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  • Attend PAX and Get A Chance to Compete

    Are you headed to PAX? Then don't miss the chance to check out the first ever Guild Wars Live Event. This press release was issued today with all the details...

    "The Guild Wars Live Event is a one-of-a-kind competition and every PAX attendee gets to play," said Penny Arcade's events manager Mike Fehlauer. "PAX is growing so quickly because the industry is really bringing its best offerings to the show. At the Expo developers and the hardcore players that drive this industry can directly interact like never before, and the Guild Wars Live Event is a great example of one of those unique events gamers will love."

    Check out the full press release to learn more. If you're planning to head to PAX, head over to Guild Wars Ten Ton Hammer and let us know!

    Thu, Aug 03, 2006
  • Update Details

    The official site for Final Fantasy XI has been updated with the notes from the latest changes to the game.

    -The continuation of the Treasures of Aht Urhgan storyline has been added.

    The following Besieged-related issues have been modified:

    - Status effects that slowly decrease player HP will now be automatically removed after Besieged.
    - After retreating, the beastman forces will now remain at half strength.
    - The number of monsters that invade Al Zahbi during Besieged has been changed.
    - The conditions for causing a beastman retreat have been changed.

    Read the rest of this update list and then let us know what you think of these changes in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Wed, Aug 02, 2006
  • Get Your Pre-Order Pack Today!

    This just can now pre-order ArchLord and receive free goodies for doing so!

    Breaking News - ArchLord pre-order packs are now available to pre-order from GameStop(tm)


    Yes, you did indeed read that right. ArchLord pre-order packs are available to pre-order from GameStop™ and EB Games™. So head on over to GameStop™ by clicking here and be one of the first to pre-order ArchLord. As a reward for your early interest you will find that your pack contains a number of cool items; a key to obtain one of four exclusive in game items, stickers, cool art postcards and an exclusive soundtrack CD.

    Fellow Europeans, do not worry; we are finalising details of the European pre-order campaign as we speak.

    I hope to hear lots of you have pre-ordered, so go forth and order!


    What are you waiting for? Get clicking and get your pre-order today! Can't wait for ArchLord to launch? Tell us about it right here in the forums at Ten Ton

    Tue, Aug 01, 2006
  • Developer Diary: Jared Hall-Dugas

    The official site for Lord of the Rings Online has been updated today with another developer diary. Today Jared Hall-Dugas gives us a tour of the raid system for this upcoming game.

    We've done it! We've discovered the formula for fun: [(x * 2.342) + (y * 2) + z4] / 24 = FUN!

    Um, what? (See? You should have paid more attention in algebra class&I'll come back to this in a moment.)


    Yes, we mean raids. The same raids that weren't originally planned for our game (see "Friends Don't Let Friends Tank Balrogs"). This isn't so much a philosophical change in our game, but rather an additional gameplay dynamic we have decided to include. For some members of our community, this means much rejoicing, but for others, there's a bit more concern, even fear. I'm here to give you a little more information about our raid plans to help alleviate some of those fears.

    Read the full article for yourself and when you're done be sure to visit the forums at LOTRO Ten Ton Hammer to let us know what you think of how raids will shape up.

    Tue, Aug 01, 2006
  • ArenaNet Announces Prerelease Bonus Pack for Guild Wars Nightfall

    Today this press release was issued with information about the upcoming Guild wars expansion Nightfall. Be amonh the first to get a look at this prerelease pack and enjoy the extra offerings from ArenaNet and NCSoft.

    August 1, 2006 (BELLEVUE, WA) — ArenaNet® and NCsoft® today announced a brand new retail package which will soon give Guild Wars® players their first look inside the exciting upcoming release, Guild Wars NightfallTM. The announcement comes on the heels of the Guild Wars Nightfall PVP Preview Event where players were able to create characters using the new Nightfall professions.

    The Guild Wars Nightfall Prerelease Bonus Pack is expected to hit store shelves on September 15 and will feature:

    * Guild Wars "Play Now" key for a 10-hour/14-day trial* of Guild Wars PropheciesTM and Guild Wars FactionsTM.
    * Guild Wars Nightfall Bonus Key, providing one additional character slot for a Guild Wars Nightfall account, as well as two exclusive items for the new professions—a Firey Sunspear of Shelter for the Paragon and an Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting for the Dervish
    * Mini strategy guide, concept art, screenshots, in-game renders of characters and items, preview trailer, wallpapers, lore, quick reference card, music, and more!

