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  • Protecting mankind in the evilest way possible.
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    Fri, Jun 27, 2008
    Cody Bye
  • It's previews like mad today.

    WarCry has a new preview of Stargate Worlds posted today.

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    Thu, Apr 10, 2008
  • Dial up the 'gate with Ten Ton Hammer at GDC!

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    Wed, Feb 27, 2008
  • Going all journalism-preview style on Stargate Worlds! takes a nice long look at the upcoming Sci-Fi MMOG Stargate Worlds.

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    Fri, Feb 22, 2008
  • Ten Ton gets down and dirty with Stargate Worlds.

    It's been nearly six weeks since we've heard anything from the developers at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and their upcoming sci-fi MMOG, Stargate Worlds. At last week's Austin Game Developers Conference, the silence was broken and several new assets were released to the general public! Cody "Micajah" Bye, Katie Postma, and Bill Pirckle were all in attendance to listen to CME's PR Manager, Kevin Balentine, talk about Stargate Worlds and how the game is progressing.

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    Mon, Sep 10, 2007
  • A Look at Stargate Worlds

    GamersInfo has taken the time to post a preview of Stargate Worlds. Keep reading to see if they think that this will be a hit or a flop.

    While Stargate has historically been a squad-based experienced, there have been instances where individuals were necessary to complete missions. Knowing this and keeping the solo-player in mind, they’re hoping to strike a balance. Though, as it is a multi-player game, they will provide rewards for “regular squad” play – the Stargate version of a guild.

    Get clicking to learn more! Are you waiting for your chance to play Stargate Worlds? Share you thoughts with us in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums today!

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    Thu, Oct 19, 2006
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