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  • You have that arch-enemy out there. That one person in that one guild who you will go out of your way to PK any chance you get. The rivalry goes beyond the bounds of logic. At this point you can't even remember why you hate them. . .

    Well, Mythic wants to know who they are. .

    Hey, everyone! A reporter friend is looking to do a feature on guild rivalries. Is your guild always fighting with another guild? Are you realm enemies, or are you rival gangs within the same kingdom? Want a chance to talk smack in a magazine with worldwide distribution? Do it by Thursday at 12:00 noon EST, and see your ancient enmity in print!

    Please note: Carefully proofread your email address – the reporter needs it to contact you if you’re chosen for publication.

    Find the Form Here!

    Remember Folks, game rivalries only. Bobby Johnson from the 3rd grade doesn't count!

    Read More About Camelot Here

    Wed, Dec 07, 2005
  • has an Interview with Nick Witcher of Redbedlam Studio, the developer of MMORPG Roma Victor. The interview is bundled with 8 exclusive screenshots of the game. Graphically, Roma Victor does not have the flash of some other games. What do you say to those who seem to like your game concepts, but are critical of your visuals?
    Nick Witcher: A critical response is understandable but I think a little unfair. We have only ever released candid live screenshots of real players and NPC's within the test. We don't release screenshots that are more concept art over a true in-game experience. The graphics settings are set low for testing reasons, but as the test progresses, we'll be turning those up, but not before we're ready. Tech issues first; eye candy second.

    Mmm... eye-candy... But I digress.

    Read More About Roma Victor

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    Wed, Dec 07, 2005
  • When faced with the choice of reading War and Peace or the tasty new Chapter 4 in RF Online's continuing lore saga, Awen chose Chapter 4...

    To survive this horrific destruction, the rest of mankind had no choice but to segregate themselves from the outside world. Planets were put into a self-regulated quarantine. All landing platforms and communications were destroyed to prevent any outside intervention. For a lucky few, a number of planets in the Lablum Sector escaped infection. This was one of only a handful of sectors that escaped the damage the virus had brought to the galaxy. The Lablum sector played home to Doctor DoHyun and he deduced that the current virus was somehow related to the Arcane Virus. Working closely with the scholars and members of the Arcane Club, they dubbed the new strain the “Mutant Strain Arcane Virus”. With the latest information gathered from the other colonies before the galaxy wide cut-off, the researchers resumed their investigations into this MSAV.

    Today, Codemasters released the latest and greatest in their series of Lore for RF Online. Read More Here

    This way for more RF Online News

    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • And this used to be such a quiet neighborhood...

    At 20:33 on Sunday evening (2005.12.04) EVE players broke their own Peak Concurrent Player (PCU) record with 18.148 playing at the same time.

    For more information on Eve Online clickety Right Here

    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • GameCloud Has an interview with famed author Peter S. Beagle up about his new gig over at Tulga Games.

    Gamecloud - What exactly will you be doing with the Horizons team for the game?

    PSB: I’m still figuring the details of that out. But basically I’ll be working on new text and dialog, I’ll be creating new quests, planning all the details of that out, collaborating with the Tulga team on new short-term and long-term events. I’ll even get to add in at least one new race — of sentient monsters! That ought to be fun.

    I want to know where the unicorns were when I played! Can Beagle breathe some life into the floundering game? Read More to find out.

    Here is some more information and news on Horizons

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    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • Have a strong desire to wear short skirts and carry a big sword? Well you are in luck my friend!

    After several years of some tremendous efforts put in by a truly dedicated team and community, we've reached an historic milestone for RedBedlam and its first virtual world, Roma Victor." said Kerry Fraser-Robinson, Managing Director of RedBedlam. "Our open and community-centric approach to design and development has paid dividends and we now enjoy a loyal following that has helped shape an awesome game world. We're now really looking forward to growing and expanding so that new players can join our exceptional community and start exploring the diverse world of Roma Victor."

    RedBedlam Ltd is pleased to announce the release dates for its Roman Empire based MMORPG Roma Victor.

    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • Paying $15 a month not to play a game.
    TGDaily has chatted with a World of Warcraft bot programmer. You too, can pay not to play a game.

