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  • New NVIDIA drivers arrive. We're still waiting for the new vehicles.
    NVIDIA has released their latest Forceware drivers. Let's call them version 78.01 shall we? We called NASA to see if the Mars Rover would be updating its drivers, but through the static on the line we could only hear this:

    "Release Highlights:

    • ForceWare 78.01 adds support for GeForce 6500 only. There are no additional driver updates in 78.01 since 77.77.
    • SLI support for GeForce 6600 and GeForce 6600 LE
    • New SLI rendering mode (SLI Antialiasing) for increased antialiasing performance
    • Broader SLI optimizations and validation for the latest games
    • Resolved SLI Antialiasing issues with some applications and generating screen shots. For a full list of other issues resolved, please view the driver release notes.
    • Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.0 support "

    You can grab the Version 78.01 NVIDIA Drivers at The Official Site.

    Mon, Sep 05, 2005
  • DnD players, look up from your dice and handbooks a sec!

    Turbine's DDO team turned out at PAX in force, and has some spiffy pictures and captions to show for it. Luckily, Marut (today's profiled monster) didn't show up too; the pasty-white crowd was almost certainly ill-equipped to dispatch an extraplanar stone construct:

    A twelve foot tall statue of a hulking onyx man in golden armor stood before us for a moment before speaking in a mechanical voice.


    Clearly we were not going to agree to this command. Maruts are inevitables that represent the inevitability of death, and are lawful extraplanar constructs from Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead. They hunt those who use unnatural means to cheat death. It's likely that this inevitable was hunting a powerful giant, and was sealed away rather than simply destroyed for unknown reasons.

    I tried explaining to the inevitable that the giants of Xen'drik are likely dead, and its mission is complete.


    Sighing, I nodded assent to the marut while simultaneously giving the others the signal for attack. It would be a difficult fight, but I had faith in my comrades.

    Free forum registration is required for the rest of this entertaining Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach read, or just check out DDO's Pax pics here.

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    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • Meet up with Captain Morgan, without the nasty after-effects!

    Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) has garnered a number of previews since the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX); excitement appears to be building for this age of sail-themed MMORPG. The latest early look comes from Gamecloud:

    We were shown and got to play the two main aspects of the game during PAX. One of them is your chosen character (which can be either male or female with a lot of customisation planned) walking around one of the game's island towns. These towns are where you can get various missions from the NPCs. While it won't be in the first public release of Pirates Of The Burning Sea we were told that plans are to give your avatars more to do in town in later releases, including sword combat with other characters and players.

    Then we got to play the other major aspect of the title; sailing ship travel and combat. You will start out with a small ship at first and then as you move onto various missions you can gain loot and have access to buy and/or board and steal other bigger ships. You can even have acccess to AI driven escort ships in higher levels of the game. And yes Player vs Player features are planned. During our PAX demo we got a lesson in the game's ship sailing and combat. Combat is handled in real time and having the biggest ship with the most guns is, as we soon found out, not a lock on winning battles.

    The rest of the Gamecloud Pirates of the Burning Sea preview right here, buddy.

    Features, Previews
    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • "Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising" looks to be the first MMOG where the gods get involved with your character as a matter of routine. That is, more than there former deistic role of making certain NPCs avoid talking to you like you're the smelly, pimple-faced kid at the back of the school bus that likes to show off his collection of supposedly stolen junk.

    One of the big points in the E3 demo was the various ways in which a character can be “leveled up.” One of the most interesting was earning favor with the gods. How can players earn the favor of the gods? And what can cause them to lose that favor?

    Stieg: The gods are notoriously capricious and demand things of the player fairly regularly—if the player calls upon the gods too often those gods will become irritated with him; to please the gods the player must perform quests or render tribute at temples.

    More Q&A about the very unique, upcoming MMOG Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising" at PC Game News.

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    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • More screenshots than you can shake your current build at!

    A few new screens today of "Sorrow's Furnace," Guild Wars' Sept. 7th expansion pack.

    Sorrow's Furnace, and its accompanying explorable area Grenth's Footprint, will open to Guild Wars gamers on September 7th. A pair of new screenshots of Sorrow's Furnace is offered today in our Gallery. The shots show two views of combat within the subterranean depths of the depleted mine.

    Take a look at the screenshots at the Guild Wars official site.

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    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • These Druids don't just stand around in a stone circle.

    Our Vanguard site's newest writer and class specialist- longtime gamer Karen a.k.a. "Shayalyn"- showcases the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes take on the Fantasy MMOG staple: the Druid. How does Vanguard's version of these nature boys and girls stack up against the EverQuest mold?

    I started pondering and reading more about the druid class as Sigil Games Online has envisioned it. When it comes to healing, to my knowledge, no Vanguard developer has openly stated that druids will completely lose the ability to heal. While we know their primary role is damage-dealing, perhaps they will also retain the regenerative abilities, roots, snares and some of the other things we’ve come to associate with the classic EverQuest-style druid. (Keep in mind this is all just speculation on my part as nothing has been announced yet.) Time will tell, and it’s certain that Sigil has some surprises in store for their vision of the new and improved druid.