    Guild Wars Nightfall takes place on the continent of Elona, Land of the Golden Sun. It is a nation comprised of three great provinces; The island province of Istan is the home of a vibrant people who live among the monuments of an ancient empire. The military province of Kourna, under the command of its great leader, Warmarshal Varesh, hugs the shores of the mighty river Elon. And in the rugged lands to the north, the Princes of Vabbi rule from their opulent citadels. Elona is a land of wealth and power, protected by its champions, the Order of the Sunspears. In Guild Wars Nightfall, Elona has fallen under the shadow of an evil, outcast god. Against the encroaching desolation of an infernal realm, the people of Elona will need more than a hero to save them, they will need a hero to lead them. . .for nightfall is at hand.

    Guild Wars, an instant bestseller worldwide upon its release in April 2005, and Guild Wars Factions, the number one game in both North America and Europe earlier this year, are global online roleplaying games. Guild Wars Nightfall continues the tradition of inviting players to immerse themselves in an epic storyline centered in a vibrant fantasy setting, build personalized characters, and find adventure in missions and quests. This a Guild Wars game unlike any players have seen before.

    Read the full announcement and more at the Guild Wars official site. Don't forget to stop by the Guild Wars Ten Ton Hammer site to catch up on all the latest news, interviews, and information!

    Tue, Aug 01, 2006
  • Events, Prizes and More

    This press release was issued late yesterday by the folks at Hero Online. Keep reading to hear about all the launch fun that will continue through August.


    The following events will take place during the first month of Official Release.
    The events page, however, will be continually updated, and we highly encourage our users to keep their eyes and ears open.

    nCash Giveaway
    We are pleased to announce that all users will receive $3 in nCash to purchase cash items in Hero Online Premium Item Mall. Tell all your friends to join and receive their free cash today!

    Extravaganza Tickets (Grand Prize)
    Throughout Hero Online, we have distributed many Extravaganza Tickets for our players to collect and qualify for the chance of winning an iBUYPOWER computer (customized for Hero Online). The drawing for the Grand Prize will take place after the event period has ended.

    Rogue GM Events
    With the new bounty system, it will be much easier to track and take down our Rogue GMs who''ve stolen Extravaganza tickets to hoard for themselves. We need our players help to find these thieves and take back the tickets!

    Boss Monster
    Some of our Rogue GMs have stashed some of their stolen Extravaganza Tickets with their new buddies, the boss monsters. Defeat them and take the tickets for yourselves!

    Legendary Characters
    In the world of Hero Online there are many legendary warriors who reward those skillful enough to defeat them. Few have accomplished this feat, but tell tales of the greatness of their reward. Be on the lookout for these legendary characters as they often traverse the land during the summer.

    Spell it out! (Grand Prize)
    During the first month of release we will be implementing several event items that will have alphabet characters on them. Players can attain these items through small quiz events as well as off certain boss monsters. Through many hints and clues provided by the GMs in forums, threads, and chats, players can spell out mystery words to receive prizes ranging from in-game items to the Grand Prize!

    Background/ Wallpaper Contest (Grand Prize)
    During the first month of Official Release, we will be accepting submissions from players and users who wish to create new and exciting backgrounds for Hero Online! Our panel of judges (consisting of GMs, graphics designers, developers, and more) will choose the top three backgrounds and award prizes to the winners. The first place winner will receive one of the desktop towers!

    Player Guides (Grand Prize)
    We will be hosting a contest for players to submit guides for Hero Online. A panel of judges will choose the top three guides and reward them with prizes ranging from MGame merchandise to the Grand Prize. Guides will be judged on how well they explain all the features of Hero Online as well as how to play the game. Guides on how to level a character will not qualify unless it includes a majority of the features and systems for Hero Online (i.e. warfare, bounty, pet system, Master/Disciple, House setup/wars, etc.).

    Player Created Stories
    Are you a great storyteller? Can you role-play with the best of them? Do you have what it takes to impress coffee-ridden cynics who stare at computer screens all day long? Great! Because MGame is now accepting storylines from players as an event! The top 5 submissions will receive prizes such as in-game items and/or MGame merchandise as well as the chance to have their story posted on the website for all to appreciate. Winners might even have a chance of having their character mentioned in the GM storylines and/or take part in exclusive storyline events! More details and rules will be announced on the website during Release.

    Stay tuned to MGame's Hero Online Event Page for all the latest details on these events and more.

    Tue, Aug 01, 2006
  • First Publishing Partner Announced

    Another step towards the scheduled October 2006 launch date has been taken by the makers of Chronicles of Spellborn. This press release was issued to announce their partnership with Frogster.

    Berlin, 27.07.2006: Frogster Interactive Pictures AG, Berlin-based publisher of computer games, acquired the exclusive marketing and distribution rights of the Massive Multiplayer Online Game “The Chronicles of Spellborn” for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France, which is already furiously awaited by the gaming scene. Frogster will put the boxed version into retail, as well as handle the community management. The game will be released in 2006, supported by a massive marketing campaign.

