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  • Auto Assault Gets Some Lovin' from the Paper Media!
    Heather Newman, tech reporter for the Detroit Free Press, weighs in on the fun of Auto Assault and what AA will mean to the genre. After running down a mutant school bus and suffering a slight reactor fault, she took the time to post this:

    " The game isn't due on the street until fall, but I've gotten a chance to play in the beta test. As reflected by the test, "Auto Assault" is shaping up nicely. While the game doesn't have the emotional hooks of "City of Heroes" or other publishers' best work (think "World of Warcraft"), it might just be enough to pull driving game fans into the online world game market. "

    The rest of the article can be found here.

    Mon, Aug 01, 2005
  • Dungeons and Basements - Ruleset 3.2 has posted a Dungeons and Dragons Online Interview featuring David Eckleberry, Lead Systems Designer at Turbine. The virtual dice rolled and the virtual DM yelled:

    "In the second bi-weekly Q&A, David Eckelberry, the Lead Game Systems Designer, answers five questions from Staff Writer David Souza. Within he discusses death, raiding, and much more."

    You can read the entire Dungeons and Dragons Online Interview at

    Features, Interviews
    Mon, Aug 01, 2005
  • MMOs for the People!
    The government of the world's second largest internet market will invest $1.8 billion over 5 years as seed money for 4 internet game development centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Sichuan province. There's still no word on 1) whether typing "/chinese" will allow you to buy take-out online in the upcoming games, and 2) if the year of your birth will influence your character's starting stats.

    "The development represented an increase of 18.4 percent over the same period last year in a market that still has a vast potential for further growth, the China Daily reported on July 22. The burgeoning online gaming market proved especially lucrative, with Internet gamers spending some four billion yuan (483 million dollars) on virtual equipment for their online alter-egos in the first six months."

    Check out the entire anti-Fascist State Publication of the People here!

    Mon, Aug 01, 2005
  • Roper? I can't even catch her.
    HellgateRPG Planet has posted a devblog by Bill Roper of Flagship Stuidos covering the recent Comic Con. Comic books and games propogated and the result was a basement dwelling male with pasty white skin who muttered something like this:

    "Although we've been back for a while, I wanted to mention a few memories from this year's Comic Con down in San Diego. We brought a whole crew down, had a lot of meetings with some fine folks in the comic, manga, film, CCG, board gaming, collectibles and action figure industries. Comic Con has really become a celebration of pop culture instead of just comics, so we had a lot to do and see while we were there. It’s day one so Phil Shenk (Character Art Director) and I are raring to go, go, go!"

    You can read the entire Bill Roper Comic Con DevBlog at HellgateRPG Planet.

    Features, Interviews
    Mon, Aug 01, 2005
  • SOE Goes Down Through the Rabbit Hole
    Andrew Kaplan posted end-of-July comments about what SOE's takeover will mean to MxO's player community. Interestingly, he did not dispel rumors that MxO will become a new expansion for EverQuest players that use one too many hacks and exploits, meet up with Laurence Fishburne, take a pill, and finally see modern-day Norrath as it truly is:

    " The development team has made the transition to the SOE Seattle office. In addition, we are excited to have Paul Chadwick on board to help continue the saga of The Matrix. We have a solid, motivated group. Morale is high and the team is in the process of executing a series of changes that are going to add to an already promising game. "

    You can read the entire Producer's Letter here!

    Mon, Aug 01, 2005
  • Loading...
    The in-laws are over this weekend. The fact that my wife and kids
    are crazy enough to live with me, coupled with the arrival of the
    in-laws should pretty much write the screenplay for the comedy-drama
    you'll be watching on your local Cineplex movie screen next summer.
    TenTonHammer Presents - The MMOG Terminology Guide - by Neddie Seagoon. We're still presenting it, so click the bloody link and read it.

    Ten Ton Hammer Search Tool
    - One click searches all of the top gaming sites. Set laziness aside
    for just a second and let the TTH Search Tool do the work.
    Now on to the real world, you can't make this stuff up.

    • Michael Jackson's Album Debuts at 128

      Michael Jackson has an new album?
    • Lennon Lyric Sheet Sells for $1.04 Million


    • Ensign Crusher Celebrates a Birthday

      No link, I just wanted to type out Ensign Crusher.
    • Woman Sues Denny's Over Toilet Burns

      Taco Bell watches the case intently.
    • Stray Nigerian Cows Face Arrest

      Community watch opens Bovine Phoneline. Cow gangs milk publicity.

    • Lindsay Lohan Cancels European Tour

      Talking car just not as funny as Jerry Lewis.
    • Coca Cola To Release Calorie Burning Drink

      Book burning drink already released in Alabama.
    • NHL Players' Union Boss Steps Down

      "I've ruined hockey. It's all Goodenow." he was heard to say as he left the building.
    • Canada vs Denmark Dispute Hits Google

      Canadians continue to eat Danish patries and Danish hockey teams.
    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
  • Investing in the Everquest 2 community's future...
    A bit of lore called "Investing in the Future" is now sizzling on the SOE skillet related to the recent new content addition: "The Mysterious Mines". The good news on the adventure pack: its now playable (erm, 4 days after launch!). The bad news, its reserved for the upper, tippy-top crust of the player community (level 49 and 50 players only), though low level players can't complain. By all accounts, SOE's not been stingy with the new content. Everyone can, however, enjoy the aggro from the nasty little albino rat-like creatures near the home cities.

    "Only two weeks ago, a handful of little white rat-folk appeared, asking questions about the soil, the conditions and the mine's depth. He'd seen ratonga before, but not little rats like these. They reminded him of stories of rat-folk that had lived in Norrath long before ratonga first appeared. Stories he had not heard or thought of since he was a child.
    Whatever they were, the main thing was that they were willing to pay for the mine. Ashargru could retire and need never set foot below ground again. The rat-folk whispered excitedly amongst themselves, scurrying to and fro. Whatever else they might be, most of them were excitable and edgy. Every so often, they stopped running around to gawk at their surroundings as though overwhelmed."

    More lore than a boar can snore at here.

    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
  • Dance Party Bree!
    Turbine has released an MP3 to be used in-game for the Prancing Pony. You know, the one in Bree just east of the Chetwood Forest. Okay, so I spent hours of my socially-ostracized youth studying the Tolkien maps, what's it to ya? :)

    " Download Prancing_Pony.mp3 to hear in-game music from LOTRO! "

    Link to the download on the LotRO front page!

    Features, Previews
    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
  • A new glimpse of Vanguard...
    The Safehouse has posted 9 new exclusive pics from the Vanguard beta:

    " Getting closer... Exclusive Beta0 Screenshots. "

    Take a look here!

    Images, Media
    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
  • PSP Emulation for WoW Has to Wait, Literally
    Portable VNP is a little app which allows you to remotely use your desktop Macintosh on your PlayStation Portable (PSP). PSP + VNP + WoW = it was inevitable someone would try! Gameplay was, however, sluggish...

    "It is way too slow at about 1 - 1/2 fps. You really can't do anything."

    Read the report here!

    Fri, Jul 29, 2005
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