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  • Irthling, take me to your leader.
    RPGVault has an interview with Magic Hat, the folks behind Irth Online. From space, it appears that this was written:

    "Magic Hat Software's Irth Online is a fantasy-themed persistent state project said to emphasize role-playing and allowing players to determine their own in-game experience. Officially announced late in January, although it had been on our radar for some time, it's now in late beta and targeted to enter commercial service in the coming weeks. The setting is one in which a fragile peace exists among three civilizations, the northern Arcadians, swamp-dwelling Morbus and tropical Mezoteks. Features likely to interest players who prefer open-ended virtual worlds include a free-form storyline and a skill system in which characters can learn any ability without racial or class-based restrictions. Ever since conducting an extensive interview in February, we've been on a quest to gather more in-depth information on the endeavor and its key elements. To this end, we solicited input from various team members."

    You can read the entire Irth Online Interview at RPGVault.


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    Wed, Jun 29, 2005
  • You can dance Irth you want to.
    RPGVault has posted their Irth Online Team Q&A #2. It's possible that they wrote this:

    "Team members' opinions on some of the especially notable creatures and items in Magic Hat's persistent state world."


    You can read the entire Irth Online Team Q&A #2 at RPGVault.

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    Thu, Jun 16, 2005
  • We have ways of making them talk.
    Boomtown chatted with Alan Chipura, the lead game designer of Irth Online. We're almost sure that they wrote this:

    "We wanted to know more about the Irth Online, and what better way to do that than to sit down with the Lead Game Designer? That’s what we thought, and here's what came out of our talk with Alan Chipura."

    You can read the entire Irth Online Inteview at Boomtown.

    Features, Interviews
    Tue, Jun 14, 2005
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