    First impressions of the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes druid, live on TTH Vanguard!

    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • And this week's newly announced fantasy MMOG is...

    "Valhyre: The Aftermath" seeks to take character development to a whole new level by letting players build a story around their character that does more than impact their quest offerings. Valhyre also emphasizes PvP play:

    Valhyre, to put it simply, is a massive playable online story. Meaning that there will be more to Valhyre than just min/maxing stats and grabbing the shiniest treasure. Each person will have the chance to be the main character of their own story. Some stories will compliment each other, some will clash and struggle against each other, but each will be unique and determined by the actions of the player. In addition we want to work in PvP between the races, a robust craft system, engaging combat and strong community aspects that will make Valhyre a cohesive and convincing world.

    Here's the rest of's interview on pre-alpha "Valhyre: The Aftermath" with Donald Teal, president and CEO of Duck's Den productions.

    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • Time to shake the wrinkles of your tights, cape, and cowl.

    Cryptic Studios is gearing up for the City of Villains expansion, but that doesn't mean they won't take the time to throw a free expansion your way! The #5 "Dread Forest" expansion adds new zones, zone events, skill sets, and a decreased death penalty:

    Issue 5's new zone, Croatoa is a resort community north of Paragon City where several new villain groups are clashing, requiring the intervention of super-powered heroes to stop the carnage. Villain groups running rampant in Croatoa include the Cabal, a coven of witches, and the Red Caps, an evil gang of goblins who are in a bitter struggle with the Cabal for control of the zone. Also stalking Croatoa are the monstrous Tuatha de Dannan and the Fir Bolg, which are easily identified by their fiery pumpkin heads. The Croatoa zone is meant to challenge players from levels 24 to 35.

    Issue 5 also introduces highly-anticipated new power sets: archery and sonic. These consist of ranged archery powers for defenders and blasters; trick arrows for defenders and controllers, sonic blast powers for blasters and defenders, and sonic debuffs for defenders and controllers.

    "Archery and sonic powers are classic comic book powers and I am excited that we are able to give our players more ways to subdue criminals," said Jack Emmert, lead designer of City of Heroes and creative director of Cryptic Studios. "The new Croatoa zone will also provide exciting adventures and storylines that will challenge any hero venturing into the area. But that is our goal, to continually provide new, interesting content free to our players so they can find action and challenge around every corner."

    Additionally, Issue 5 brings new zone events to Paragon City, including the Hellion Arson event, in which Hellion gangs torch buildings in Paragon City. It is the job of heroes to douse the flames and bring the arsonists to justice. Also, at the Troll Rave event, Troll mobs hopped up on an overdose of Superadine transform into "super trolls" then run amok, endangering the surrounding populace.

    The new expansion also includes a change in the debt systems incurred when a player is defeated. Players who haven't yet reached level 10 will no longer receive debt when defeated, and players, regardless of level, will only incur half debt if they are defeated while in a mission.

    Pull your communicator out of your hero's toolbelt and zero in on this link for more info: City of Heroes Issue #5: Dread Forest.

    Fri, Sep 02, 2005
  • WoW's new honors ranking page is simply gank-o-tastic!

    Yep, now you can check on your pwn-age and show it off to your friends on other servers. Like you really needed any encouragement!

    We're pleased to bring you a new dynamic web section titled Player vs. Player rankings. You can now look up the rankings for your realm and your faction (Horde or Alliance) on the web site. These listings are updated weekly. We hope this new feature makes your player vs. player experience more enjoyable. Look for more upcoming dynamic web features in the future.

    Check out the new World of Warcraft PvP Ranking page.

    Thu, Sep 01, 2005
  • A busy day in Auto Assault...

    NetDevil's newest "prologue" feature on the Auto Assault site comes in the from of an fragmented event log from "Day 189."

    I appreciate the art involved, but these logs gives me a headache. Parsing through these things brings back bad memories of long nights in Tijuana involving lots of tequila, nightmarish fletching sessions in EQLive, an female NPC named Aryclauwynn, and... well, you know too much already!

    02.28.22 Disturbance reported at Enhancement Facility 5.
    02.42.41 Second disturbance reported at Enhancement Facility 5 (Designated: PEC5). Camp Security Terminator Detachment A/11/51 to investigate.
    02.43.10 Mastermind Agrellex Minor posits that if the disturbance is similar to disturbances on, and this would account for normal Pike behavior.
    02.43.15 CSTD cautioned.
    02.43.55 Consensus taken by Agrellex, Cantor, and Optimus order use of force to stop disruptive Pike behavior in PEC5.

    08.00.85 Viewer visits the Auto Assault "Recon: Chapter 7" page.
    08.00.86 Ethec moves on to the next news piece.

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    Thu, Sep 01, 2005
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