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  • The Space Shuttle isn't the only thing getting a bird's eye view of Irth...

    Magic Hat Software's "Irth Online" gets an honest look from With the planned release less than 10 days away, it looks like Magic Hat might need to pull some magic out of their... hat (sorry).

    "Combat procedure is pretty standard for an MMO, with a few good original tweaks — and a few bad ones. For instance, whenever the player is hit their screen flashes red. This effect is pretty cool as long as you are not hit very often, but if you have two or three monsters attacking you it becomes a real eyesore. One solution to this (and to the loss of hit points in general) is to use spells such as Nuke or Divine Touch to kite monsters. Cast a spell on your target, turn around and run a bit, then turn and cast another spell. Most of the monsters in the game are your speed or a tiny bit slower."

    Find out what else this alternate-reality MMOG (set roughly in medieval times) has to offer you here!

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    Sat, Aug 06, 2005
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