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  • Tasos Flambouras Tells All at RPG Vault

    RPG Vault has a "Peek" at Darkfall. In this continuing series Darkfall Associate Producer, Tasos Flambouras, talks about populating the Darkfall world and more. There are also two new screenshots posted.

    Darkfall's six unique races have their own culture and architecture, and this amounts to thousands of unique items and structures associated with each race that are placed in the world. Racial capitals and starting villages are some of the main gathering points in the game, and extra care was taken in creating them. There are special, epic in size main dungeons for each race, along with all the others in each region.

    Check out the screenshotsand find out what you can expect to see in this exciting world at RPG Vault.

    Wed, Jun 21, 2006
  • The Streets of Paris, Bears and Loading...What a Day!

    Here's a look at the updated blogs on the Ten Ton Hammer Nextwork today...

  • Coyote (6.21.06)
    Coyote goes grizzly on us! Don't miss all the furry details!
  • Loading... (6.21.06)
    Massively Madden Online? What is Boomjack talking about? Head over and find out!
  • Messiah's Digital Haven (6.21.06)
    Messiah treats us to a glimpse of his adventures in Paris. Not one, but two updates are filled with fun. Hurry over to see what he is up to!
Wed, Jun 21, 2006
  • Patch 1.11 now available for download here at Ten Ton Hammer!

    The scourge are invading and the patcher is giving you a fit! Worry not, we have patch 1.11 now available from download here on our speedy servers. Getting you to fighting the evil undead invaders even faster!

    Head over to our WoW Patches section to download patch 1.11! Be sure to check out the patch notes right here while your download finishes!

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    Wed, Jun 21, 2006
  • Ten Ton Hammer Writers Share Their Thoughts

    I know it may sound a bit frightening, but I assure you that the writers here at Ten Ton Hammer are harmless...really. They've all had their shots and ...erm....on with the update!

  • Messiah's Digital Haven (6.19.06)
    Messiah gives us an update as he gets ready to head to Paris. Yes, that's Paris, France. Check it out and find out why he's headed overseas!
  • Lady Sirse (6.19.06)
    Lady Sirse gives us an update on her change of assignment here at Ten Ton Hammer as well as plans to continue a look at the secondary market. Check it out and jump on into the discussion!
  • Coyote (6.20.06)
    Coyote looks at laughter in a interesting way. Curious? You should be! Head over and check it out!
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    Tue, Jun 20, 2006
  • All You Ever Wanted to Know About Chocobos

    On the official site today is a new page dedicated to educating us about this interesting creature.

    The chocobo is a large, herbivorous bird with powerful legs and a sharp, sturdy beak. Its size and impressive speed make it the most popular type of mount in Vana'diel. Although too small to allow flight, the chocobo's wings assist in keeping balance and also function as a type of brake.

    Learn more at the Final Fantasy XI site.

    Tue, Jun 20, 2006
  • Stratics Posts Screenshots from E3

    15 new screenshots of Tabula Rasa were posted today. Taken at E3, you get a view of what the reporters saw at the expo.

    While the Stratics Network was at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles this spring, we were able to take several pictures of Tabula Rasa as it was being shown off to the public. From shots of new worlds to watching The Mutaytor Band play with Tabula Rasa in the background, it was definitely an event not to be missed.

    Head over and take a look.

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    Tue, Jun 20, 2006
  • Questions Answered at Stratics

    In a bi-monthly series, the team at Stratics has posted the results of their Q and A with the develiopers of World of Warcraft.

    Q. When designing quests do you use usability testing to see how different cultures would interpret them? - Douglas Meinhardt from the Uldum realm.

    A. Localization and usability are one of our top priorities when we design quests.We have dedicated localization teams who translate game content for each region. When something is found to be off color or unidentifiable, they make changes to insure that the text works in that particular region.

    Find out more about this game and how you can submit your questions!

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    Tue, Jun 20, 2006
  • Nevrax Announces the Saga of Ryzom: Ruins of Silan

    A New Player Experience and Unlimited Free Trial

    Paris, FRANCE – June 19th 2006

    Nevrax, the developer and publisher of the science fantasy massively-multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) Ryzom, announced today the launch of a brand new New Player Experience in conjunction with an unlimited free trial for new members.

    “From now on, anybody can test Ryzom for free, without any time limit, in a unique game region: the Ruins of Silan,” said Daniel Miller, Technical Director and Executive Producer of Ryzom Ring.

    Among the new features, bringing life to one’s first steps on planet Atys: an all new game region has been created, gathering the four races of Ryzom, providing many quests, exclusive rewards, and rich explanations of the key elements that make the Ryzom universe truly unique.

    “With this new Unlimited Free Trial, the discovery of Ryzom becomes even more compelling and accessible,” adds Daniel Miller. “We’re now eagerly preparing to release our first expansion Ryzom Ring, which will for the first time ever in a persistent online world, empower players to create their own quests and scenarios.”

    A credit card is no longer required to participate in the Ryzom free trial. For further information, please visit: and to Download the new Free Trial, please visit:

    About Nevrax SARL Founded in early 2000, Paris-based NEVRAX is an online game and software development company that specializes in MMORPG engine and production tool technologies and products. Utilizing NeL, its open source platform, Nevrax’s team of over 50 engineers and designers have completed their first MMORPG, a Science Fantasy game entitled Ryzom.

    About Ryzom
    Three generations ago, the proud civilizations of Atys perished in the Great Swarming, when hordes of Kitins swept from the Prime Roots and wrought war and genocide. Now it is time to reclaim your heritage. Join forces with thousands of others, master the arts of sorcery, war, and tradecraft, and re-forge the destiny of your people. The secrets of the past have been lost, but Ryzom has just begun. For more information please visit

    About Ryzom Ring
    Ryzom Ring is the innovative extension for Nevrax's online roleplaying game, Ryzom. It provides tools that allow the players to access Ryzom's creatures, buildings, maps and missions to create their own events and scenarios, giving them unprecedented power to shape the game. Thousands of other players can experience one person’s handiwork, or kept as a private sanctuary only accessible to a select few. For more information please visit

    Tue, Jun 20, 2006
  • MMOz Online Gaming Talks With Taylor 'Augustus' Daynes

    Lead Designer, Taylor 'Augustus' Daynes answers a few questions about
    Flying Lab Software's upcoming Pirate-themed MMORPG.

    "Your [NPC] supporting cast is assembled based on your nation and
    gender, although gender is an optional element we use only on occasion.
    We can also assign a specific character to your cast in response to
    player actions, so if you flirt with someone in a tavern during a
    mission, we can then assign that character to be your romantic interest.

    In general, we use the cast within specific storylines that are often
    solo-only, so that your experience is unique. Many other storylines do
    not use your cast, so when they turn up you know something really cool
    is going on."

    Read the full interview and start planning your priate adventure!

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    Tue, Jun 20, 2006
  • Computer Games Online Talks with Starr Long

    Computer Games Online presents an interview with Starr Long, Producer of the upcoming massively-multiplayer role-playing game Tabula Rasa. The game is set in an intergalactic war between humans and the destructive Bane. Long discusses the origins of the game and some of the challenges in creating a unique experience.

    How will the war unfold as more players join the fight and time progresses on the battlefield?

    The war constantly ebbs and flows. As one control point is taken, another might be lost. Ownership of control points is linked to lots of variables in the environment including which missions are available, where you re-spawn when you die, which NPCs are around, etc.

    Read the full interview at Computer Games Online.

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    Mon, Jun 19, 2006
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