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  • Please Hubba Bubba send me a new group worthy game!
    July 12th, 2006

    I find myself chanting that over and over again lately as the latest and greatest leaves me cold inside. You may recall me saying that I’ve been thinking of joining up on the Progression server for EQ. It’s at close as I can get to the bliss of those long gone days of gaming perfection. Unfortunately none of my old guild mates share my nostalgia.

    Read more here.

    It's not rocket science because it makes sense...

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • New Site Features

    Here's the news straight from Xavier Antoviaque:

    We have just updated with a few additional fixes, improved the comments presentation and added a draft portlet.

    * New:
    o Official comments (from Nevrax or CS staff) are now displayed differently than the others, to let you find them more quickly;
    o The poster full name (configured in the personal preferences) is now displayed instead of the login name in the comments;
    o A new portlet now appears on the right column when you are logged, containing all the draft documents you have created on the website.

    * Bugfixes:
    o Added missing translations;
    o Fixed an issue with the news RSS feed - sometimes, it wasn't displaying the correct language;
    o The news email alerts were not sent, this should now be fixed;
    o Confirmation emails sent when registering to the newsletter or to the email alert are now sent in the right language - previously, they were all sent in English;
    o Fixed a security issue with unpublished news - if somebody happened to know the right URL, he was able to see the news before the publication time;
    o Fixed a few W3C validation errors in the XHTML code.

    Head over and check out the changes!

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • Two Screenshots Show New Detail shares these screenshots with us...

    Today we have two new screenshots from the upcoming MMORPG from Mythic Entertainment. These images show off some of the same scenery released before, but do include interesting new details, such as the banner behind the dwarf.

    Head over and see these for yourself and then head over to Warhammer Online Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think.

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    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • GM Erik "Sev" Roggeveen Shares His Thoughts once again has an entry in the dev journals for Hero's Journey. This entry includes two screenshots.

    Hello people of the free world!

    Again I must insist that the topic of the day be superseded, despite the Shadowbosses desire for me to speak about that fantastic upcoming MMORPG Hero's Journey, so that we can discuss the single most important issue that faces our world warming.

    Keep reading to get the latest on Hero's Journey. Stay tuned right here at Ten Ton Hammer for news, interviews and information on all your favorite games!

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • German Site Gets New Screenshots posted seven new screenshots from Chronicles of Spellborn. Head over and check them out and then let us know what you think in our forums.

    Images, Media
    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • SOE Announces The Serpent’s Spine™

    Here is the press release announcing this expansion:

    SAN DIEGO, CA – July 10, 2006 – Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), a global leader in the online games industry, today announced EverQuest® The Serpent’s Spine™, a new expansion for the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMOPRG), EverQuest. EverQuest The Serpent’s Spine will only be available via digital download beginning in September for the price of U.S. $29.99.

    “In an ongoing commitment to introducing new features into EverQuest, The Serpent’s Spine introduces the Drakkin, the first new player race since the Frogloks were added to the game seven expansions ago,” said Chris Sturr, Senior Brand Manager, Sony Online Entertainment. “In addition to the new race, players of all levels will benefit from this expansion, as we are including content for levels 1 to 75.”

    Players will also be able to explore a new starting city, Crescent Reach, which contains merchants, quests and combat. As in the last expansion, there will be new dynamic features such as auras, traps and destructible terrain. Players will be able to reach level 75 with new spells, raids and abilities.

    About EverQuest The Serpent’s Spine
    Nestled in a great ravine in the Serpent Spine Mountains is an ancient abandoned ogre city now called Crescent Reach, which is home to a new race born to protect the future of dragon kind, the Drakkin. Six dragons defied the council of the ancient dragons of the Nest and chose to create a new race to protect their future. The Drakkin are borne of humans touched by a dragon's blood and their colors and appearance represent the dragon that created them. Rapidly aging and reaching maturity in only months, the Drakkin forget their human beginnings and make their pilgrimage to Crescent Reach, the home of their dragon creators and the rest of their kind.

