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  • Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated by John Madden.
    Gaming giant, Electronic Arts has made a move to acquire Mythic Entertainment, the developers of Dark Age of Camelot and the highly anticipated title, Warhammer Online.

    ""The addition of Mythic to the EA family reflects our deep commitment to the online gaming market worldwide," commented EA studios president Paul Lee."

    You can read more about Electronic Arts acquiring Mythic Entertainment at the following sites;

    Wed, Jun 21, 2006
  • MMOz Online Gaming Talks With Taylor 'Augustus' Daynes

    Lead Designer, Taylor 'Augustus' Daynes answers a few questions about
    Flying Lab Software's upcoming Pirate-themed MMORPG.

    "Your [NPC] supporting cast is assembled based on your nation and
    gender, although gender is an optional element we use only on occasion.
    We can also assign a specific character to your cast in response to
    player actions, so if you flirt with someone in a tavern during a
    mission, we can then assign that character to be your romantic interest.

    In general, we use the cast within specific storylines that are often
    solo-only, so that your experience is unique. Many other storylines do
    not use your cast, so when they turn up you know something really cool
    is going on."

    Read the full interview and start planning your priate adventure!

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    Tue, Jun 20, 2006
  • Will Warhammer Online Be the Next Best Thing?

    Worthplaying has posted a preview of Warhammer Online today. The review is chock full of screenshots and interesting observations...

    When Dark Age of Camelot launched back in 2001, I felt it was EverQuest, only without the parts that I didn't like. By the same token, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning might be World of WarCraft: PVP Done Better.

    Comparing WAR to WoW is inevitable — there are too many similarities to be dismissed. Both feature Orcs with cartoonish armor, both use similar fonts, and heck, even the names are similar. According to Games Workshop — the owners of the Warhammer name — Blizzard ripped them off. That might well be true, since my knowledge of Warhammer is limited to taking a look at a friend's miniatures and thinking, "Painting all of those must have been a hell of a lot of work." Even if Blizzard did borrow heavily from Games Workshop, because WoW launched first, Warhammer Online will be inevitably compared to WoW.

    Read the full preview of Warhammer Online.

    Features, Previews
    Mon, Jun 19, 2006
  • Hype Around WO Justified?

    Ratboy talks about the hype around Warhammer Online and if it's
    living up to expectations.

    Having followed Warhammer Online’s history since its beginnings with
    Climax (something best forgotten…) I’ve been watching the fan reactions to the
    game and what they think of it. From my local gaming store to fan emails I’ve
    received from certain articles I’ve written, there seems to be a huge hype
    around Warhammer Online and it only seems to be growing as the game comes

    Read more about this on the Warhammer Online Ten Ton Hammer site!

    Mon, Jun 19, 2006
  • Devlog, Updates and Screenshots!

    Aether, Community Envoy (of Doom today it seems), from the Priates of the Burning Sea Site has brought out a treasure chest full of goodies today. A Devlog that tells of the creation of a Tool of Doom, several site updates and as posted earlier, new screenshots!

    P.S. When you check out Augustus' new tool, make sure to take a look at the other additions we made to the Help section of the Community Content Page. You'll find links to new resources, a link to downloading the UC kit, and much more!

    Find out about all these goodies yourself! You'll be pleased I am sure.

    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • New Screenshots Make Even the Gloomiest Day Brighter!

    Argh Maties! (shhh! I'm new here, I get to Argh at you a few times before you can yell at me!) Thar be some pertty screenshots to take a gander at what are ye waiting fer?

    BSharp has added some new images to the Pirates of the Burning Sea screenshot gallery, two that show off the 104 gun sailing at sunset, and two more screenshots that capture a lightning strike during an evening rainstorm in Pirate Town.

    Check em out or yer sure to be walking the plank!

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    Thu, Jun 15, 2006
  • In perhaps the funniest piece I've read in a long time, Woodrodius explains why you should chew your steak.

    Now locked in the gaze of both my CEO, some attentive restaurant patrons, and the interns, (who were watching an art position open up before their very eyes) Bruce and I rose, and our heroic art director positioned himself to administer his first Heimlich maneuver. The first thrust was unsuccessful. I heaved forward, and felt sickening pressure on my abdomen, pretty much the worst imaginable stimuli one can receive after a large meal. With this initial motion failing to dislodge the tasty globe from gullet, I began to have some genuine concern. Was this it? Was I going to die choking on steak and not making-out to death with supermodels as had been my previous guess? Would Greg be able to tastefully wait two months before he started making jokes about the manner of my demise, whilst validating it as “part of the healing process”? What of my bug list? Would they all go unresolved?

    Was this to be the end of Woody?

    You have to read the rest of this devlog. Don't eat or drink anything first. My monitor and keyboard are giving me baleful glares as I type this.

    Tue, Jun 13, 2006
  • Staying the Course

    Burning Sea Producer John Tynes gets us lubbers ready to hand, reef, and steer as the game begins to emerge from the internal beta mist. Tynes spoke with our very own John "Boomjack" Hoskin about a variety of seaworthy topics in what turned out to be a very entertaining and informative interview.

    "Ten Ton Hammer: Pacing is an aspect of most MMOGs that the players take for granted. How would you compare the gameplay pace in Pirates of the Burning Sea to the current crop of MMOGs on the market?

    John Tynes: 75% less tedium! We've made travel swift without making it safe. We've turned crafting on its ear by skipping dagger-grinding and going straight to large-scale resource production. We've made combat exciting and involving instead of repetitious and macro-worthy. And we've done it all in a game with real style."

    Sadly, our most pressing question went unanswered: how do you sail a wooden ship on a burning sea? Maybe next time. For now, check out the Pirates of the Burning Sea - John Tynes interview right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

    Features, Interviews
    Fri, Jun 09, 2006
  • In addition to telling you about this great developer log, I'd like to remind you that Beta Signups are a go. If you're interested in testing Pirates of the Burning Sea (and you should be) You can sign up here. Now.. for the log!

    Introducing Kevin "MasterGuns" Loza, FLS UI Artist
    Hi, dev log readers! I’m Kevin Loza one of the new members of the Flying Lab team. Specifically, I'm the artist that is creating the user interface for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

    To give you some background on my work, I am trained in both traditional and digital art. My schooling spans sketching, painting, sculpture, and photography. The digital arena started through my own animation at home on the Amiga computer and, later, graphic design classes on the Macintosh. I studied 3D modeling, texturing, and animation, as well.

    I love painting particularly on the computer. Recently, I created a digital portrait for a friend. Part of the my passion comes from self expression and pushing the medium.

    I, also, work on a high resolution model in my spare time. It’s a personal project that I started to take one character from concept to fully realized 3d animation. First, the concept sketching and various sketches were made. Second phase was digital painting. Third phase is modeling and that’s what I’m doing at the moment. So far, it’s my favorite personal challenge of all my personal studies.

    My first job in the games industry working for SEGA, back in the day when the Genesis lived and breathed. I worked as an animator, and during my first game, NHL All-Star Hockey ’95, they promoted me to the position of Lead Animator midway through the project.

    Read more about Kevin here.

    More Pirates of the Burning Sea news.

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • Let loose the screens of WAR...

    CVG has the scoop on some new Warhammer Online screenshots from the folks at Mythic:

    Alongside a batch of new screens illustrating some of WOAR's more ominous locations and a sprinkling of concept art thrown in for good measure (click frantically around the page to see them), European publisher GOA has announced that it's set to bring Mythic's epic PC game to this territory on release in autum next year.

    Check out the new Warhammer Online screens at CVG Online.

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    Wed, Jun 07, 2006
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