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  • Grab Yer Blades And Get Ready to Fight!

    Thats right! In this preview at we get a look at avatar combat. Don't miss a word!

    The big news out of PAX was that Pirates of the Burning Sea will launch in June of 2007 and that the feature list now includes avatar combat. We played the game and sat down with Producer John Scott Tynes at PAX to discuss exactly how avatar combat works.

    “[We] made the decision a few months ago that we were going to release in ’07,” explained Tynes as we sat in a Bellevue Subway. Once made, that decision allowed them to pursue something they’d always wanted, but never felt they had time to do correctly: avatar combat.

    Keep reading to learn more. Is Pirates of the Burning Sea on your must play list? Let us know why in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Thu, Aug 31, 2006
  • Avatar Combat Revealed

    FiringSquad recently had a chance to talk with John Tynes from Flying Lab Software about the upcoming Pirates of the Burning Sea.

    FiringSquad: Let's talk about the new avatar combat. Why did the team want to allow players to actually fight man to man in addition to the ship-to-ship battles?

    Russell Williams: We’ve always envisioned Pirates of the Burning Sea as a game that combines sea-battles and swashbuckling combat; it’s just been a matter of timing. For most of our development, we’d decided to focus our efforts on getting the ship combat side of things up and running first, before trying to tackle a whole new side of the game. We’ve been telling our fans all this time “avatar combat is coming, but it will be after we launch.” So it’s been in the plan the whole time, we’ve just moved up the timetable.

    Why include swashbuckling combat at all? Well, because it’s a core part of the pirate genre! I don’t think we’ve ever met someone who didn’t ask if they could jump onto an enemy ship to duel the opposing captain. Who are we to refuse?

    Get your blades sharpened and check out the rest of this interview. How are you passing the time until you can achieve all your piratey dreams in Pirates of the Burning Seas? Let us know in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Mon, Aug 28, 2006
  • A Pirates of the Burning Sea Pre-PAX Pirate Parley with Lead Designer Taylor Danes

    Several members of the Flying Lab Software team are planning to avast development on Pirates of the Burning Sea and head to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle this weekend, where Burning Sea, so long a deep-in-development corner dweller at the big conventions, will announce a release date and make its maiden voyage as a belle of the expo ball. Lead Designer Taylor Daynes sailed in for an entertaining pre-PAX Q&A about the dev team's recent progress with this highly anticipated buccaneer beauty of an MMORPG.

    Ten Ton Hammer - We know what a pirate is, we know what a naval officer is, but what's an adventurer? A privateer? Frat boys taking daddy's yacht for a spin? How is playing an adventurer different than playing a pirate?

    Taylor Danes, Burning Seas Lead Designer - Adventurers are the Han Solos of our world. They are independent captains, making their way through the world through wit, alliances, and the point of their sword. They can sign up with Trade Companies, or can make a fortune setting up economic ventures like mines or plantations. They can help the Navies with special missions, or they can even play more as "privateers" – daring captains who get Royal permission to act like pirates, so long as they don't target their own countrymen.

    Adventurers are the dashing rogues of Pirates of the Burning Sea. They value their independence and freedom, but they are fiercely loyal, and will fight valiantly for their country when the situation gets dire. "

    Keep reading to see what else Taylor Dane had to say. Who isn't waiting for this piratey adventure to launch? Let us know you thought in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

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    Wed, Aug 23, 2006
  • Troy Hewitt Goes Indepth About Pirates of the Burning Sea

    Hooked on Games sat down with Flying Labs' Troy Hewitt recently and posted a lengthy interview. There is even a hint as to when we will learn the expected launch date!

    HG: There has been some differing information on exactly when the game will be released. Could you give our readers a better idea of when it will come out?

    Troy: *Grins* I could divulge that information but then I would have to swear you to secrecy and we all know how writers and members of the media enjoy having a big scoop by letting the cat out of the bag. Seriously, let me say that we will be announcing the release date at the upcoming PAX show in Seattle.

    Get clicking mateys to read the rest of this interview! Feeling piratey? Let us know all about it in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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    Mon, Aug 21, 2006
  • John Tynes Sheds Some Light On Pirates of the Burning Sea

    FiringSquad took some time to speak with John Tynes recently. Keep reading to get a good look at the thoughts that went into the making of this game.

    FiringSquad: First, pirates continue to be a popular subject in pop culture as the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie can attest to. From your perspective why is there so much attention being put to this historical period in history?

    John Tynes: Even in the days of real piracy, the pirate life was attractive to many sailors. Given that navy ships could impress them for years of service, the fact that pirate ships tended to be very democratic was appealing. Journalists and authors soon romanticized them further, conjuring up a life of freedom and adventure. There was also the lure of wealth, the vast fortunes that pirates were imagined to possess buried beneath the shifting sands.

