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  • Here is your chance to shape the desinty of a new game. The official site has a new survey. Tell them what you want in returns after you've completed your corpse retrieval etc.

    More news and info on Dark and Light.

    Mon, Mar 27, 2006
  • No I'm not talking about the sugar.

    There's a new Deo's Space up on the official forums. It's always a good read. This one takes on MMOs in general.

    The problem comes when, as the gamer, I am unable to see what really goes on in game development. I can't say that I blame anyone for this, namely because nobody wants to talk about the things that might give them the wrong impression of the team. The words "Feature Creep" has become the worst four-letter word in the industry and is considered to be the most notorious killer of the single-player game. Feature creep is difficult for everyone because it is the "what we want for this game at the expense of what is already in the game." More often than not, it is trying to cram more features into the game rather than spending time polishing the ones that are already in, thus leading to a never-ending cycle of adding/fixing/adding. The biggest hit comes to the fact that if we continue to allow the feature list to grow and grow, we would never be able to ship the game. A good producer knows when to call it quits and just ship a polished product.

    Want more information on Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising? Click here.

    Mon, Mar 27, 2006
  • Want to know more about Age of Conan? Too bad. Instead I will talk to you today about turnips. . .

    Ok just kidding. The Official Site has a gameplay preview on the Mage Archetype.

    The mage class is based around inflicting damage from range. In their cloth armor, they are unable to withstand much direct conflict. Given the demonic sources from which some of the mages draw their power, the mage classes in Age of Conan will be able to call on dark powers to help them on occasion even when the enemy gets closer! Through the use of spellweaving, mages will be able to create some staggering attacks.

    Want more information on Age of Conan? Click here.

    Mon, Mar 27, 2006
  • Four new realms are open for the masses. The good news is that there are four. The bad news is that they're mostly PVP.

    We are proud to announce that on Thursday March 23 at 12:00 PM PST we will be launching four brand new realms! These realms will be available for all players to start fresh adventures in Azeroth!

    * Turalyon - PvE
    * Haomarush - PvP
    * Scilla - PvP
    * Ysondre - PvP

    You better start thinking of a good name for your new character before someone else reserves it first!

    Mon, Mar 27, 2006
  • Getting crowded in your part of Azeroth? Relief is here

    We're opening up two new realms for character transfer, Monday March 27 at 3:00 AM PST. If you're planning to take advantage of these transfers we recommend doing so at the first available opportunity.

    New Realm: Norgannon - Thursday, March 30 at 3:00 PM PST
    Players with characters on the following two realms will have an opportunity to transfer to Norgannon, a new PvE realm. If you're interested in transferring your characters from these realms to Norgannon, please click here.

    Shadowsong –> Norgannon
    Azjol-Nerub –> Norgannon

    New Realm: Thrall - Deadline: Thursday, March 30 at 3:00 PM PST
    Players with characters on the following two realms will have an opportunity to transfer their characters to Thrall, a new PvE realm. If you're interested in transferring your characters from these realms to Thrall, please click here.

    Alleria –> Thrall
    Hellscream –> Thrall

    During this time standard character creation will not be available for these two new realms. As always, eligible character transfers are available Monday thru Friday from 3:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST. Characters transfers from these realms to the new realms will be available until Thursday, March 30 at 3:00 PM PST.

    See what's new at our World of Warcraft Community!

    More news and info on World of Warcraft.

    Mon, Mar 27, 2006
  • It was the perfect wrap to a perfect day. We were able to speak with Chris Klug creative designer for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's Stargate Worlds. The excitement and comraderie of this team for this game is beyond anyone's hopes. We have something here that can truly be next gen.

    What is the number one vision of Stargate World? That is a question that has been flying through the community since its announcement. It's something that Chris Klug, the creative designer, has been working on since his hire four months ago. After watching every episode thus far, he's decided that it's about living in the same world as the TV show. It's about the interaction of characters.

    Take a look at the article here.