    „The Chronicles of Spellborn“ plays like Vivendi Universal’s blockbuster „World of Warcraft“ in an atmospheric three-dimensional fantasy world, offers an enormous depth of gameplay and lots of new features, and was developed on the worldwide leading “Unreal Engine” with a two-digit Million Euro production budget by Dutch company Spellborn NV. On this year’s Games Convention in Leipzig, “The Chronicles of Spellborn” will celebrate its public premiere.

    Dirk Weyel, CMO at Frogster Interactive, comments the contract: “In the last months, we have been involved intensively with a lot of MMOGs and are most pleased that we now have a project with such a huge potential in our pipeline as ‘The Chronicles of Spellborn”. The development team works highly professional and shares our vision of a long term co-operation regarding marketing and operation of a MMOG. For this, we’ll support the launch of TCoS with the yet largest marketing campaign in Frogster history.”

    Barry Hoffman, Marketing Manager at Spellborn NV.: “We are very proud to achieve our publishing goals by signing the publishing contract for ‘The Chronicles of Spellborn’ with Frogster. Their regional presence and extensive knowledge of the local markets ensures the high quality of store availability and support that we aim to achieve with TCoS.”

    There is a Q & A at the official site that offers more insight into this partnership. Check it out and let us know what you think of Chronicles of Spellborn and how it is shaping up in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Jul 31, 2006
  • Quests, TenTonHospitality, Devs and FOOD!

    It's that time again! Time to travel many miles over dangerous lands, fight hordes of monsters and...erm what I mean is it's time to head to Rhode Island for LOTROG 2! Did you miss it last year? Never fear we have all the information for you to get in on all the fun this time.

    Check out the official announcement page for all of the gritty details like where, when and how much. Then head over to
    2356" target=blank>the LOTRO Source forums
    to add your voice to those that are planning to go...or are wishing they could! Lasy but most certainly not simply can not miss the blog that has been started to detail all the goings on! Go on, don't be shy! Give it a click...

    For those of you who are planning to attend, don't miss out on the fun hosted by Ten Ton Hammer in the TenTonHospitality room!

    Friday 4pm to Sunday 12am (or later)
    Cool off with friends in the LotRO-TenTonHammer hospitality suite. You say your friends could not make it? Then gloat at them in front of the webcam! This rooms doors will be open for you and your cravings all weekend long. TenTonHammer is a wonderful host and always provides it's guests with plenty of beverages and snacks!

    Hurry and sign up for all the fun! Don't forget to stop by LOTRO Ten Ton Hammer for all the latest news, information and updates!

    Mon, Jul 31, 2006
  • Game Launches Monday

    MGame issued this press release late today for Hero Online...

    Hero Online Official Release on July 31, 2006.

    Over 200,000 players have participated and 500,000 characters have been created in Hero Online Open Beta (June 30 ~July 30, 2006) and MGame sincerely appreciates players’ special interest and attention to Hero Online!

    MGame proudly announces July 31, 2006 as the official release date of Hero Online. Please note the below information.

    1. No Subscription: Hero Online will remain to be free download and play. This decision has been made to let All players have opportunities to play Hero Online. Come Freely and Play Freely!
    2. Free Real Life Prize Give-Away Events (July 31 ~ August 31, 2006): During the first month of the official release, MGame will be hosting several events to distribute real life prizes to players! All players will have an equal opportunity to win these prizes such as customized Hero Online Computer from ‘iBUYPOWER,” Hero Online T-shirts, posters, hats and etc.
    3. Free In-Game Cash Give-Away (July 31 ~ August 31, 2006): All players who join Hero Online from July 31, 2006 will receive free in-game cash. Those who have participated on Open Beta will receive as well.
    4. Cash Shop: MGame USA is opening a Cash Shop which will offer players with many Premium in-game items which will enhance the enjoyment and excitement!
    5. No Wipe for Open Beta Participants: There will not be any wipe of ID or characters for Open Beta Participants. They may continue to use the same IDs and characters even after the official release!
    6. Additional Features: There will be additional features such as maps and warfares.

    For more detailed information about any issues regarding the official release of Hero Online, please feel free to visit the homepage at

    Sat, Jul 29, 2006
  • Simutronics introduces the Clockwork Dragons, elite soldiers who prove Gear and Magic can work together

    RPG Vault has the latest peek at Hero's Journey as well as two new images.

    The Clockwork Dragons

    In the 75th year after the Sundering, the House of Quill became guardian to an order of knights known as the Clockwork Dragons. This elite force was assembled under the auspices of the Triumvirate in an attempt to bridge the prevailing hostilities between Gear and Magic. Let's face it - there was still a lot of blame-laying going on.

    Get clicking and keep reading to learn more. Share you thoughts about Hero's Journey with us in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Jul 28, 2006
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