    There is more to this answer, so get clicking and check it out. Don't forget to return to Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you are looking forward to in Priates of the Burning Sea!

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    Fri, Jul 21, 2006
  • MMOz Online Gaming Talks With Taylor 'Augustus' Daynes

    Lead Designer, Taylor 'Augustus' Daynes answers a few questions about
    Flying Lab Software's upcoming Pirate-themed MMORPG.

    "Your [NPC] supporting cast is assembled based on your nation and
    gender, although gender is an optional element we use only on occasion.
    We can also assign a specific character to your cast in response to
    player actions, so if you flirt with someone in a tavern during a
    mission, we can then assign that character to be your romantic interest.

    In general, we use the cast within specific storylines that are often
    solo-only, so that your experience is unique. Many other storylines do
    not use your cast, so when they turn up you know something really cool
    is going on."

    Read the full interview and start planning your priate adventure!

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    Tue, Jun 20, 2006
  • Staying the Course

    Burning Sea Producer John Tynes gets us lubbers ready to hand, reef, and steer as the game begins to emerge from the internal beta mist. Tynes spoke with our very own John "Boomjack" Hoskin about a variety of seaworthy topics in what turned out to be a very entertaining and informative interview.

    "Ten Ton Hammer: Pacing is an aspect of most MMOGs that the players take for granted. How would you compare the gameplay pace in Pirates of the Burning Sea to the current crop of MMOGs on the market?

    John Tynes: 75% less tedium! We've made travel swift without making it safe. We've turned crafting on its ear by skipping dagger-grinding and going straight to large-scale resource production. We've made combat exciting and involving instead of repetitious and macro-worthy. And we've done it all in a game with real style."

    Sadly, our most pressing question went unanswered: how do you sail a wooden ship on a burning sea? Maybe next time. For now, check out the Pirates of the Burning Sea - John Tynes interview right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

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    Fri, Jun 09, 2006
  • Asbestos boats afloat on a burning sea.
    Desi (Lucy, you've got some 'splaining to do!) let us know that Society of Gamers is taking questions for an interview with the developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea.

    "Ok you scurvy dogs, here's the deal. From now until Saturday night, March 25th, Society Of Gamers will be taking questions concerning Pirates of the Burning Sea In this post only.

    We will lock the thread when time is up and pick the good questions from what was submitted. We'll then send them to Flying Lab where a developer will give us a detailed response that we'll post as soon as we get it.

    The answers will only be as good as the question, so put those pointy thinking caps on. Also, the person who has their question answered will win a Pirates of the Burning Sea t-shirt!

    We will contact the winner via a forum Private Message on the SOG Forums and we'll need a mailing address from you.

    Those who violate the forum rules will have their questions thrown out."

    Fire your questions off to Society of Gamers and maybe you will win a T-shirt. No word yet if they are made of asbestos.

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    Mon, Mar 20, 2006
  • No one will ask whether Captain Morgan (arrrrr!) will make an in-game appearance.
    I guess I'll have to bring my Cap'n with me. Here's a snippet from the lightning round of Pirates of the Burning Sea Q&A done by the Stratics crew.

    Stratics: It is a challenge to integrate the economic and combat mechanics and keep it fun. It sounds as though you have taken this problem head on and you know better than to bite off more than you can chew at the start.

    Daynes: We try! One of the greatest lessons we’ve learned from other MMPs is to keep your own expectations realistic, and aim for what you can actually hit. This is a challenge for any team and we’ve reached too high more than once, so we’ve learned from experience as well as example. We’ll get the economy integrated, but it will only be once it’s ready.

    Arrrrr! Take a look, matey...Stratics' November Pirates of the Burning Sea interview!
    Links ahoy:

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    Wed, Nov 23, 2005
  • Pirates live for PvP's Pirates of the Burning Sea coverage focuses on how players battle on the high seas in this late 2005 maritime MMO.

    At the Austin Gaming Conference (AGC) I met with Russell Williams, Flying Lab Software Executive Producer; and Kevin Maginn, Flying Lab Designer to take about their upcoming game, Pirates of the Burning Sea. A naval MMO, PoTBS is set in the Caribbean and largely concentrates on PvPing with other players. There are three types of PvP in the game, allowing for ample combat between the English, Spanish, French, and Pirates.

    When Flying Lab set out to design PvP they wanted it to be meaningful, and thus the first type of PvP is a battle over territory. They also wanted PvP to be accessible but avoidable, so that those who want to participate know where to go while those who don’t can stay clear, and they wanted all of the boats to have an impact, even merchant ships.

    Read the Pirates of the Burning Sea PvP preview at

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    Mon, Oct 31, 2005
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