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  • Is that a parrot on your shoulder or are you just glad to see me?
    RPG Vault has posted Pirates of the Burning Sea Captain's Log #1, featuring producer, Russell Williams. We asked Johnny Depp to revisit his Pirates of the Caribbean character and he spouted:

    " Executive Producer Russell Williams discusses Flying Lab's plans for the beta of its online age of sail endeavor "

    You can read the entire Pirates of the Burning Sea Captain's Log #1 at RPGVault
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    Fri, Sep 23, 2005
  • Fly you very own black flag...

    "Strike and heave to if we give ya the gun, else we'll spare nary a one of ya. We ask no quarter and we give none!" That's what a pirate would say, but what would Gamespot say about a pirate MMO?

    Set in the raucous 18th century Caribbean, during the heyday of piracy, Pirates of the Burning Sea will let you sail for the major powers of the era (Britain, France, or Spain), as well as for yourself as a, well, pirate. The game will feature both player-versus-player combat and player-versus-environment missions, which will let you build a career as a dread captain on the high seas. The game itself seems to combine the town exploration of a traditional online role-playing game with the stylized world map and travel of Sid Meier's Pirates!, with a real-time ship-combat mode that's almost out of a historically based wargame. As such, it's certainly very different from the traditional online role-playing games, with their foci on fantasy worlds and races, not to mention swords and sorcery.

    That and more, you knock-kneed lubber, in the Gamespot preview of Pirates of the Burning Sea, due out end-of-year 2005.

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    Wed, Sep 14, 2005
  • Will HoratioHornblower be the new "Leggollaaaas"?

    Flying Lab put on a show for folks at PAX, and judging from the number of favorable "first impressions" articles that editors have been hungrily posting, it looks like the preview was a hit. The devs are now back in their cubicles, readying PotBS for alpha testing.

    I also mentioned in my last dev log that we’re going to start the alpha test program during this milestone. Alpha testing will initially start with a focus on combat scenario testing. Ships of different types, with different packages, captained by players of different skills, as well as different groupings (small scout ships with larger capital ships, a mix of frigates and merchantmen, etc.) all have to be balanced against one another. For that we need frequent combats with good analysis, so we’re going to be carefully evaluating the first testers who get into the game.

    Take a look at the Pirates of the Burning Sea Dev Log here.
    Flying lab has also posted 3 new PotBS screenshots.
    Don't know much about PotBS? Leaf through our PotBS news archive for a history lesson!

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    Thu, Sep 08, 2005
  • Meet up with Captain Morgan, without the nasty after-effects!

    Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) has garnered a number of previews since the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX); excitement appears to be building for this age of sail-themed MMORPG. The latest early look comes from Gamecloud:

    We were shown and got to play the two main aspects of the game during PAX. One of them is your chosen character (which can be either male or female with a lot of customisation planned) walking around one of the game's island towns. These towns are where you can get various missions from the NPCs. While it won't be in the first public release of Pirates Of The Burning Sea we were told that plans are to give your avatars more to do in town in later releases, including sword combat with other characters and players.

    Then we got to play the other major aspect of the title; sailing ship travel and combat. You will start out with a small ship at first and then as you move onto various missions you can gain loot and have access to buy and/or board and steal other bigger ships. You can even have acccess to AI driven escort ships in higher levels of the game. And yes Player vs Player features are planned. During our PAX demo we got a lesson in the game's ship sailing and combat. Combat is handled in real time and having the biggest ship with the most guns is, as we soon found out, not a lock on winning battles.

    The rest of the Gamecloud Pirates of the Burning Sea preview right here, buddy.

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    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • Neither pot, nor BS... it's a pirate & privateer MMOG!

    Idle Thumbs probes (heh) the upcoming Flying Labs title "Pirates of the Burning Sea." Their expert twiddlers came back from PAX with some positive impressions.

    Because combat is between large ships rather than light mobile units, the pace of battles is much slower than normal. Reloading a cannon takes time, and sailing ships definitely do not turn on a dime. The pacing means that battles have plenty of time for planning strategy. You're perfectly welcome to try to fire our port cannons, then come about for a shot from the starboard, but while you're turning you also expose yourself for a broadside shot from another enemy ship. It is, in fact, one of the very few games I've seen where the physical shape of your combat unit comes into play during the battle. Larger ships present more surface area to hit, but are also better armed and better armored. Light ships are hard to hit, but lack the stronger firepower.

    See what all the pirate's parrots are squawking about: take a look at the Idle Thumbs preview of Pirates of the Burning Sea!

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    Thu, Sep 01, 2005
  • Arrrr, have you ever been to the Burning Sea Billy?
    MMORPG has posted a Pirates of the Burning Sea developer diary featuring Russell Williams. Do they have boats made of asbestos in the burning sea?:

    "Since I last wrote, we finished our previous milestone and have started a new one. Our milestones are usually 6-8 weeks, but this one is a bit shorter. The reason for this is PAX (, the game show in Seattle being run by the Penny Arcade guys. We’re looking forward to meeting our fans who’ve been coming by the forums, and we’ll be out in force staffing our demo stations. This is the first time that we’ve shown the game to the general public, and this milestone is all about finishing off the basics and putting a nice sheen of polish on top of it."

    You can read the entire Pirates of the Burning Sea Developer Diary at MMORPG.

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    Thu, Aug 04, 2005
  • Hitting the beach from the ocean. posted a Pirates of the Burning Sea Developer's Diary featuring Russell Williams. We found a treasure map in a wooden leg that had the following written on it.

    "Hi, I’m Russell Williams, Executive Producer on Flying Lab’s Pirates of the Burning Sea ( The theme of this developer journal is growth. When we started working on the game, we knew we wanted to make a game that was different than the current crop, and whenever you’re creating something new, you have to be willing to experiment. Unfortunately, experimentation produces quite a bit of bad along with the good, and throwing away that work is always painful. But it’s even more painful if you have a full art team that’s been cranking away in a dead-end direction for half a year."

    You can read the entire Pirates of the Burning Sea Developer's Diary at

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    Thu, Jul 14, 2005
  • Parrot and Eye-Patches, what could go wrong?
    A Pirates of the Burning Sea developer's log has been posted at the official site. After a long and brutal sword fight we came away with information that lead to this:

    "To talk about skills, first we have to talk about archetypes. One of our goals has always been to ensure that we had interesting and useful things for every ship to do, so that choosing a sloop or a cutter wasn't automatically a poor decision, and so that rated ships were not the only worthwhile choice in the game. We feared the world implied by ensuring everyone had the potential to sail powerful ships - inevitably, the West Indies would be wall-to-wall 74s. We sat down to ask ourselves some questions about how we saw combat being structured, and after a lot of back and forth, we came up with five possible roles that ships could play in a fight: Scouts, hunters, dreadnoughts, support, and siege."

    You can read the entire Pirates of the Burning Sea Developer's Log at The Official Site.

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    Wed, Jun 22, 2005
  • Dev Logs. Ren and Stimpy rejoice.
    A Pirates of the Burning Sea developer's log has been posted at the official site. It's possible that they wrote this:

    "It’s been a while since we’ve posted a devlog. But now that E3 is over and the dust has settled, we’re finally free to talk!
    And what better place to start than character creation?"

    You can read the entire Pirates of the Burning Sea Developer's Log at The Official Site.

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    Wed, Jun 15, 2005
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