the middle of the map, where players live and trade
    and do missions.
    We’ve written about PvP port battles before as the centerpiece of our
    four-sided RvR conflict system. Today, I’m pulling the curtains back
    to show you how they actually work. Let’s say you’re a stout-hearted
    English naval officer. Your forces have raided enough Spanish shipping to
    put the port of San Juan into contention, and you’ve contributed enough
    to win one of the 25 British tickets into the port battle. (The battle works
    the same way when pirates raid foreign ports or when nationals suppress pirate
    ports, but the rewards and the effects on the port are different.)

    Thu, Dec 15, 2005
  • Arrrgh Mateys! Get out the rum and take a seat for some easy reading! *delicate cough* Alright then.. Pirates of the Burning Sea put up two new developer logs late last week. You can see them Here. However, I'm going to spare your tired little eyes and tell you in a gunshell (get it.. gunshell) what they say.

    1. They've sent out the first wave of beta invites. Didn't get one? Yeah.. me either and I'm bitter. They're using the same build that they've sent investors. Let's hope it's good. I want to get my swashbuckling on.

    2. I realllly don't know what he's talking about Here. It's about 20k Perforce check. Anyone's guess.

    So in conclusion, I'd like to play this game. So should you.

    Get the Skinny on Pirates of the Burning Sea Here!

    Wed, Dec 14, 2005
  • Fed Ex and Kill Tasks on the High Seas
    Bert Harvey, developer for Flying Labs' Pirates of the Burning Sea, the 1800s Man o'War MMO, shares why the action in PotBS won't get stale.

    " If you’ve ever played a game and gotten frustrated because every mission seemed to be “same old, same old”, then you probably ran into a mission design team hampered with a limited or difficult mission tool. They could be the most amazingly brilliant folks on earth, but if they don’t have a tool that lets them actually be creative, they’re stuck. The mission team on Pirates is fortunate in that we have great tools to work with while creating our missions for your enjoyment. "

    Follow the treasure map to Bert's Dev Blog at the Pirates of the Burning Sea site.
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    Fri, Nov 11, 2005
  • Captain's Blog, AD 1805

    This is a novelty, a Western game whose devs are talking about localizing for the Asian market before launch across the Pacific and in Europe. Executive Producer Russell Williams (not Russell Crowe) also gives insight into what's going on lately with the MMO all the pirates are aarrrrr'ing about.

    It's good news, Flying Lab has been quietly sailing away with no new announcements for a while now. In my experience, such lulls are either a really good or a really bad thing. Usually a bad thing- meaning big core concept or team changes.

    In other news, we’ve finally had an opportunity to start filling in some obvious holes. Some of them are small (our walk animation is a bit languid), and some are kind of big (our camera controls were developer friendly, user hostile). While we’ve had some big areas we’ve been implementing, a lot of these pieces are relatively small tasks (2-4 days) but have a huge payoff (mmmm, smooth camera controls!). This is the insanely fun part of a project.

    At the beginning, your team spends weeks putting together the architecture for some feature, and at the end, an excited dev calls you over to show you some tiny checkbox that comes up when he runs some debug command. “See? See?!” he asks, waiting for your tears of joy. “Uh, yeah, that’s great. So when I can I see a cannon go boom?” you ask. It’s not a happy time. But now I hear that we’re about ready to start some long awaited big feature, and less than a week later, it’s in. It’s very, very fun to start seeing the features roll in fast and furious, which is really good because we have a LOT of features that we’d like to do.

    Browse Russell Williams' Dev Journal at

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    Mon, Oct 24, 2005
  • Hondas with harpoons.
    The good folks at NetDevil, the developers of Auto Assault are looking for a new team member. Vin Diesel refused to live in Louisville, but considered himself the top map designer in the world. His frustration was evident when he uttered:

    " A Senior Map Designer will be responsible for producing and maintaining game content specified from design documentation, specifically maps, levels, and missions, for Auto Assault, a vehicular combat MMOG project, in a deadline-driven, team environment. " 

    Mon, Apr 15, 2013
  • Gilbert and Sullivan have nothing on these pirates

    Flying Labs developers carried some of the questions about the end-of-year maritime MMOG "Pirates of the Burning Sea" home with them from PAX, and posted a Q&A thread along with new screens:

    And now that people are coming back from PAX and writing about their experiences, there are lots of great questions and comments showing up on our forums that we wanted to take a moment to address. Most of these were questions, but there were a couple misunderstandings we wanted to clear up as well.

    Get your very own PotBS Q&A, and your new PotBS screenshots too.

    Wed, Aug 31, 2005
  • Shiver me timbers.
    The team at Pirates of the Burning Sea have posted their current milestone goals. With no guarantee we believe that they wrote this:

    "Now that E3 is over, we can take a bit more time polishing some of the new elements that went into the game. This list looks a bit smaller than previous milestones, because some of the bullet items (such as Missions and Avatars) encompass several people."

    You can read the entire Pirates of the Buring Sea Milestone list at The Official Site.

    Tue, Jun 07, 2005
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