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  • Notice how there is never a "Blow In", but a lot of Blow outs?
    IGN has posted an EverQuest 2 "Blowout". A Ratonga once wrote:

    "For better or worse, many people think of EverQuest II as a game that World of Warcraft is not. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to Blizzard's first MMO, while EQ2 was another EverQuest. So while the original enjoyed a long, successful run (and is still going strong as I write this), EQ2's home invasion was blunted by a surprisingly good competitor, which was followed up by Guild Wars, which is also selling pretty well. Since launch, however, the EQ2 team has been soldiering mightily to add content on a regular basis and implement an update every couple weeks, a level of support that Blizzard does not seem to have met, despite initial promises. While WoW could arguably be the better game, it might not stay that way for long, judging by how large a head of steam the Sony folks have developed."

    You can read the entire EverQuest 2 Blowout at IGN.
    The #1 EverQuest 2 site on the Interweb is so close you can feel it. Visit our own EQ2 community site.

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    Wed, Jul 13, 2005
  • How long until somebody calls it Dessert of Flames?
    GameSpot has posted a preview of the next EverQuest 2 expansion, Desert of Flames. A guy dressed as Elvis came up to me in Vegas, but he didn't say this:

    "Earlier today, during a meeting with Sony Online Entertainment, we got our first good look at EverQuest II: Desert of Flames. Currently scheduled for release on September 12, Desert of Flames is the first full-fledged expansion pack for EverQuest II, which has attracted more than 300,000 players since it launched in November of last year."

    You can read the entire EverQuest 2: Desert of Flames Preview at GameSpot.
    If you love EverQuest 2, then you will love our EQ2 community site. We have more information and more guides than any other site on the Interweb. Go have a look-see for yourself.

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    Wed, Jul 13, 2005
  • Do Chinese platinum farmers tell people that they work on a farm?
    WorldChanging has a pretty cool synopsis of how the virtual world is colliding with the real world. A Chinese plat farmer approached me in EQ2. I didn't understand a word, but I'm sure he didn't say this:

    "Unsurprisingly, game worlds are therefore often home to "players" who game as a job, accumulating online goods to turn into real cash. But some have decided to outsource the efforts, hiring rotating shifts of players in places with cheap labor and decent Internet connections, simply to farm online games. The employees of these "cyber sweatshops" are paid minimal amounts to push a small assortment of buttons over and over (as the tasks most farming entails are extremely repetitive, they're easy to automate, drastically reducing the need for skilled control). For a variety of reasons, many of these companies seem to be in China, and "Chinese farmer" has become a typical in-game reference to those so employed."

    You can read the entire Globalization in the Virtual World Article at WorldChanging.

    Wed, Jul 13, 2005
  • Virtual Greens.
    Shot Online will be holding their third virtual golf championship. This press release tells all:

    "(Sunnyvale, CA – July 11, 2005) - Shot-Online, the massively multiplayer online golf game developed by OnNet Co, Ltd., has smoothly and successfully launched on June 28th with full commercial features, a new course addition and much more. That success alone would be reason enough for any massively multiplayer online game to rest on its laurels – instead, however, Shot Online is lining up an action-packed season of events, starting with the 3rd Shot-Online Global Championship.
    The 3rd Shot-Online Global Championship is set to take place online between July 12, 2005 at midnight to July 15, 2005 11:59 PM (CST). All members of Shot-Online are eligible to participate with their top-level characters per ID. Players have up to 50 chances to score their best rounds. The competition will take place on the dangerously beautiful desert-themed “Rufus Arena” course. For all three skill levels (levels.1 - 20, Level. 21 - 40 and over level 41), the prize for the first place winner is a one month Gold Plus Shot-Online membership; for the second place winner a one month Gold Shot-Online Membership; and for the third place winner a unique, rare in-game item. For all participants, there is a chance to be randomly drawn to win in-game prizes.
    Shot-Online is a hybrid persistent online game, a golfing simulation incorporating elements of traditional role-playing, enhanced by a proprietary physics engine for golf ball dynamics and interaction with eight challenging, varied golf courses. Detailed 3D graphics and smooth-as-silk animation enhance the realism of Shot-Online as a simulation. On the role-playing side of Shot-Online, characters can level and grow in skill and capability through training, while team and solo competitions allow players a chance to win game currency to buy skill-enhancing items, and quests and other community events are offered for even more depth.
    Shot-Online, for Windows/PC systems, is available online for free download at the official website ( Shot-Online offers absolutely FREE play without time or play limits; however, with a Gold Membership for the entertainment-packed, high-value rate of $9.99 a month, a 50% discount on the greens fee; a 30% discount on items purchased with in-game currency; the locker fee is free; and trade between users is free, and other benefits are offered. For the Gold Plus Membership of just $14.99 monthly, along with the other benefits of regular membership, the greens fees are free and a friend’s green free can be discounted 50% and a one million monthly allotment of the in-game currency is given to the player, along with other benefits.
    To find out more details about Shot-Online and all the latest news about the game and the 3rd Shot-Online Global Championship, please visit the official Shot-Online website. (
    About OnNet Co., Ltd

    Founded in 1996, OnNet Co., Ltd is at the epicenter of the ongoing online revolution, leading with its Internet community services and solutions, and is playing a significant role in helping companies reinforce the value of their online services. OnNet Entertainment is the developer and operator behind the online golfing game, Shot-Online. For more information about OnNet Co., Ltd, visit"

    Wed, Jul 13, 2005
  • Ensemble assembling a MMOG?
    It's truly amazing that the "Age" games are so loved that the rumour of the Ensemble team creating a MMOG gets more press coverage than many games that are already in production and close to shipping. All of this coverage because of a job posting on the official Ensemble site that is looking for a "...server architect to assist in creating a world-class massively multiplayer game..."
    IGN is rumoured to have written:

    "Ensemble Studios, the developer behind the upcoming highly anticipated RTS Age of Empires III, appears to be working on an unannounced massively multiplayer title, according to a job posting on the company's website."

