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  • BFGs for your BFRs
    Gamecloud sits down with Thom Terrezas, project manager for SOE's sleeper MMOFPS PlanetSide to discuss how the game's done since launch 2 years ago.

    Thom Terrazas - PS has gone through a lot of exciting changes since launch. Some of the more notable features we are proud of include localizing PlanetSide in China; Merit/Award Commendations; Battle Islands; BFR’s; and the Event System. We have a very vocal community that gives us great feedback on a daily basis. We try to be as responsive as possible to their suggestions. Like us, they just want the game to become better and better.

    Head to Gamecloud to see the interview with PlanetSide's Thom Terrezas
    Want to know more?

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    Thu, Dec 01, 2005
  • GamerGod lets devs fight it out!
    Dev after dev is lining up to write for GamerGod's newest series on "instancing" - the in-game creation of certain areas for a limited number of players so that players aren't competing for the same content. Sigil's Brad McQuaid started the rant by poo-pooing the unworldy-ness of the idea, now Mythic's Scott Jennings and SOE's Raph Koster are out to set the record straight. These are great reads, opinions aside, if you're looking to learn more about basic game design.Here's a quick snippet from the Jennings Op/Ed:

    [Brad McQuaid quote: "Instancing is an excuse for not having enough content."] I’m not really sure where he’s going here. Players know when they’re going through the same instance for a thousandth time, so I’m not really aware of any game that can claim this as a wedge against the Content Demon. DAOC’s task dungeons in Catacombs are an example here - very much an anti-immersive, repetitive “go into this cave and kill yonder foozle”. But they werent’ designed as content, but as tools - if you don’t have time for anything else, you can go into GenericRandomCave and kill RandomMonster32. It’s literally the equivalent of killing time by rolling random encounters for yourself while waiting for a DM to show up. Meanwhile there’s plenty of story-based instances, designed to be played through only once, in the same expansion. Again, it’s just tech. How you use the tech drives the results.

    Check out the three op/eds posted so far at GamerGod:

    Thu, Dec 01, 2005
  • Shiny new pictures of a game you can almost play
    Moggers has 12 new pictures from the fantasy MMO Chronicles of Spellborn for your viewing pleasure. It's a German site, but I think you know what to do with screenshots, dontcha?
    See the new Chronicles of Spellborn screenshots at Moggers.de.
    Not familiar with the game?

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    Thu, Dec 01, 2005
  • More "wow" for WoW.
    Blizzard announced that more realm-to-realm transfers will be available starting
    November 30 at 3 a.m. PST.
    reports with a complete list from Blizzard.

    Blizzard has announced that another set of Realm-to-Realm transfers
    are now available. The transfers opened at 3AM PST this morning and will be
    available at the normal time, 3:00AM-3:00PM PST, until December 7, at 3:00PM.

    Thu, Dec 01, 2005
  • More space for your "pitchfork +1."
    The Final Fantasy XI Development Team announced that some changes will come
    to players. There will be more Storable Equipment, Beastmaster Broths and, yes,
    new Cooking Key Items.

    In the upcoming version update, the storage feature for special equipment
    will be expanded to allow for new event items. Additional key items will also
    be available for cooking enthusiasts.

    Thu, Dec 01, 2005
  • Didn't we already try this with Final Fantasy XI?
    has had, well, an epiphany. They plan to bring together MMORPGs and
    home consols and they plan to do it with Champions
    of Atlantis
    for Xbox 360.

    Australia-based dev studio Epiphany Games has revealed that an MMORPG it's
    developing for PC is also planned for Microsoft's Xbox 360.

    Although the announcement on the company's designs for the next-gen console
    doesn't actually name the game, it appears to be Champions of Atlantis. Well,
    that's the only project listed on Epiphany Games' website anyway, so we're
    assuming that's the PC title - and hence the Xbox 360 title - being referred
    to. No prizes for guessing that the MMORPG is set in and around Atlantis,
    the mythical city and current home of Elvis (rumoured).

    Epiphany Games is asking for your help. Participate in a survey
    and tell them what kind of game you want!
    Need More? MPOGD.com
    has your fix.

    Wed, Nov 30, 2005
  • Chronicle of Spellborn's "Road to Beta" Ends
    Best of luck to all those who applied for the Spellborn beta, as invites are due out today!

    The road to Beta is at an end. On the 30th of November, 2005 we will be sending out the first batch of Beta invitations. It's been a long hard road for the Development team, as well as for those of you who have been patiently following this process.

    Beta announcements and a screenshot at the Chronicles of Spellborn official site.
    Have another link...

    • More CoS news- Looks great, plays great (at E3), where's the beta? :)
    Beta, Official Announcements
    Wed, Nov 30, 2005
  • Adam Ghetti, 19, has big ideas for MMOs with his toddler developing
    company, Rapid Reality.

    Ghetti and his co-founder and father, Marc Ghetti, plan to produce MMOs in
    six to eight months! OGaming
    tells all in Scott Steinberg's article "Independence Day: Rapid Reality
    Co-Founder Adam Ghetti Declares War on Mainstream MMOs."

    Like many adolescents, 19 year-old Adam Ghetti’s a creature
    of contradiction. The one thing we can’t wrap our heads around, though:
    As co-founder and senior creative director of Atlanta-based MMO development
    start-up Rapid Reality, LLC, he’s got this whole industry thing a bit
    After all, whereas contemporaries at larger outfits like Blizzard and NCSoft
    prefer to do it big, Ghetti and his cohorts – including head software
    architect Rick Wells and partner/father Marc Ghetti – think small…
    real small. In keeping with this philosophy, they formed a privately funded
    company of 37 people 2 ½ years ago with one single goal: Produce high-quality
    MMOs in ludicrously short (6 to 8-month) development cycles. And, for that
    matter, market and sell access to these titles for one flat – and shockingly
    reasonable – monthly fee via wholly-owned online portal MMOCenter.com.

    Wed, Nov 30, 2005
  • Because a stationary hero would make journeys obsolete.
    Hump day wouldn't be complete without our weekly crop of Hero's Journey screenshots from the good folks at Simutronics. Since a picture tells a thousand words and not the other way around, we have only this tiny snippet to offer you:

    The shadows remain on as we see a Hero's Journey character travel across a rock-strewn hill that beautifully illustrates the game's shadows.

    So I guess you'll just have to see for yourself! New Hero's Journey screenshots at MMORPG.com
    But your journey is not complete...

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    Wed, Nov 30, 2005
  • Flying Labs Stalls
    Citing "external administrative issues" (a euphemism which usually leads back to money one way or another), the developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea just announced that the game's beta testing period is stuck in the doldrums.

    While we anticipate being able to begin beta at some point in the very near future, there are external administrative issues that have caused a delay in our efforts. These external issues are under NDA, and as such, we cannot comment on them. With that being said, the entire team is using the extra time to prepare and polish in anticipation of your imminent arrival. It is with that in mind that we have created this brief update on the status of the Pirates of the Burning Sea Beta Program.

    Now they tell me, after I've done like 500 beta applications in a ballet-stuffing bid to get the golden invite! /cough Pirates of the Burning Sea beta status announcement at the Flying Labs official site.
    Arrrrr, here's more links, matey!

    Beta, Official Announcements
    Wed, Nov 30, 2005
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