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  • Warhammer Alliances has an Orc Preview for all of you hardcore Warhammer addicts out there.

    With their tough green hides, vicious tusks and belligerent attitude, Orcs are perfectly suited to doing that which they do best - fighting. Orcs go out of their way to find a good fight, and they are happiest when engaging in a proper bit of mindless slaughter and carnage. In this they are frequently aided by the Goblins, who tend to be just as violent but in a sneakier, nastier fashion.

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    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • Who's Who in Warhammer Online

    With E3 on the way, the Community Manager's at TenTonHammer have all hired private investigators to check out the staff of their respective games, as well as hired goons to ransack the associated staff members houses for anything of interest... Sadly the Investigators were ineffective and the Goons got the address wrong. So here we have this week's common content article on some key Warhammer Online development staff...

    Behind every game there is usually an associated group of people who have come together in order to make the best game possible, and sometimes there’s cases where a game is developed by that lone person surrounded by week old pizza in his parents basement...

    You can read the entire article at Warhammer Online - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • SoloHammer?

    Another week and another piece of common content from the TenTonHammer network! This week Ratboy discusses the interesting "solo" aspects that may be seen in Warhammer Online. Looking at the reasons for solo content being used, this article tries to discuss all of the possible facets of Warhammer Online's solo content. Here's a peek:

    I have to regress back to my earlier days of playing World of Warcraft to really get into the discussion of Massively Solo Player games. It was in my first shot at the WoW Beta that I came to realize just how big the world was and how many players were involved, it was more specifically the first gryphon flight of the game that gave me such an impression of the world. Warhammer Online is likely to prove it can meet or exceed the scope of other existing games, as instead of centering on the battles between factions (Alliance VS Horde in the case of WoW), Warhammer centers around the battles of various different races (Dwarves VS. Orcs, Humans VS Chaos, & Elves VS Dark Elves).

    You can read the entire editorial at Warhammer - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Apr 17, 2006
  • Ok so my previous myth of Thursday screenshot day is busted. But that's good news for you! has some new Warhammer Online Screenshots for your happy perusal.

    The website is in German so if you find it hard to navigate... well you know why. Thanks to mmorpgdot for this one.

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    Fri, Apr 14, 2006
  • Marching Orders

    This week's common TenTonHammer editorial is based around the pace of Warhammer Online, and as much of a discussion as can be had for a game that isn't even out yet! Even with such little information released there are a lot of existing gaming parallels that can be drawn... Here's a snippet:

    A 1500 point game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours depending on various different factors, so how will this translate into the online world? There are various different thoughts on the idea of bringing a miniature game into an Online MMORPG environment and one of the biggest questions is how the pace of the game will be played out...

    You can read the entire Warhammer editorial at WAR - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • Today brings us even more screenshots for Warhammer Online. With images ranging from "Vampire Count's Towers" to "Dwarven Air Bridge" concept art, Mythic has thrown out a wide assortment of images to wet our WAR appetite.

    Here's just a few. Want more? Visit Warhammer Online at TenTonHammer!

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    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • We have lots of lovin for your eyes! If you love Warhammer you're going to love these shots.

    FAIRFAX, VA – April 6, 2006 - Mythic Entertainment(R), a developer and
    publisher of critically-acclaimed massively-multiplayer online role-playing
    games (MMORPG’s), today released assets from their upcoming MMORPG
    “Warhammer(R) Online: Age of Reckoning(TM)” (WAR), including screenshots,
    concept art, character renders, maps and logos. Scheduled for release in
    2007 on the PC, “WAR” is based on Games Workshop’s epic Warhammer fantasy
    world, and features an innovative next-generation Realm vs. Realm(TM) (RvR)
    combat system.

    The latest “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning” assets offer a preview of
    two of the MMORPG’s six playable races - the Dwarfs and the Greenskins (Orcs
    and Goblins) - and their territories. Mortal enemies, the Dwarfs and
    Greenskins are locked in perpetual conflict in a world where war is truly

    The screenshots show off “WAR’s” Dwarfs and Greenskins in various levels of
    armor, playable zones including Ekrund, Bloodhorn and the Marshes of
    Madness, plus a few monsters like the river troll. “WAR” character models,
    zone maps, architecture and siege weapons are highlighted in the concept art
    and renders.

    See the shots here.

    Or you can get the full Warhammer Online experience and get them at our Warhammer Online Community Site!

    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
  • "A Carrot On A Squig" - The attraction of Warhammer Online.

    Warhammer Online @ TenTonHammer editor Thurston "Ratboy" Hillman delves into the main attractions of skunk works MMO Warhammer Online.

    As for what attracts me to Warhammer Online more then any other MMORPG, I would have to say that the big pull would be the setting and theme of the world. I’ve always been a fan of the Warhammer world and the darkness that surrounds it. Having originally played darker games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and even the Ravenloft D&D setting I’ve found myself more and more attracted to the theme that Warhammer portrays.

    Check out the "Carrot on a Squig" editorial at our newest community site, Warhammer Online @ TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Apr 03, 2006
  • This just in... Warhammer Online is coming in 2007.

    “’WAR’ is coming!” proclaimed Mark Jacobs, President and CEO at Mythic Entertainment. “We’re well into our first year of intensive design and development on the game that we believe will usher in the next generation of truly great MMO’s. With our expertise in RvR and a rich fantasy setting that is in a perpetual state of conflict, ‘WAR’ promises to be a game unlike any other.”

    “The core concept behind ‘WAR’ is simple – war is everywhere,” explains Lance Robertson, Producer of “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.” “This world, dominated by force of arms and magic, provides a wonderfully rich setting for an MMO. Our game will give player entrance into this world to experience the epic nature of war and the glory of battle. Every aspect of the game, including PvE content, is geared towards the greater war in some important way.”

    To learn more about “WAR,” visit the game’s newly redesigned website: Sign up for the monthly newsletter to receive exclusive stories, art, and game information, as well as a chance to take part in the game’s beta test.

    It's really starting to look fantastic.

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    Thu, Mar 16, 2006
  • Ratboy's first "rant"-icle...

    As ripples still go through the community after the information presented in the 5th Warhammer Online Newsletter; TenTonHammer's own Ratboy has published his first "Rant"icle for consumption by the Warhammer Online Masses.

    If you are unsure as to what a "Rant"icle is; check out the main page for them; located at Warhammer - TenTonHammer.

    If you want to read the article itself; check it out here.

    Fri, Mar 10, 2006
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