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  • Elhavius has given us a special Christmas treat on the Official Dark and Light website in the way of profiles for both Juggernauths and Runners.

    Juggernauths are among the creatures who gave Dragoon his worst nightmares when he decided to invade the kingdom of Aesir. These were the demon generals’ mounts, as well as contact and support troops in Daemonia’s army. It is said she used to mount the largest Juggernauth of all times, so large that even Diplood is rumored to have turned green with envy.

    You can read the rest on Juggernauths Here

    Created during the first series of Elytra’s experiments, Runners had the inconvenient of being stoppable by enemy troops despite their high speed. Then, they were left aside and ’flyers’, fast and almost invisible, were used instead. Once left alone, Runners quickly learned to use the sand they were shaking when running, in order to make potential hunters believe a storm was coming.

    The rest of the Runners profile is here.

    Frankly I think that they should send these beasts after the hackers that have plagued SOG since they opened.

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    Tue, Dec 27, 2005
  • Voting is open for the 2005 Readers Choice Awards at

    This year we hope to begin two annual traditions. The Annual Awards and the Annual Reader's Choice Awards. Today we begin with the Reader's Choice Awards. The Staff of has carefully selected nominees in seven key categories and now open the floor to you to cast your votes. In six of these categories we've selected five nominees, but we could not limit it to that few for one. In "Most Anticipated" we have 12 candidates.

    Unfortunately there isn't a category for most smart assed news reporter because I would surely win!

    So get over there and vote.

    Tue, Dec 27, 2005
  • And your Mother said that playing all of these games would lead to nothing. Turbine is currently accepting applications for In-Game Support Supervisor and Senior Game Masters.

    Required Skills:
    • 1-2 years of experience in a Customer Service call center. Previous MMORPG GM experience is a bonus
    • Ability to quickly understand issues and provide fast, courteous solutions
    • Exceptional communication and typing skills
    • Work well as an individual contributor or as a team member
    • Must have flexible working hours to accommodate a 24x7 shift environment

    Mon, Apr 15, 2013
  • Coen Neessen, the Lead Game Designer for The Chronicles of Spellborn has whipped up a goodies article on the Skill and Combat system for the game. He explains what makes CoS's system so interesting and unique compared to the others

    During combat only one of the six tiers is active at any time. Combat always starts at the first tier. When a skill is executed the next tier becomes active and so on until a skill is used from the last (sixth) tier, in which case the first tier becomes active again. The time it takes before the next tier becomes activated (and thus when the next skill can be executed) depends on which skill was used and the current attack speed of the character. To execute a skill, the player selects it with the number (1 to 5) keys (this is similar to selecting a weapon in a first person shooter game) and then uses the skill with a press of their mouse button. Once used, the skill takes effect in the area where the player is aiming.

    Read the entire article here. It looks quite spiffy and yet confusing to me. Go take a look at it and decide for yourself!

    More News and Info on Chronicles of Spellborn

    Tue, Dec 27, 2005
  • Better get a canary.
    Jukaar has help for those of you wanting to be miners in World of Warcraft.

    Things you should know before choosing to become a Miner:
    If your primary profession is either Blacksmithing or Engineering, Mining
    is practically a prerequisite. Both professions require materials that can
    only be acquired through Mining. You could choose to not take up Mining as
    your second profession, but consequently you'll have to spend an inpractical
    amount of money on the materials you need to raise your Blacksmithing and
    Mining is a great way to make money compared to some other professions. Unless
    you intend to take up Leatherworking, Mining is a good profession to consider.
    The only way to make large amounts of money through mining is by selling Arcane
    Crystals and Blood of the Mountain in the Auction House. Both items are extremely
    rare, however, and you shouldn't become a miner solely to farm them.

    There is quite a few handy tips divided into sections for easy reading. Enjoy!

    Fri, Dec 23, 2005
  • Spellbound by Spellborn?
    Shacknews has some
    brand spankin' new screenshots for you. Try to not drool on the screen please.

