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  • Eek! Can you feel the excitement?

    We had a blast on Saturday and would like to thank everyone who participated in The E3 Elimination Tournament.

    Here are the overall winners:

    First Place:
    # Ophidias
    # GTA
    # Pr0
    # AgnusDei

    Second Place:
    # SinEater
    # HunterStarwind
    # Rictor
    # Artrimas

    Third Place:
    # DethRifter
    # Ryum
    # Theroc
    # Inpenatrable

    Because of rules violations, the original first place team of ShinCup, Koryn, Deunan, and Skysage had to be disqualified.

    A big congratulations for the first place winners, we'll be seeing you at E3!

    If you guys are lucky we'll bring back interviews and photos of the winning team. Ok if we're lucky yada yada yada.

    In the meantime! Go visit our Auto Assault Community.
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    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • You're getting a double shot of Archlord goodness today. First, there is an interview with CM Tim Hodges over at IGN.

    Then you can make your way to RPG Vault where they have a set of new screenshots.

    Enjoy the trip and then you can come back here to find more Archlord News.

    On a side note... what's the deal with all of this pre-E3 coverage junk? Like you guys aren't smart enough to figure out that it's a gimmick to get your pageviews. *sigh* Aren't you glad we don't resort to that kind of nonsense?

    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • Warhammer Alliances has an Orc Preview for all of you hardcore Warhammer addicts out there.

    With their tough green hides, vicious tusks and belligerent attitude, Orcs are perfectly suited to doing that which they do best - fighting. Orcs go out of their way to find a good fight, and they are happiest when engaging in a proper bit of mindless slaughter and carnage. In this they are frequently aided by the Goblins, who tend to be just as violent but in a sneakier, nastier fashion.

    Read the entire article here.

    Did you know that we have a Warhammer Community? It rocks.
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    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • There is a new preview to be had on this stellar title from Flagship Studios. Get a peek at the cabalist class and more with this write up from IGN.

    We've seen Hellgate: London more than once at this point. We've seen the heavily armored Templar character class in the past but at Namco's pre-E3 event, we finally peeped the recently announced Cabalist class. Where Templars are hard-core combatant defenders of the future, cabalists see the demons and the Hellgate as a opportunity for the evolution of mankind.

    *cough* using E3's name in vain *cough*

    More Hellgate: London news.

    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • No this is not the sci-fi version of Brokeback Mountain.

    Joystiq:There are many MMOs on the market. How is Space Cowboy Online different?

    Park: Space Cowboy Online is different from the other MMOs in that it is strongly skill-based instead of the typical gear-based game. I believe skill-based games are the best type of games and give players the passion to improve their skill to become the best they can be, not just spend most their time online just to obtain the coolest gear.

    Read the entire interview here at Joystiq

    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • You can now download the free client with a 14 day free trial at Seed's Official Website.

    On an alien world in the far future, desperate human settlers must work together to ensure the survival of their colony and the whole human race.

    In Seed players use their intellect rather than brute force to get the job done, interact with believable NPCs with their own behaviors and agendas, and truly decide the fate of the colony, whether it thrives or fails, and have the power to change the world around them.

    "The launch of Seed is only the beginning," said Lars Kroll Kristensen, CEO of Runestone Game Development. “The players’ control of the world will ensure an ever-changing interactive player experience.”

    With groundbreaking gameplay powered by next-generation artificial intelligence poured into a rich, comic-book-style 3D world, Seed is like nothing else on Earth.

    Happy Adventuring!

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    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • The French mega-conglomerate formerly known as "Vivendi Universal"...

    Vivendi is no longer "universal" - they'll just settle for 6.5 million World of Warcraft subscribers. That's right, the newly renamed "Vivendi Games" sold it's last remaining shares in Universal and will now sport two new divisions: one devoted to online games, the other to mobile gaming. VG is best known as the parent company to Blizzard Entertainment, makers of the most prosperous MMORPG to-date.

    Vivendi Universal Games is dropping the Universal from its name and becoming Vivendi Games (VG). This name change follows that of its corporate parent, Vivendi Universal, which has become simply Vivendi, following through with its plans to sell its last remaining stake in Universal (merged last year with NBC). The internal workings of both Vivendi and VG will remain the same, except for the formation of two new divisions devoted to mobile and online gaming.

    Read the Vivendi Games' announcement at TGDaily.

    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • Warcry has an in-depth article on how the Token system in The Chronicles of Spellborn works.

    n The Chronicles of Spellborn, armour and weapons have no impact on the player’s statistics. As a result, players can have their characters look any way they wish without making sacrifices to the character’s statistics and attributes. Instead, The Chronicles of Spellborn features a unique system that allows players to imbue powerful ‘tokens’ into their weapons and certain pieces of jewellery. At higher levels, players can even create their own unique epic items that they can give a unique name and sell to other players. A similar system allows players to upgrade their favourite skills to make their Skill Deck even more powerful. In this article we will take an in depth look at the TCoS token system.

    Read it all here.

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    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • Just RPG has an interview with Arena Net's Jeff Strain. With Factions just released, see what he has to say on why Guild Wars stands out from the other MMOs.

    3. Jason: The market is filled with MMORPGs nowadays, from big budget games like World of Warcraft, EverQuest, and Final Fantasy XI, to some lower budget yet very high-quality independent games. What about Guild Wars separates it from the rest? Why should gamers choose it over other MMORPGs?

    Jeff: First of all, all of those other games (and there are some very good games in that genre) are all just polished incarnations of a traditional MMO that was laid down ten years ago with Ultima Online. It’s a game mechanic that requires you to grind away, in many cases, trying to level up. The whole goal in many of those games is to just get higher and higher leveled so that you can eventually, after a thousand hours, get to see the cool stuff. You don’t take on those games lightly. If you’re going to play a traditional MMO, not only do you have to be willing to commit to it financially in terms of an ongoing subscription, but also in terms of your life. You don’t play casually – you’re either completely immersed in it or you quit. It’s kind of like people kicking a drug addiction.

    Read the entire interview here.

    Get your Guild Wars Fix Here!
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    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • You've been waiting for it. Well here it is! The Final Skill Tree.

    It's interactive. Just click on the class that you're interested in and it will pop up a screen that shows the skill listing.

    More news about Dark and Light.

    Mon, May 01, 2006
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