    " Mercury told us that the primary purpose of WoWglider is to allow busy people to "level up" their characters. When he first started playing WoW, Mercury felt left behind because his friends were already at level 60 and he had little time to catch up. "I also wanted to get to 60 to come along on the instance runs, but I had no time to grind it out between work and social life." Many areas of the game are only available to higher level characters, so Mercury wrote WoWglider to accelerate his game. "

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    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • Are you a Dofus or do you just play one in a game?
    RPGVault talked with Ankama Studios about the trials and tribulations of releasing Dofus.

    " Created by a small team using Flash technology, the game is bright and colorful, with cartoon-like art direction. It takes place in a world with locations ranging from the tropical Moon Island to the strange Darkness Forest, the arid Barrens of Sidimote and more. In these areas, travelers will encounter a wide variety of creatures to battle as they seek the lost eggs. Of course, there's treasure to be found too, as well as various materials that can be used to craft various items. With the international version having launched, we were interested to learn more about the project. The three co-founders of Ankama who filled us in are Artistic Director and Game Designer Anthony "Tot" Roux, Lead Programmer Camille "Kam" Chafer and Sales and Marketing Director Emmanuel "Manu" Darras, with Level Designer Mathieu "Lichen" Bourgain also adding some comments. "

    Features, Interviews
    Tue, Dec 06, 2005
  • Tights, Their Not Just For Women Anymore...
    of Paragon City!
    Miss Liberty has a special message for you...

    Transcript of Miss Liberty’s Radio Address on December 2nd, 2005:
    Heroes of Paragon, as the threat of Arachnos darkens our shores and the Rikti
    menace remains unchecked, these are dangerous times certain to try even the
    strongest hero’s resolve.
    Yet, day after day you ceaselessly strive to protect the freedom and honor
    of your home. Your stalwart struggle against the tyranny of evil is for neither
    fame nor money. Instead you rise above these concerns as you fight for what
    you know in your heart to be right.
    We believe that this selfless dedication to the principles of justice must
    be recognized! In order to acknowledge your superlative contribution to the
    ongoing and ever growing glory of Paragon City, we at Freedom Corps have arranged
    a special holiday gift for you all!

    But, be warned! The City
    of Villians
    has already heard of this and are formulating a plan as we speak!

    Take this to Silver Mantis right away!
    I just overheard a radio address from that old bag Miss Liberty and she’s
    made some tasty toys for her cloth-wearing weaklings to buy a little loyalty.
    Sounds like it will be a high-tech gadget and I’m going to catch a shipment
    before they get to Independence Port. Assuming it isn’t just some holiday
    piece of junk, I want to build it into my armor.
    Lord Recluse gave the go ahead but only if I share the spoils with those
    destined scum that have overrun my territory like rats. Ah well, we can keep
    most of the haul for ourselves as long as we give enough away to keep the
    Arachnos wannabes quiet.

    Hurry! You only have from December 8 to January 2!

    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
  • CoV Was Definitely the Game to Review This Week!
    Gameplay Monthly and Hooked on Games each posted reviews of Cryptic Studios's City of Villains, bringing the 7-day total up to six, by my count.
    From Gameplay Monthly:

    So, should you buy it? I personally did not enjoy the game. There is nothing to do except for run missions or PvP. The missions get extremely tedious after 30 levels, even if you increase their difficulty. The experience just did not scale right. You gain a small boost when you level up (say you get 3000 instead of 2800 for finishing a mission when you level up), but the amount you need to level up will dramatically increase (say you used to need 30500, now you'll need 36000). I just can't stand doing missions after missions. They are the only way to gain experience, there is no other way. Grouping with other people would take just as long.

    And from Hooked Gamers:

    City of Villains is solid as a stand alone title or as a City of Heroes expansion. Despite its weak points or flaws, the title has restored life to City of Heroes and has already caused scores of players, new and old, to repopulate the game servers, reuniting old alliances and challenging new rivals. If you are a veteran MMO player looking for something enjoyable but laid back to play or new to MMOs and looking to get into it for the first time, City of Villains will deliver countless hours of entertainment and player interaction. There is no doubt at all that City of Villains will follow the City of Heroes tradition of success and remain as a big player in the MMO genre.

    Other links of interest:

    Mon, Dec 05, 2005
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