    Features, Interviews
    Sat, Mar 25, 2006
  • Hallo from beautiful San Jose, California! Have you missed me?

    We're wrapping up our visit from GDC today. What can you expect? Well let me tell you...

    Today we're visiting Microsoft, Simuntronics and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. As always good stuff will come from it.

    I haven't had the chance to get my chat with the Star Trek Online's Daron Stinnett online yet. Red tape. However, I can say that it was good. I learned alot of great new information on what the game is about. What isn't this game going to be? This game isn't a Star Trek Sim. If you're expecting to go in and be a Doctor Crusher or a Captain Picard you're in for a disapointment. If you're expecting to go in and explore the Star Trek Universe and it's rich content...ding ding ding you get the prize! The main focus of this game? To have fun! Anyway, more to come when I get that baby approved.

    Thanks for joining us on our trip this year. We've had a great time and while I'm glad to be here, I'll be glad to get back to the normal routine of talking to all of our visitors. *sniff* I've missed you soo much. LOL

    Have any questions for us? Send me an email

    Fri, Mar 24, 2006
  • Now tastes even better, EQ2 gets an update.
    The update notes for the March 23rd push of EverQuest 2 are public.

    "** Gameplay ***
    - Characters should no longer become stuck when reviving.
    - Two Halfling beards have been appropriately named after much deliberation within the Halfling community.

    *** Achievements ***
    - Warrior: Gladiator's Revenge now has the correct block chance.
    - Bard: Turnstrike's range has been adjusted to be in-line with normal melee arts.
    - Rogue: Avast Ye's proc effect is instead a melee attack that cannot be resisted.
    - Rogue: Lunge Reversal will no longer break stealth when it refreshes.

    *** Player-versus-Player ***
    - You will no longer receive faction for killing someone on your recent kills list.
    - Neutral kills no longer grant faction gains or losses. Faction gained and lost from Honorable kills has received a slight boost.

    *** Items ***
    - Some of the items that can be found within Ascent of the Awakened have been improved.
    - The Dirk of Nightfall's stats have been distributed more logically.
    - The Warden's Aegis should now function correctly.

    *** Zones and Population ***
    - The Sage of Ages instance that starts the "To Speak as a Dragon" quest is now more specifically known as "Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage".
    - The requirements to open the library doors in Nektropos Castle have been changed. Now, having the library door key gained at the end of "The Red Marble" will allow you to open the doors.

    *** Quests ***
    - Writs and Heritage quests above level 55 should be giving their correct status amounts once again.

    *** Combat ***
    - Pets that were previously expiring early should again last for the appropriate duration.
    Cleric changes:
    - Soothe no longer triggers effects as a result of casting this spell.
    Templar changes:
    - Sanctuary: will now show its tier when examined."

    Fri, Mar 24, 2006
  • LFG - Have C.E.O. still need janitors.
    According to the Inquirer, employers or in this case one employer, Yahoo is looking to hire World of Warcraft players.

    "According to him the reason he was hired was he played WoW. Apparently if you are an effective World of Warcraft guild master you get a crash course in leadership."

    Read the entire article at The Inquirer.

    Fri, Mar 24, 2006
  • Who are we to question a nobleman

    So as we were playing hide and go leave SOE with Raph Koster today, we had a big stroke of luck. Fresh from winning the GDC "Lifetime Achievement" award, Richard Garriott was available briefly to talk to the press! We quizzed him on Tabula Rasa and MMO trends. And just, you know, generally basked in the aura of greatness.

    Toward more present matters, Garriott was asked if he was happy with the new version of Tabula Rasa. "Oh, totally. We're confident we have a winner on our hands. What we're not confident in is how fast we can get it out. It's really the same game, it just looks totally different... more manly, for better or worse."

    Check out the Richard Garriott Interview for the "ultima" in cool, off the cuff interviews!

    Features, Interviews
    Fri, Mar 24, 2006
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