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  • Flying Labs Stalls
    Citing "external administrative issues" (a euphemism which usually leads back to money one way or another), the developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea just announced that the game's beta testing period is stuck in the doldrums.

    While we anticipate being able to begin beta at some point in the very near future, there are external administrative issues that have caused a delay in our efforts. These external issues are under NDA, and as such, we cannot comment on them. With that being said, the entire team is using the extra time to prepare and polish in anticipation of your imminent arrival. It is with that in mind that we have created this brief update on the status of the Pirates of the Burning Sea Beta Program.

    Now they tell me, after I've done like 500 beta applications in a ballet-stuffing bid to get the golden invite! /cough Pirates of the Burning Sea beta status announcement at the Flying Labs official site.
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    Wed, Nov 30, 2005
  • No one will ask whether Captain Morgan (arrrrr!) will make an in-game appearance.
    I guess I'll have to bring my Cap'n with me. Here's a snippet from the lightning round of Pirates of the Burning Sea Q&A done by the Stratics crew.

    Stratics: It is a challenge to integrate the economic and combat mechanics and keep it fun. It sounds as though you have taken this problem head on and you know better than to bite off more than you can chew at the start.

    Daynes: We try! One of the greatest lessons we’ve learned from other MMPs is to keep your own expectations realistic, and aim for what you can actually hit. This is a challenge for any team and we’ve reached too high more than once, so we’ve learned from experience as well as example. We’ll get the economy integrated, but it will only be once it’s ready.

    Arrrrr! Take a look, matey...Stratics' November Pirates of the Burning Sea interview!
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    Wed, Nov 23, 2005
  • We've got a warhammer and we are going to write about it.
    Mythic Entertainment has opened their Warhammer Online newsletter. Show your support and put your name on the mailing list.

    Folks: There's no law says we can't buy advertising from ourselves. If you give the flashing W.A.R. banner a click, you'll be taken to the place where you can sign up for the official Warhammer Online newsletter, and be the first to know the news about Mythic's next game. What are you waiting for? "

    You can Sign-up for the Warhammer Online Newsletter at The Camelot Herald.
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    Mon, Nov 14, 2005
  • Fed Ex and Kill Tasks on the High Seas
    Bert Harvey, developer for Flying Labs' Pirates of the Burning Sea, the 1800s Man o'War MMO, shares why the action in PotBS won't get stale.

    " If you’ve ever played a game and gotten frustrated because every mission seemed to be “same old, same old”, then you probably ran into a mission design team hampered with a limited or difficult mission tool. They could be the most amazingly brilliant folks on earth, but if they don’t have a tool that lets them actually be creative, they’re stuck. The mission team on Pirates is fortunate in that we have great tools to work with while creating our missions for your enjoyment. "

    Follow the treasure map to Bert's Dev Blog at the Pirates of the Burning Sea site.
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    Fri, Nov 11, 2005
  • Pirates live for PvP's Pirates of the Burning Sea coverage focuses on how players battle on the high seas in this late 2005 maritime MMO.

    At the Austin Gaming Conference (AGC) I met with Russell Williams, Flying Lab Software Executive Producer; and Kevin Maginn, Flying Lab Designer to take about their upcoming game, Pirates of the Burning Sea. A naval MMO, PoTBS is set in the Caribbean and largely concentrates on PvPing with other players. There are three types of PvP in the game, allowing for ample combat between the English, Spanish, French, and Pirates.

    When Flying Lab set out to design PvP they wanted it to be meaningful, and thus the first type of PvP is a battle over territory. They also wanted PvP to be accessible but avoidable, so that those who want to participate know where to go while those who don’t can stay clear, and they wanted all of the boats to have an impact, even merchant ships.

    Read the Pirates of the Burning Sea PvP preview at

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    Mon, Oct 31, 2005
  • Captain's Blog, AD 1805

    This is a novelty, a Western game whose devs are talking about localizing for the Asian market before launch across the Pacific and in Europe. Executive Producer Russell Williams (not Russell Crowe) also gives insight into what's going on lately with the MMO all the pirates are aarrrrr'ing about.

    It's good news, Flying Lab has been quietly sailing away with no new announcements for a while now. In my experience, such lulls are either a really good or a really bad thing. Usually a bad thing- meaning big core concept or team changes.

    In other news, we’ve finally had an opportunity to start filling in some obvious holes. Some of them are small (our walk animation is a bit languid), and some are kind of big (our camera controls were developer friendly, user hostile). While we’ve had some big areas we’ve been implementing, a lot of these pieces are relatively small tasks (2-4 days) but have a huge payoff (mmmm, smooth camera controls!). This is the insanely fun part of a project.

    At the beginning, your team spends weeks putting together the architecture for some feature, and at the end, an excited dev calls you over to show you some tiny checkbox that comes up when he runs some debug command. “See? See?!” he asks, waiting for your tears of joy. “Uh, yeah, that’s great. So when I can I see a cannon go boom?” you ask. It’s not a happy time. But now I hear that we’re about ready to start some long awaited big feature, and less than a week later, it’s in. It’s very, very fun to start seeing the features roll in fast and furious, which is really good because we have a LOT of features that we’d like to do.

    Browse Russell Williams' Dev Journal at

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    Mon, Oct 24, 2005
  • Warhammer Online Resurrected. I think that should be the official name of the game.
    Warhammer Alliance has posted a brief preview of Warhammer Online. There isn't anything new here, but it's nice to see a site up and running to cover this "off in the distance" title by Mythic.

    "Despite taking place in a entirely new setting, Mythic will be drawing
    on all the Warhammer fantasy material no matter whether it comes from
    the Warhammer Fantasy Battles or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. This will
    ensure that this new game will look, feel, and perhaps even taste like
    real Warhammer.

    You can read the entire Warhammer Online Preview at Warhammer Alliance.
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    Fri, Oct 21, 2005
  • The sea, the sea, the sea is on FIRE!!!
    Stratics has posted some new Pirates of the Burning Sea screenshots. Johnny Depp thumbed his nose at us, giggled, spun around seven times and then announced:

    " A new massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of adventure on the high seas. Build your character with a host of skills. Play as a Pirate, Naval Officer, or Adventurer. Customize your ship's performance and appearance. Fight other captains in real-time tactical ship combat. Conquer the enemy's ports for your side. Amass a fortune through commerce or conquest. Create and schedule your own PvP events. Compete for server-wide victory. Enter an historical world of epic combat! " 

    You can view the Pirates of the Burning Sea Screenshots at Stratics.
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    Tue, Oct 11, 2005
  • Is that a parrot on your shoulder or are you just glad to see me?
    RPG Vault has posted Pirates of the Burning Sea Captain's Log #1, featuring producer, Russell Williams. We asked Johnny Depp to revisit his Pirates of the Caribbean character and he spouted:

    " Executive Producer Russell Williams discusses Flying Lab's plans for the beta of its online age of sail endeavor "

    You can read the entire Pirates of the Burning Sea Captain's Log #1 at RPGVault
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    Fri, Sep 23, 2005
  • A pirated video?
    Flying Labs just released a preview video heretofore only available to the moneyed investor-folk, though it's unclear whether Johnny Depp will appear in the final cut.

    " A couple months ago we made a short video of Pirates of the Burning Sea. We did it for private showings to some business partners, not for public release, but now our producer is leaving town and we decided: what the heck! You can check out this sneak peek video online for a look at the game as it was a little while before we unveiled it at the Penny Arcade Expo. Enjoy! "

    Link to the video at the Pirates of the Burning Sea official website... it's a slow download, so wash it down with some grog!

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    Thu, Sep 22, 2005
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