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  • Asheron finally ends the call

    Jeffrey Anderson, not to be confused with the lead character in theMatrix series, just announced that Turbine will be mercifully taking AC2 out back, and when the kids aren't watching, shoot the now-lame MMOG in the head on 12/30/05. Anderson cited a dwindling player base (less than 14,000 at the last unofficial count) as the chief reason:

    Dear AC2 subscribers,

    In spite of our hard work and the launch of Legions, AC2 has reached the point where it no longer makes sense to continue the service. We will be officially closing the Asheron's Call 2 service on 12/30/05. Until then, we plan to run live events, but we will not be adding any content or features.

    We deeply appreciate the many dedicated fans of AC2 who have stood by us over the years. You have our sincerest gratitude.

    Best regards,

    Jeffrey Anderson
    CEO, Turbine

    Head to the Asheron's Call 2: Legions official site to get the news from the dragon's mouth, and to discuss the closing in the official forums.

    Sat, Aug 27, 2005
  • Virtualy Lucrative
    CNet is reporting that Sony Online Entertainment has scored big with Station Exchange. Wall Street traders were too busy selling Paladins to talk to us, so we'll pretend that they said this:

    " And judging by the results of Station Exchange's first 30 days of operation, during which the system saw more than $180,000 in transactions, quite a number of EQ2 players have cashed in on the exchange, which allows gamers to trade real cash for virtual items used in the game. "

    You can read the entire Sony Scores With Station Exchange Article at CNet.

    Fri, Aug 26, 2005
  • Talk while you play, but no cell phones in the stands please.
    Voodoo Extreme is reporting that Skype, the free Internet telephony company is moving into the MMOG industry. The Jeffersons were Movin On Up, but not into MMOGs, so they probably didn't have the following in their theme song:

    " Skype will soon announce the integration of their software with as-of-yet unknown MMOs according to a new Reuters report: "

    You can read the entire Skype Enters MMOG Market Article on Voodoo Extreme.

    Thu, Aug 25, 2005
  • What does a d20 and a chat log have in common?
    Stratics has a dev chat log posted, detailing some of the finer points of class characteristics, stealth, food/drink issues, and a whole lot more!

    Brannoc - *DiploMooz* Hi! I had the good fortune to play the DDO E3 build recently. I was particularly fond of stealthing around with the rogue. It seemed somehow more interesting than the binary "can the mob see me or not" of previous games. Can you expound upon the features planned for stealthing in ddo?

    EckelberryDDO - I can try! Stealth is little more complicated than the you are detected or not sort of things. Of course we represent D&D in comparing your Hide Skill and Move Silently and the monster's Listen and Spot score. It also combines how long you dare to stay near the monster trying to detect you, and the level of lighting around your character, which can either give you a bonus or penalty to your skill check, and it can determin

    EckelberryDDO - how often the monster "looks" for you\

    JustinQuimby - Just as a side note, we've put a ton more stuff into the game and polished a lot of features in the game since the E3 build. I'm very excited about the upcoming Alpha prop.

    The rest of the Dungeons & Dragons Online Developer Chat Log is posted at Stratics.

    Wed, Aug 24, 2005
  • Happy Anniversary Ryzom.
    Nevrax has posted a Letter to the Players of Ryzom on the official site. The band Saga claimed they had never been to Ryzom and that the following was not written by them:

    " Thank you for being extremely patient as we got our act together here. Thank you while we did our ‘spring clean’ patch to clean up a bunch of outstanding issues. Thank you while we put processes in place to get the content finished in a more sane manner, with more quality testing. In general, thank you; because of your patience, the next two months are going to see a whole slough of new content and features delivered to you. "

    You can read the entire Saga of Ryzom Letter to Players at the Official Site.

    Tue, Aug 23, 2005
  • Guild Wars Gone Wild is offering major bonuses for high level PvP arena battles this weekend, dubbing the 3-day event "PvPX" ("X" stands for extreme, apparently the "E" is silent, like in French or somethin').