    EverQuest The Serpent’s Spine features the following:

    * New Player Race: The Drakkin have been created from both human and dragon blood to protect the future of all dragon kind. Several colors and customizations will be available to make each Drakkin character unique, such as elegant scale markings and horns.
    *Level Cap Increase: Players can now reach level 75, complete with new spells, abilities, raids and quests for greater power.
    * Content for Levels 1 to 75: Play through every level of the game without ever leaving the Serpent Spine Mountains.
    * New Starting City: Crescent Reach is a fully functioning city with all that is required to learn and thrive in EverQuest, including merchant, quest, combat and tradeskill areas.
    * Dynamic Features: New zones, NPCs, destructible and interactive objects.
    * New AAs, Spells: Experience new spells and Alternative Advancement abilities.

    The EverQuest base game is required for this expansion. For more information on EverQuest The Serpent’s Spine, please visit:

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • Check your morals at the door and enter Thrones of Chaos!

    When I came across this game today, I thought I would head to their site and see what it was all about. Thrones of Chaos seems to be a palver vs. player dream world in theory...will it be in practice as well?

    Experience the most brutally delicious player vs player experience ever developed in a MMORPG! Step inside a vast and beautiful war filled online world encompassed in danger and furtune! Engage in wickedly violent battles and crush your foes with numerous devastating finishing moves! Check your morales at the door and enter Thrones of Chaos!

    Thrones of Chaos is a new MMOG title being brought to life by Loud Ant Software LLC. Loud Ant Software LLC is focused on the development of more in depth games where you or your party can become entangled in your own world with your own family in your own town.

    Imagine for a moment, a vast online world! A beautiful , war ravaged , Medieval realm encompassed in danger , fortunes and political turmoil! An untamed world of unending strife where four distinct Empires are locked in a Millennia long struggle for dominance over the lands!

    After that introduction, head over to the Thrones of Chaos site to learn more. Let us know what you think in our forums and stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest updated on this and all your favorite games.

    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • An MMO Made From Borrowed Assests? posted this interesting Q & A with Colton Burgess, Head of Operations for Loud Ant Software LLC. It seems that this game is being made with borrowed assests from other developers. Sounds interesting. Keep reading to see if this sounds like a game you're interested in...

    I understand that Thrones of Chaos will make use of assets from at least one MMORPG that is no longer in development. Can you give us a little background on the project?

    CB: We procured a few different assets from numerous areas to help us get a functioning MMORPG title on the market in a very short time period.Either way, we have all the tools and experienced team members needed to put together an interesting MMOG experience in a timely manner.

    Want to know more? Keep reading to find out how this game is being developed. Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest news on all your favorite games, including Thrones of Chaos.

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    Wed, Jul 12, 2006
  • Vanguard's New Feature: Employee Spotlight

    The makers of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Sigil Games Online, want us to get a feel for who is making this much anticipated game. To that end, they have begun a new feature on their official site...Employee Spotlight. Rob Matzker is featured in this edition...

    What is your favorite part about working for a game company?

    The culture! People here are creative and like to have fun while working hard. It really makes for an exciting and rewarding work environment. I love the electronic entertainment industry and I’m proud that our company is working on a product that so many people are looking forward to.

    Learn more about Rob Matzker and how he got his start at Sigil Games Online. Stop by Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest news, interviews and information on all things Vanguard!

    Features, Interviews
    Tue, Jul 11, 2006
  • Vladmiir the Pirate Rouge Gnome Speaks!

    The very outgoing Vladmiir, aka Paul Luna, took some time to talk to Vanguard Spheres and let us have a glimpse into his world. Now a GM, one is left wondering if there is any job over at Sigil Games Online that Paul hasn't tried!

    Always a smile and very mischievious twinkle in the eye, Paul criss-crossed us all over the building and back again, multiple times, to make sure we saw everything! Including Brad! So, while we're hoping that all the GMs are able to take part in the interviews, we thought it fitting to ask Paul to be first, and he graciously responded, but I expected that!

    So, may I present to you, Game Master, Paul Luna!

    Get clicking to learn more. Don't forget to stop by Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer and let us know what you think!

    Features, Interviews
    Tue, Jul 11, 2006
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