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  • Gateworld Sounds Off About Stargate Worlds

    Props to Cheyenne Mountain for engaging not only MMO players with 2008 MMO Stargate Worlds, but gaming benighted die-hard fans of the television series who probably think WASD is a futuristic military acronym (which is cool, I don't really understand arcane Stargate lore- like how Teal'C escaped the whole Go'auld symbiote thing and lived... /shrug).

    Evidence of this healthy union - to my memory, fairly unique during the production of licensed games - comes from Stargate fansite Gateworld in a recent article about Stargate Worlds.

    The premise and backstory of the game will encompass all the elements so loved by fans. The characters, planets, and races should all be the same, with a few new additions. Players might get to meet the Furlings, among others. The humor brought in by Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill) and the writers will be continued, keeping the feel of the show for the fans. Currently negotiations continue for the actors to do the voices of their characters.

    Read more at GateWorld, and thanks to GW for pointing out that Stargate Worlds won our E3 2006 Most Anticipated MMO award.

    Fri, Jul 07, 2006
  • Wowee... a WoW Wii?

    This just in from the ravenous Blizzard speculation department, Blizzard has job postings announcing a need for a console game producer. What you see below is the barest scintilla of the number of frantic posts about this announcement. I only hope that North Korea doesn't choose to launch on the day that an official Blizzard announcement comes; Japan probably won't hear the emergency broadcast about incoming scuds over the fanboi din.

    While rumors of work on a console version of World of Warcraft remain just that, the job post mentions that Blizzard is looking for an experienced Senior Producer "with a proven track record of producing high quality console games." In addition, under "Plusses" Blizzard mentions that it would be better for the candidate to have "Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii production experience."

    Someone from Blizzard should write a book on how to create hype by not saying a thing and letting the playerbase writhe like caffeinated worms. It would be a very short book.

    Read on at GameDaily, or hold your ears and wait till something concrete comes out. Your pick.

    Fri, Jul 07, 2006
  • World of Warcraft's Rob Pardo, Michael Dell, and Hugo Winning Author Vernor Vinge Headline Austin Game Conference on September 6-7-8, 2006

    The announcement came today who would headline the Austin Game Conference in September.

    AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 5, 2006--The Game Initiative, the leading producer of conferences for professionals in the computer and video game industry, today announced keynotes and speakers for this year's Austin Game Conference (AGC) taking place September 6-7-8, 2006 in Austin, Texas. Headline speakers include: Rob Pardo, Blizzard Entertainment's Vice President of Game Design and lead designer for World of Warcraft; Michael Dell, Chairman of the Board, Dell, Inc.; and Vernor Vinge, Hugo Award Winning Science-Fiction Author. Austin Game Conference is the definitive worldwide conference for online game development, including massively multiplayer online games, casual games, online PC and console games.

    Find out more and see who else will be speaking from the MMO community!

    Wed, Jul 05, 2006
  • Scheduled Look At Upcoming Expansion

    Get your tickets now. It is reported that Blizzard will in fact be at the San Diego Comic Con Jul 20-23. Get a sneak peek at The Burning Crusades if you can stop by...

    Blizzard Entertainment will showcase World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade at San Diego Comic Con through July 20(Thursday) - July 23(Saturday) at booth 4615. Some Blizzard community reps will be there including Tseric and Nethaera.

    Find out more and make your plans to attend.

    Wed, Jul 05, 2006
  • Need Adventure Tips?

    As promised, our Where to Adventure Guide continued to be updated today with additional information being added about: Loch Modan, Redridge Mountians, Teldrassil, Westfall, the Deadmines and the wailing Caverns.

    As always a TenTonHammer guide is never complete without contributions from the community, so make sure you send them in!

    More updates will follow over the next two weeks, so check back often.

    Head over to WoW Ten Ton Hammer to get more tips on Where to Adventure!

    Wed, Jul 05, 2006
  • Westfall Region Guide

    We have a brand new guide that continues our walkthroughs of
    various regions in World of Warcraft, this time on the Human zone of
    Westfall. Our new guide contains plenty of information to zoom through
    this zone in a speedy manner. Maps, quest walkthroughs, and other very
    helpful tips are included to get through this level 10-20 zone! Look
    forward to more region guides coming soon!

    "Westfall, at one time, was a rich farm land full of prosperous farms.
    Now it sits nearly abandoned, its farms nothing more then dry land and
    the Stormwind Guard had but abandoned this land. If not for the
    militia, this land would no longer be considered Human territory, but
    belonging to the dastardly Defias Brotherhood."

    Want to learn more anbout the Westfall Region? Head over to WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Tue, Jul 04, 2006
  • Darnassus City Guide

    We continue our guides over the various regions and cities in
    World of Warcraft with a complete guide to the city of Darnassus. Home
    to the Night Elves, this city in the trees contains plenty of beauty
    and mystery. Our complete guide to Darnassus contains quests, a map,
    and lore on this majestic city up in the sky.

    "Darnassus is the capital city of Night Elves, proud members of the
    Alliance. The city stands within the new world tree, Teldrassil, which
    is slowly being tainted with the corruption left behind by the Burning
    Legion. That's not the only problem that faces this new city, other
    strange magical powers are slowly creeping their way into the homeland
    of the Night Elves."

    Read more about Damassus at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Mon, Jul 03, 2006
  • Chinese Government steps up 'anti-gaming' measures has posted a report on efforts being taken by China's already anti gaming government to take restrictions even further.

    You might not be aware of this, but the ever-autocratic Chinese government has had a system in place since last August preventing individuals from playing online games for more than three consecutive hours.

    The system, by law, is installed in every online game in the country. It works by cutting the ability level of a player's online game character by half after he or she has played for more than three consecutive hours. After five consecutive hours of play, the system cuts the ability level of that player's character to the lowest level allowed by the game. Players have to log off for a minimum of five hours before the system resets.

    Read the rest of this report at

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • PvP Battlegrounds Guide: Arathi Basin

    We continue (and finish!) our series of guides on the PvP
    battlegrounds of WoW with a complete guide to Arathi Basin. Find all
    the information you need to know to be competitive in this fast paced
    action packed battleground! Everything from tactics to descriptions of
    each objective point is located conveniently in our guide for your
    viewing pleasure!

    "Grab a sword, staff, or bow and head out to battle! Your side needs
    you to secure resources located inside of the Arathi Basin. Arathi
    Basin hosts a 15 vs. 15 battle over resources which the other side
    desperately needs to fuel the warfront elsewhere. You can join the
    battle starting at level 20 (5 brackets of 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59,
    and level 60) to assist either the League of Arathor (Alliance) or the
    Forsaken Defilers (Horde). Constant fast paced battles are the main
    draw to this excellent battleground."

    Learn more about this battleground at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Jun 29, 2006
  • Blizzard's VP of Game Design, Rob Pardo Talks To CVG had a chance to sit and talk with Rob Pardo about World of Warcraft's much awaited expansion The Burning Crusades.

    World of Warcraft is such an unstoppable behemoth of a success story, it hardly even needs an introduction anymore. Still, there's plenty that developer Blizzard is keeping tight-lipped about regarding the forthcoming expansion Burning Crusade, so we'll seize any chance we get to weed out further nuggets of fact.

    We sat down with Blizzard's VP of game design, Rob Pardo, to probe his impenetrable cavern of revelations regarding just what we can expect when Azeroth's dark portals finally open, the benefits offered by the expansion's two new races and, of course, the new level 70 cap. Read on for more.

    Read the interview at CVG.

    Features, Interviews
    Wed, Jun 28, 2006
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