    Join us for our three-day Guild Wars PvP Extreme Weekend (PvPX) and get a jump on the competition. For the entire weekend, all PvP play gets you extra faction points.
    Earn 5 times the faction awards for wins in high-level arenas and tournament play!

    Earn 2.5 times the faction awards for wins in guild-vs-guild play!

    This weekend only, gain full faction for guild-vs-guild victories, regardless of the period of time you've been a member of your guild.

    Want to know more? Visit the PvPX Dedicated Page at the Guild Wars official site.
    And be sure to check out our exclusive Guild Wars info at!

    Tue, Aug 23, 2005
  • Renaults with Rocket Launchers
    Loot and economy were the theme of a recent IRC chat with Auto Assault devs Scott Brown and Ryan Seabury:

    Question: Will dropped loot from enemies include unique items? (not accessible from vendors or crafting)

    Scott Brown: Since the loot engine is dynamic almost everything in the game is unique, at least statistically. Each base item also has a rarity to drop as well. We expect that a high percentage of the loot you have in game will come from drops.

    Question: How will item drops be shared among players in a party? Will it use drop assignment, the classic free-for-all, or a crafty something else?

    Scott Brown: Players can choose between loot modes when in a convoy. First, they can choose to be free for all where the player who gets the kill owns the loot. Second, they can choose distributed, where each player gets one item at a time. We mix up the player list though so you don't always know who is going to get an item next. We didn't want a system where you would have to slow down your game play to deal with loot sharing so there's no dialog or anything whilst in combat.

    View a transcript of more answers to your burning monetary questions at
    And be sure to check out more previews of Auto Assault at!

    Tue, Aug 23, 2005
  • Resistance is Futile. You will be Final Fantasiated.
    GamaSutra is reporting that Square Enix is making a move to take control of Taito. A flock of chocobos sputtered and clucked the following:

    " Representatives from Japanese publisher and developer Square Enix have confirmed that the company has made a ¥67 billion ($610m) bid to buy arcade game stalwart and console publisher/developer Taito. "

    You can read the entire Square Enix Makes Bid for Taito Article at Gamasutra.

    Tue, Aug 23, 2005
  • Rising Force Online: Asian AO?
    Sources are reporting that yet another MMO is in development. Rising Force Online appears to have a Sci-Fi theme, and early screenshots indicate its targeted toward the Asian bloc in the MMO axis of evil (the other two spokes being Kokomo, Indiana and Wastiphinokee, Wisconsin, of course).

    You can play as one of three races - the Cora, a mystical, magical elf-like race, or as the Bellato, a race that have mastered engineering and as a result have built and can drive mechs! You can also play as the deadly Accretians, a race of robots that have incredible technology, futuristic weapons and driven by their desire for destruction and power.
    Whatever race you choose know that war is never too far away and daily you can support your chosen faction in huge realm versus realm battles in order to win control over the precious resource mines on the planet.

    Check out some early screenshots of Dark Force Rising at Worthplaying!

    Sun, Aug 21, 2005
  • Not the 25-cent sack of candy from the local confectioneer..
    Nope, its the DAoC weekly grab bag! This week: questions about champion weapons from the coming "Darkness Rising" expansion.

    Q: (Insert question here about the champion weapons in Darkness Rising.)
    A: From the Really Evil Overlord of Camelot, Jeff Hickman: "We are aware that there have been some concerns about what we are doing with the champion weapons and encounters in Darkness Rising. We want to clear up a few misconceptions:
    1. Champion weapons are almost identical in power to many popular artifacts, and we are looking forward to user feedback during testing.
    2. Champion Quests can be done with one group (eight players) or fewer. Players can of course bring MORE players to make the encounter easier, but please note that due in part to our “one group” design decision, many steps are instanced. And as you know, no more than one group can get into an instance.

    All this and more in this weeks Dark Age of Camelot grab-bag!

    Sun, Aug 21, 2005
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