    Ferrago heard a little bird and then wrote:

    Microsoft are certainly looking to get MMO titles onto the Xbox 360, so
    an Age of Empires online might be the plan... or we could be barking up
    the wrong tree of course. Only time will tell."

    GameSpot might have written:

    "Although the Ensemble job listing does say "experience with shipping an existing massively multiplayer game is a must," it does not specify what type of MMOG Ensemble is working on. While many speculate that Ensemble is following in the footsteps of Blizzard Entertainment's RTS-inspired MMO role-playing game World of Warcraft, nothing is yet official. "We do not have comment at this time," was all a Microsoft spokesperson would tell GameSpot."

    You can read the job listing that starting this avalanche of coverage at Ensemble Studios.

    Wed, Jul 13, 2005
  • Loading...
    There's no place like home. There's no place like home. It's 34 degrees Celcius with a humidity of 999%, but boy do I love being home. Lost Wages (Las Vegas) is a fun place to visit, but when you don't gamble, drink heavily, smoke or enjoy seafood it wears you out. There just isn't anything to entertain you in Vegas. =)
    Meeting the folks who frequent the Ten Ton Hammer communities was a blast. A big round of clap to the 15 or so enthusiastic souls who travelled from the far corners of the Earth from our EverQuest 2 community site. I think Strong Bad said it best, "E-mail is like a prison, without walls, or toilets." Seeing you folks in real life was worth price of admission. I especially enjoyed seeing Todd dressed up as Elvis, although I was a bit embarrassed when he told me, "What do you mean dressed up like Elvis?" Who knew that people actually wear that stuff as every day attire?
    Now on to the real world, you can't make this stuff up.

    • A school without textbooks.

      And to think that we had to read uphill all the way to school.
    • Feds Fear Air Broadband Terror

      Airline food terror still not being addressed.
    • Strong Bad's Bottom 10

      Dry T-Shirt Contests.
    • The N.Y. Times Discovers LAN Parties

      In other news, colour television invented. The Future Is Now!
    • Human-brained Monkeys

      Monkey-brained Humans refuse comment, fling poo.
    • Dividing up game accounts in a divorce.

      Bevy of Mir 2 beauties line up to marry the newly available Mr. Wang.
    • Police turn off Jesus Light.

      Unequivocal proof that God hates the DMV.
    • Alberta wants to separate from Canada.

      "Take my Quebec. Please!" - Ontario
    • EverQuest - 70.1% Public Humilation [Thanks Chris aka Okooo]

      Down 8% from it's all-time high humiliation record.
    Tue, Jul 12, 2005
  • Industrial Light and Wookies.
    WorthPlaying has reviewed Star Wars Galaxies: The Total Experience. These are not the words you are looking for:

    "Star Wars Galaxies takes place between Episodes IV and V in the original movie trilogy, so despite the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire is far from defeated. After the obligatory opening credits explaining your situation, the character generator pops up. A healthy mix of races is available to choose from, including the all-around humans, reptilian Trandoshans, mighty Wookiees, and the often-mentioned-but-never-seen Bothans."

    You can read the entire Star Wars Galaxies: The Total Experience Review at WorthPlaying.

    Tue, Jul 12, 2005
  • 426 Hemi Under Glass and a Rocket Launcher.
    Gameplay Monthly has an interview with Scott Brown posted covering Auto Assault. Biomeks sent word that the following data was found in Fort Logan:

    "Hi, I am Scott Brown, technical director and project lead on Auto Assault. Auto Assault is an action-packed vehicle based MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic Earth."

    You can read the entire Auto Assault Interview at Gameplay Monthly.

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    Tue, Jul 12, 2005
  • Terrific Talk with Tim Temmerman. has posted an interview with Tim Temmerman, a developer on the Star Wars Galaxies team. A Jedi, a Wookie and a Ewok walked into a bar and none of them said this:

    "Tim Temmerman has been in QA at LucasArts for several years, and today is the subject of our first Developer Profile here on Periodically, we pin down a member of an MMORPG company and conduct a brief Q&A. The hope and goal is to provide the readers with an idea of what it is like to work in the industry, in a wide range of positions."

    You can read the entire Star Wars Galaxies Interview at

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    Tue, Jul 12, 2005
  • Lee, Kim and Cho arrested. Almond Guy Ding still on the loose.
    ITVibe is reporting that a group of Korean hackers has been arrested for stealing virtual money and Lineage accounts. Teenage boys playing scantily clad female characters in Lineage were heard to say:

    "A 37-year-old man named Lee is said to have hired eight Chinese hackers who installed Trojan horses on popular Korean web sites and are said to have stolen 50,000 usernames and passwords in May. Another 37-year-old, named Cho, is alleged to have launched a denial-of-service attack against a popular massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) web site and stole $150,000 in "cyber-money" from users of the game. A third man named Kim, 22, is said to have used a Trojan horse to have stolen $50,000 in "cyber-money". "

    You can read the entire Lineage Hackers arrested story at ITVibe.

    Tue, Jul 12, 2005
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