    New screenshots from The Chronicles of Spellborn are now available. The shots
    show more from the character creation screen, as well as several areas from
    this Unreal Engine powered MMORPG.

    Fri, Dec 23, 2005
  • Can you ever get enough of Dungeons and Dragons Online? Nope, you can't so
    here's more O&A from OGaming:

    Wizards, warriors, fabulous treasures and fearsome beasts… stop us
    if you've heard the setup before. Barely a week goes by without another similarly
    themed fantasy MMO launching – only come the end of February, we'd bet
    dollars to daggers only one will remain a true force in Internet gaming.
    That's when Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach – the
    first massively multiplayer title officially endorsed by franchise owners
    Wizards of the Coast and sporting 3rd Edition rules – hits the streets.
    Featuring real-time combat in a fantastic setting, complete with an emphasis
    on fast-paced dungeon hacks as opposed to lengthy level grinds, the outing
    promises to reinvent the entire category.
    Justin Quimby: One of the big things to consider is that we wanted to do
    it right. Dungeons & Dragons is something that a lot of the folks here
    in the office have been playing for a long, long time. We wanted to be sure
    that we could do it properly, and bring that passion into the online space.
    Another thing that's important to note about Turbine is that we worked on
    Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2, and thereby wound up creating some great
    technology that allowed us to make D&D Online a reality.

    Fri, Dec 23, 2005
  • According to IGN, Star Wars
    Galaxies may not be a complete dissapointment.
    has a link to IGN's "Best
    of 2005"
    and it shows that the Star Wars Galaxy Starter Kit was the biggest
    surprise. Why? Well,

    Why It Rocked: One of the most controversial games over the last few years
    has undoubtedly been Star Wars Galaxies. It was a bit of an experiment gone
    awry as it took one of the most lucrative franchises around and stuffed a
    traditional MMO core into it. While it was set in a galaxy far, far away,
    it certainly didn't seem like it. So in a surprise move this year, after tons
    of complaints, balancing, and rethinking, Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts
    turned the game on its head, ripping out the core MMO system and implementing
    a more action oriented gameplay style suited more to Star Wars. While we knew
    they were trying to fix what was there, the complete change of direction was
    a shocker, especially considering it was announced a day after people had
    received their copies of the new expansion. Whether it turns out to be for
    the better or not, it was a huge surprise to a community already in turmoil.
    It certainly makes you wonder what else they have up their sleeves for the

    Fri, Dec 23, 2005
  • I've written on the trials of being a noob Horde player in World of Warcraft. You may find it useful. You may find it annoying. But you'll read it anyway because you're curious!

    Entry 1 - December 15, 2005 - I recently re-joined the mindless masses that are playing World of Warcraft. I'd say that there is nothing else to play at the moment. However, that's entirely not true. I'd be a big fat faceless liar to say that. So I'll admit it. I gave in to peer pressure. It's a terrible thing. Peer Pressure leads to all sorts of crazy behaviour. Next thing you'll know I'll be snorting pixie sticks off a balding naked man's hairy back. shudder That's a really freakin' scary visual.

    Read the Noob Diaries Here!

    Fri, Dec 23, 2005
  • Friday 23rd December (2pm PST) – Codemasters Online Gaming is today pleased to announce that their first MMORPG, RF Online, is available to pre-order from and

    Online Pre-Order customers will receive a code that gives them guaranteed access to the RF Online closed BETA test, this will be supported in store throughout January with a retail Pre-Order pack containing closed BETA access, an exclusive RF Online soundtrack CD along with faction specific postcards and sticker sheet.

    Be sure to pre-order now as this is the only way to guarantee closed BETA access and slots are strictly limited

    RF Online is set for release in Spring 2006 across the US and UK with the closed BETA being announced shortly on the official RF Online website

    All Your RF Online News Here!

    Merry Festivus Everyone!

    Fri, Dec 23, 2005
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