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  • Staying the Course

    Burning Sea Producer John Tynes gets us lubbers ready to hand, reef, and steer as the game begins to emerge from the internal beta mist. Tynes spoke with our very own John "Boomjack" Hoskin about a variety of seaworthy topics in what turned out to be a very entertaining and informative interview.

    "Ten Ton Hammer: Pacing is an aspect of most MMOGs that the players take for granted. How would you compare the gameplay pace in Pirates of the Burning Sea to the current crop of MMOGs on the market?

    John Tynes: 75% less tedium! We've made travel swift without making it safe. We've turned crafting on its ear by skipping dagger-grinding and going straight to large-scale resource production. We've made combat exciting and involving instead of repetitious and macro-worthy. And we've done it all in a game with real style."

    Sadly, our most pressing question went unanswered: how do you sail a wooden ship on a burning sea? Maybe next time. For now, check out the Pirates of the Burning Sea - John Tynes interview right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

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    Fri, Jun 09, 2006
  • The Fast and the Fury-ous - An Interview with Fury Lead Developer Adam Carpenter

    The competion-oriented yet cranial Fury was one of the more interesting titles we saw at E3 2006, and we wanted to know more! Lead Developer Adam Carpenter was kind enough to talk to Ten Ton Hammer's Tony "RadarX" Jones about the competive nature of Fury, showing how the game's fast pace involves more brain work than twitchy muscle memory.

    "We really wanted to emphasize mental skill and decision making instead of manual dexterity. We also found by going with an RPG combat model instead of an FPS model we were able to enhance gameplay. The time that players would spend making dodge/jump/strafe decisions in an FPS could instead be used to enhance gameplay by providing a greater range of abilities and a more interesting combat model. "

    Check out the latest Fury interview with Auran's Adam Carpenter right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • You've read what we had to say about Vanguard, now you can see the video of what we saw. The E3 video is in the Official Site download section. There are multiple formats available.

    In the meantime, visit our Vanguard Community! We hope you get as excited as I am about this game!

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • Nevrax has written a document detailing the question of characters having the same name in the upcoming Ryzom Ring.

    After we spoke about the architecture change some time ago, you raised the issue of the existence of a same name on several servers. For instance, what would happen if two characters having the same name, one from Leanon and the other from Aniro, met in a Ring scenario?

    We thought about a viable solution, to allow you to keep your name, and yet being able to know who's who (in mails, /tell, contact list, System Info window and R² scenario). I explain below what we have in mind.

    1. The way to contact someone would slightly change

    * By default, when you will /tell someone, the game will assume that you are trying to reach a player from your own server.
    To contact Franck from your server, nothing changes; you simply type /tell franck Hello

    * If you want to contact someone from another server you would need to add his server's name before his name, or after it in brackets, as follow: /tell shard.playername blablah; or /tell playername(shard) blablah
    You are on Aniro. To contact Franck from Leanon, you'd have to type /tell leanon.franck Hello; or /tell franck(leanon) Hello

    * In a Ring session, the same rule applies. To contact someone from your server, you would use the /tell the same way as before. But to contact someone from another server you'd need to add his server name:
    /tell franck(leanon); /tell arispotle.bob

    Note: upper cases have no influence on the command.

    You can read the rest here.

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • Turbine has updated their creature pages with actual models.

    Have you visited the Middle-earth section of our website lately? You definitely should today, because we've updated most of our Creature pages with actual models! Take a look at how closely our production artists captured the vision of the original concept art for creatures like the Rogmul, the Gorthorog, the Dark-water, and others you'll encounter when adventuring in Middle-earth.

    The Creature page is here.

    Visit our Lord of the Rings Online Community!

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • In addition to telling you about this great developer log, I'd like to remind you that Beta Signups are a go. If you're interested in testing Pirates of the Burning Sea (and you should be) You can sign up here. Now.. for the log!

    Introducing Kevin "MasterGuns" Loza, FLS UI Artist
    Hi, dev log readers! I’m Kevin Loza one of the new members of the Flying Lab team. Specifically, I'm the artist that is creating the user interface for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

    To give you some background on my work, I am trained in both traditional and digital art. My schooling spans sketching, painting, sculpture, and photography. The digital arena started through my own animation at home on the Amiga computer and, later, graphic design classes on the Macintosh. I studied 3D modeling, texturing, and animation, as well.

    I love painting particularly on the computer. Recently, I created a digital portrait for a friend. Part of the my passion comes from self expression and pushing the medium.

    I, also, work on a high resolution model in my spare time. It’s a personal project that I started to take one character from concept to fully realized 3d animation. First, the concept sketching and various sketches were made. Second phase was digital painting. Third phase is modeling and that’s what I’m doing at the moment. So far, it’s my favorite personal challenge of all my personal studies.

    My first job in the games industry working for SEGA, back in the day when the Genesis lived and breathed. I worked as an animator, and during my first game, NHL All-Star Hockey ’95, they promoted me to the position of Lead Animator midway through the project.

    Read more about Kevin here.

    More Pirates of the Burning Sea news.

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • It's not goovin tunes, but still it's a step in the right direction.

    TMSBroadcasting and NCsoft North America are proud to announce the creation of Lineage Radio, the official online radio station devoted exclusively to supporting the Lineage® II gaming community in North America. will feature a 24/7 audio stream, with exclusive Lineage II interviews, news and features you won't find anywhere else.

