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  • 100% Cosby Free.

    MMORPG has posted a Huxley interview
    featuring Kijong Kang. 

    "Huxley is being developed by the Korean MMORPG giant
    Webzen. This
    company, which has studios all over the world making MMOs, showed off
    Huxley at E3 2005 with impressive visuals. Unfortunately, the language
    barrier made it difficult to get the goods. So, after many
    translations, we present part one of our interview with Kijong Kang."

    Still yearning for more?

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    Mon, Nov 21, 2005
  • It's Huxley, not Huxtable. Now 100% Jello Pudding Free.
    Huxley-Nexus has posted a brief Huxley interview featuring Kijong Kang, the producer of Huxley.

    " Huxley Nexus recently got a chance to interview Kijong Kang, the producer of Huxley. Kijong was able to answer some questions alot of us were dying to know. Offcourse we still have many many more things that are unanswered but there's only so much time. to answer questions. Because hey, if they spend all their time giving us interviews who's going to develop the game right? "

    You can read the entire Huxley Interview at Huxley-Nexus.
    Still craving more? Here's the answer, More Huxley News.

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    Thu, Nov 10, 2005
  • FPS, let me introduce you to MMOG.
    ArmChairEmpire has posted a preview of Webzen's upcoming FPS/MMOG hybrid, Huxley. We have been informed by untrustworthy sources that Bill Cosby will be filing suit against Webzen, claiming that Huxley is too close to Huxtable the family name he created for the Cosby Show. We have this statement from nobody in particular:

    Bringing the first person shooter into massively multiplayer online gaming is something that game developers have been fiddling around with for a while now.  Up to this point, the most popular attempt at such fusion of genres has been Planetside from Sony Online Entertainment.  The game never shattered any sales or subscription records, but it has managed to find itself a respectable number of dedicated players since its release.  Looking a the Planetside model, there are definite signs that an MMOFPS can work, and Webzen is currently in the process of developing their own title in the genre for the PC and Xbox 360 with Huxley.

    You can read the entire Huxley Preview at ArmChairEmpire.
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    Mon, Oct 03, 2005
  • I have to put "Huxley" in quotes...
    For some reason it conjures up images of "The Cosby Show" rather than the fast paced Massively Multiplayer first-person-shooter due out in Q3 2006 that it is. If all goes as planned, "Huxley" might just be a perfect storm of FPS and RPG elements, set inside perhaps the most dynamic environment we've seen. Though, of course, we haven't seen Auto Assault yet!

    " The game itself takes place in a massive world that is always changing and evolving. Right now, there are two massive cities that allow players of the two races to communicate and socialize with each other in a camp-like area before going into battle. Once in battle, Huxley will feature both player-vs.-player and player-vs.-non-player character fights that have the high intensity of other online FPS, but they will also feature RPG elements that will provide for a rich gaming experience. That is one of the key areas that WEBZEN wanted to address. Instead of just doing a FPS on a larger scale, they wanted to combine the fast-paced action of an online FPS with the interactions of an RPG. This mixture of gameplay genres makes for a very satisfying and deep experience. Everything a player does in Huxley not only has an effect on himself (or herself), but also on his/her group, the race, and the world itself. The interactions of the players are linked to the survival of their entire race. "

    More fun than a Puddin' Pop: the "Huxley" preview at Worthplaying!

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    Sun, Aug 28, 2005
  • Huxley, proudly sponsored by Jello-pop puddings.
    GameCloud has posted a Huxley interview featuring Kijong Kang. (Cool name award nominee!) While climbing the Empire State Building King Kong noticed Kiong Kang and said:

    "Kijong Kang of Webzen talks about their upcoming Unreal engine powered MMOFPS."

    You can read the entire Huxley Interview at GameCloud.

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    Wed, Jul 20, 2005
  • Huxley, it sounds like a T.V. sitcom.
    GameSpot has a preview Huxley online and raring to be read. We checked it once. We checked it twice. We still think they maybe wrote this:

    "Though not much about the game is known so far, what we do know is that it simply looks fabulous. The very impressive gameplay trailer that was shown off was running in real time on the latest graphics cards. Of course, the demo focused heavily on the technical aspects of the game, such as the depth-of-field effect that realistically blurs objects in the foreground or in the distance, depending on what you're focusing on. The characters themselves are rendered in vivid detail. For example, you can see the bulging forearms of a soldier, as well as facial self-shadowing, like the shadows on his cheeks and neck. A swarm of giant insectlike creatures then entered the scene. The game was paused so that the designers could show off the incredible amount of detail on each creature. They zoomed in on the skin, which looked like flesh and not some kind of textured polygon."

    You can read the entire Huxley Preview at GameSpot.

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    Wed, Jun 22, 2005
  • The Webzen presence at E3 was large and in charge.RPGVault has posted their E3 Impressions of Huxley, the first person shooter MMOG by Webzen. They wrote this, maybe: "Apparently named for the renowned author of the classic Brave New World, developer and publisher Webzen's Huxley is a very interesting project that attempts to amalgamate intense action with some of the gameplay depth you might expect from a massively multiplayer online RPG. At the show, I had the chance to sit in on a private session of about 15 minutes with Producer Kijong Kang. The game was also shown in the company's booth." Read the entire Huxley Preview at RPGVault.

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    Fri, Jun 03, 2005
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