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  • Boarding Actions and Much More! A Video Interview with Burning Sea's John Scott Tynes

    John Scott Tynes, Producer of Pirates of the Burning Sea, takes us on a 15 minute tour of the latest features added to the game, which is set to release in late summer 2007. First up, the visually robust character creation system, followed by a look at the "lively town" feature and the "open sea" travel system. Then we continue on to sea combat and an exclusive first look at how boarding actions will be resolved.
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    Thu, May 17, 2007
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea Captain's Log #10

    RPG Vault has posted another in their series of dev logs created by Producer John Tynes.
    Boarding Actions

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    Fri, May 11, 2007
  • Theresa Pudenz Interviewd

    The official site for Priates of the Burning Sea has been updated with a note pointing us to an interview with Theresa Pudenz at Killer Betties.

    Flying Lab Software's Theresa Pudenz is featured in a Killer Betties: Killer Women Profile! You can learn how Theresa made her way into the industry and what her experiences have been thus far.

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    Wed, Apr 25, 2007
  • John Scott Tynes at the Escapist!

    The official site for Pirates of the Burning Sea points us to the latest interview with Producer, John Scott Tynes.

    Pirates of the Burning Sea Producer, John Scott Tynes, is featured in issue 93 of the Escapist in a feature called Captain of the Burning Sea. John discusses what it's been like these four years, sharing a detailed account of how it all began and how he came to be Producer of Pirates of the Burning Sea.

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    Tue, Apr 17, 2007
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea Interview

    Shack News had a chance to sit down with Kevin Maginn from Pirates of the Burning Sea. Keep reading to find out what they were able to learn.

    Shack: Do players start out as lowly deckhands, or do we get our own ship right from the start?

    Kevin Maginn: We don't like the idea of having to grind through boring content to get to the fun stuff. We make you the captain of a ship from the start, because ship combat in our game is exciting and fun. When you buy the game and log in for the first time, you're expecting to be able to sail the seas and fight pirates. If we [fail to deliver on] that expectation, we're not providing the best [possible] game experience.

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    Thu, Apr 05, 2007
  • Interview with David 'Taelorn' Hunt has posted an interview today that covers ship combat in the upcoming Pirates of the Burning Sea. Tell us about how a pirate can sail his ship around the Burning Sea? What type of interface did you use for players to sail around the game?

    David 'Taelorn' Hunt: We use a standard WASD setup, although I keep telling everyone that ESDF is superior! One major difference here is that you do not need to hold forward to keep moving - you just hit it long enough to raise your sails to the desired position. Players who prefer to use the mouse can click to adjust their sails and rudder or set a heading on the compass. I prefer to use the keyboard to control my movement and the mouse to control the camera, but I occasionally maneuver with the mouse.

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    Tue, Apr 03, 2007
  • A Pirates of the Burning Sea Interview with Jess Lebow

    We sat down with Jess Lebow, Content Director for the summer 2007 title Pirates of the Burning Sea, to discuss the latest improvements in the game: the newly revamped avatars, the innovative avatar combat system, and an entirely new twist for the game - the supernatural.

    "Development of avatar and naval combat abilities is moreso skill or usage-based. Level is more about access (rank has it's privileges, like new ships to choose from!) than simply becoming more powerful. Or, as Lebow puts it, "a 6-pound cannonball still does the same amount of damage; but maybe you can now buy a ship with a couple extra cannons on it." Using a certain type of ammo over and over would presumably teach you the nuances of your cannon and cannonball, and presumably increase your to-hit chance, just like in real age of sail combat. In short, it'll take a combination of skill and level to get at the big booty.In the hands of an unskilled player, level could just mean you make a bigger, more lucrative target."

    Don't miss out on the rest of this exclusive interview!

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    Fri, Mar 16, 2007
  • Interview and New Screenshots

    Multiplayer Online Games Directory (MOGD) has updated their site with an interview with Pirates of the Burning Sea's Content Director Jess Lebow. This interview also features new screenshots.

    Staci: What is ship-to-ship combat like? Do the ships move slowly for realism, or is that abandoned in favor of a quicker pace? What factors go into being successful in a battle?

    Jess: Ship combat requires a lot of tactical calculating. Ship speed, wind direction, and your ship's stats all factor into how you approach a battle. The whole thing is a thunderous affair. Pound for pound, there is more firepower in this game than any other I've played. Imagine 50 9-pound cannons all going off at one time-and that's just your first volley.

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    Mon, Feb 12, 2007
  • Interview and New Screenshots has posted an interview with Priates of the Burning Sea's Producer John Scott Tynes. They also posted two new screenshots!

    WarCry: At PAX you announced avatar combat would officially be in the game when it launches this summer. Why did you choose to bring it in and delay launch to accommodate it?

    John Scott Tynes: It’s just such a big expectation for the whole pirate/swashbuckling genre that we decided we had to deliver on it – particularly for boarding combat, where you really want to get in there and swing your sword around instead of watching some numbers float by.

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    Wed, Feb 07, 2007
  • John Scott Tynes Q&A

    The official site for Pirates of the Burning Sea has been updated with a note sending us over to the newest interview with John Scott Tynes!

    Pirates of the Burning Sea Producer, John Scott Tynes, had a chance to chat with Fargo of Fargo's Fileblog. This Q&A is an elaboration on a previous discussion involving massively multiplayer games in production that are stepping outside of the typical fantasy genre.

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    Tue, Feb 06, 2007
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