    Lineage Radio will set a new standard for Internet radio especially for gamers, calling on the expertise and success of TMSBroadcasting's Radio Network. The agreement between TMSBroadcasting and NCsoft will bring listeners contests, podcasts, events, and access to the development process, as well as interviews highlighting key members within the Lineage II community, including both fans of the title and NCsoft staff alike.

    More information about Lineage Radio will be posted to the official website in the coming weeks at

    More Lineage II news.

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • The Crier is here and as always, Ten Ton Hammer has a ton of content for your viewing pleasure.

    Town Crier!
    Hark! Be that the Town Crier I spy? He brings us tidings from the far reaches of Norrath's influence. Be they dismal, strange, or otherwise? Let us observe as he waxes eloquent about current affairs.

    # The Town Crier visited with Aggro Me, the one and only overnuker. He told stories of wealth and fortune…well not really, but he did share some enlightenment from his memoirs in "Good Morning Norrath".
    # In the far off land of Caster's Realm the Town Crier ran into familiar faces who were happy to discuss the recent activities, news, and even comedy. Bouvi shared the latest EQII Comic "Learning The Hard Way", Jethal told all about why we should " Keep The Range in Ranger", and Kendricke shared some never before seen "Profession Hats".
    # Ten Ton Hammers are fairly heavy to lug around all day and thankfully the Town Crier doesn't have to do that. So the Town Crier paid a visit to those that do wield the Ten Ton Hammer and found entertainment and enlightenment. Spending time with Coyote was great and he even shared with us how to "Win a Date with Coyotee Sharptongue". For those who seek more enlightenment the Town Crier advises you to check out the new and improved information in "The Splitpaw Saga Zone Guide", "Half Elf Racial Guide",and the "Human Racial Guide".

    You can visit the town crier here.

    But to save time, just visit our EverQuest 2 Community!

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • Here are some new updates for Horizons.

    The following changes, fixes and additions were made to the Live shards on Tuesday, June 6, 2006:

    Peter S. Beagle Wedding Quest

    * A new Gnome Community named Pajalsti has been constructed near the community of Genevia.
    * Several Gnomes (related to the Peter S Beagle wedding quest) from around Istaria have moved to Genevia Island. Among them are:
    o Besoya Shum moved from Dalimond to Pajalsti.
    o Lamorak Dree moved from Parsinia to Pajalsti.
    o Basiliak Krebs moved from Dalimond to Pajalsti.
    o Mabrouk Mar moved from Kirasanct to a new house near Cedar Cove.
    o Eliahu Krik moved from Feladan to a house near Istara's Loom.
    * Williwaw will now block entry into the Wedding Grounds until players speak with him.
    * Fixed the directions to Mabrouk Mar in the quest "Secure a lock of Elioncha's hair and bring it to Oriskaly"

    You can find more updates here at the Official Site.

    More Horizons news.

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
  • When these guys update they go big. There are quite a few listings today. So... sit back, relax and read the road rage goodness.

    The Public Test Server is Coming — 06/06/06

    Before we launch the Auto Assault Public Test Server (PTS), we'd like to answer some questions about exactly what it is, how you will be able to participate in the PTS, and more about the specifics of what you can do and should expect. The server is not quite ready for players yet, but it's very, very close.

    What is the purpose of the Auto Assault Public Test Server (PTS)?

    The purpose of the PTS is to test game content before it goes to the live servers. Players on the PTS get the first shot at the new updates. We will get at least a week to hunt for bugs on the build before we promote it out to the live servers.

    Will I have to make new characters or can we use existing ones from the live servers?

    With the first update, due to the changes in mission structure, character point distribution, and other factors, players will all start with a clean database, meaning they will have to make all new characters. In the near future this process is likely to change.

    What will be the PTS hours?

    Once the build goes to PTS, it will remain there for a minimum of seven (7) days. Once the build on the PTS is pushed to live, the PTS shard will be brought down until the next update is ready for testing on the PTS. The server itself may go offline for periods of maintenance.

    Will I need an active Auto Assault subscription to participate in the PTS?

    Yes, as your login credentials will relate directly to your PlayNC account and your active Auto Assault subscription. Trial code users will have access to the PTS as well.

    Will GMs be available for help in the PTS? What kind of support can I expect in the PTS?

    GM support will be very limited and you play at your own risk. Players should not expect the same level of support provided on the live shards.

    Will players from Europe be able to participate on the PTS?

    Currently players from Europe will not be able to access the PTS.

    How can I get into the PTS?

    You will need to download and run a separate PTS installer that will create a separate version of the game. You can then connect to the PTS through a new shortcut created on your Desktop after installation is complete. We will release the location of the PTS installer when it becomes available. Do not uninstall the current version of the game.

    Will the PTS install take the place of my normal Auto Assault installation?

    No. The PTS version and the normal live version will remain independent of each other. If you just have the PTS version installed you will not be able to play on the live server. To participate in both the live server and the PTS, you must have both versions installed.

    Additions to our Community Site Listings — 06/07/06

    We've got a couple of new sites for you this week: we've added Auto Assault Auctions and (re-added) the Auto Assault Scrapyard to our Fansite Listing. The clan Road Rage has been added to our Clansite Listing. Welcome to the Central Wastelands!

    You can get the links here.

    June Spotlight: New Tricks & Trims — 06/07/06 Part 2

    We have a new selection of Tricks & Trims screenshots for you in the second week of our June spotlight.

    You can get them here.

    Screenshot of the Week!

    Now.. that we're done with that ... Go visit our Auto Assault Community!

    Thu, Jun 08, 2006
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