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    We are delighted to provide you with the contents pages for the Guild Wars Factions Standard and Collector's Editions. You read earlier about what you'll get in the North American and European Factions Pre-Order Pack. Now find out what you'll be receiving in your copy of the game! Click through for all the goodies for North America and for Europe.

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    Mon, Mar 13, 2006
  • Is it all about the money?

    In World of Warcraft (as in most games) you sometimes hear some pretty strange complaints. Messiah heard an odd one a few weeks ago and this week’s editorial brings it to mind. The complaint was that it is basically unfair that people with lots of gold have such a huge in-game advantage in WoW. I dismissed it as yet more inane Barrens chat, and continued on my way.

    It got me thinking though; do the rich get richer in WoW?

    If gold equals power in a game then the incentive to use the black (secondary) market would be too great for many to resist. Also a luck drop early on in your characters development, like a level 40 epic BOE (bind on equip) weapon, could give you enough gold to become a powerhouse over all other characters your level.

    Find out more in the newest editorial from the WoW - TenTonHammer team: Is it all about the money? - A look at the in-game economics of World of Warcraft.

    Mon, Mar 13, 2006
  • There are lots of things to buy in Auto Assault; luckily gas isn’t one of them!

    This week’s common content editorial from Xerin is all about Auto Assault’s economy. While you won’t find high gas prices in the game, you will find an in-depth economy just waiting to bloom. What will compose Auto Assault’s economy? Will the secondary market have a big influence over Auto Assault? These topics and more are discussed in our editorial “Cash and Go”.

    Game economies may sound like a laughable joke made at the expense of people who take online gaming too seriously, but in reality it’s a complex and interesting mechanic of any online RPG game. It’s not new either. If you where to trace online RPG gaming close to its roots, you most then likely would discover text based gaming known as MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons). These games included systems that emulated real world economies. Stock markets, player ran stores, trading networks, markets that ran with a supply and demand backend, and much more were included making the experience more realistic. While Auto Assault’s economy is nowhere near this complicated, it does contain lots of interesting points that add depth and variety to the game.

    So hop in your rocket launcher on wheels and ride down to Auto Assault - TenTonHammer!

    Mon, Mar 13, 2006
  • TenTonHammer speculates on the LotRO economy...

    Ever log into your favorite MMOG only to find that the Lightforged Bastard Sword of Leetness has suddenly become, in the time you've been saving up for it, out of your financial reach? Welcome to the virtual world, baby. (Not so different from the real one, is it?) Shayalyn takes a look at the issues plaguing game economies, and the probability of Turbine rendering a stable economy in their upcoming Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar.

    How do carefully designed MMOG economies go to hell in a hand basket? It’s really pretty simple--too much money floods the game’s market without actually leaving the game, creating a “rich get richer/poor get poorer” dichotomy. When a game launches, its economy is generally stable, but as players progress and new players join the game, more and more money enters the economy as coin loot is dropped and item loot is traded. Eventually, the game’s monetary unit (usually platinum or gold) decreases in value, causing item prices to rise. When that happens, new or “young” players find it more and more difficult to afford the low- to mid-level items they require to advance (like that Lightforged Bastard Sword of Leetness), while higher level players grow fat from the profits on the elite items they’re both high enough level to attain, and able to sell for much more than what they should be worth.

    Read Money Makes the (Virtual) World Go 'Round at LotRO - TenTonHammer!

    Mon, Mar 13, 2006
  • Economical Spending

    Every MMORPG has a player-run economy to one extent or another. Sure, Guild Wars doesn't have anything like the auction feature some other games have, but platinum flows and items change hands. In this editorial, Samyel looks at the economy, farming, and the marketplace.

    My mother always says, "if it were fun, they wouldn't pay you to do it." Sometimes you get lucky, but mostly, it's just a fact of life. Real life, at least. Should it be a fact of game-life? Farming for loot is dead dull to most of us--you kill the same things over and over again, gather up the debris, rezone, rinse and repeat.

    Read on at Guild Wars - TenTonHammer!

    Mon, Mar 13, 2006
  • Turbine creates a stable economy

    They say money makes the world go 'round. In most massively-multiplayer online games (MMOGs) it's all too true as our Lyle Vertigo laments. Gold farmers--people who keep repeating a quest or killing certain monsters to collect currency--sell videogame money for actual dollars in real money transactions (RMT). Players with tons of gold from RMT buy all of the good items in the auction, driving up prices. The ridiculous amount of coins in circulation leads to inflation. Inflation? In a game!

    Turbine has taken measures to prevent all of this in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO):

    Distribution of currency between players and NPCs is very simplified in DDO. DDO has no delivery boxes, no auction houses, and no player shops. NPCs will always buy low and sell a lot higher. This helps to reduce currency circulation. Sometimes NPCs will give you currency directly as a quest reward instead of giving you an item.

    Read what Lyle has to say about the newest MMO economy at DDO - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Mar 13, 2006
  • Halle Berry's Got Nothing on This Sorcerer!

    In Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, the sorcerer is fun to play because her quick cast times and plentiful supply of spell points provide raw power. The fact that she is limited to a set number of spells known makes picking the right spells paramount. It also allows for some very "custom" Custom Builds.

    Ralsu brings us a sorcerer whose powers seem to center around storms:

    The Stormcaller blasts away at single enemies with Lightning Bolt. The Greater Magnetism III Enhancement gives this and all electricity spells +40% damage. Any foe strong enough to survive that can be shocked a little harder by activating the Empower Spell Feat. When enemies swarm the Stormcaller and his companions, he uses Hypnotism, Fog Cloud, Web, Sleet Storm, and Solid Fog to slow them down or incapacitate them

    Analyze the entire build at DDO - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Mar 13, 2006
  • Just about every World of Warcraft priest knows that the class is headed for a revamp. The proposed changes have been posted, discussed and placed live on the test servers. The overall impression that our resident WoW experts get from the proposed changes is that Blizzard is trying to give priests a buff to healing power. While it appears to be a small one, looks can be deceptive.

    There are lots of players that feel this is a huge nerf to the class, and others that look at it as a blessing. Messiah, WoW community manager, plays as a priest on the test server, tries out the talent system, and brings you the latest in informed opinions from around the World of Warcraft community regarding the upcoming priest changes!

    Check out the complete review here: Priest 1.10 preview at WoW - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, Mar 13, 2006
  • Ratboy's first "rant"-icle...

    As ripples still go through the community after the information presented in the 5th Warhammer Online Newsletter; TenTonHammer's own Ratboy has published his first "Rant"icle for consumption by the Warhammer Online Masses.

    If you are unsure as to what a "Rant"icle is; check out the main page for them; located at Warhammer - TenTonHammer.

    If you want to read the article itself; check it out here.

    Fri, Mar 10, 2006
  • The Dwarves of Warhammer now have a happy home.

    Hot off the press since the release of Warhammer Online Newsletter #5 is information on the Dwarven starting location of Ekrund. The scribes here at TenTonHammer (well just myself and a glass of pop) have put together some information on this newly described zone. Here's a quick snippet from the Ekrund page:

    Ekrund is one of the more "solid" positions that the Dwarves hold in the Old World. Even with the constant sieges that the Greenskins lay against their fortress, the Dwarves continue to push inwards to launch attacks against their hated Greenskin enemies. As the fortress stays in Dwarf hands, more and more stunties continue to flood into the area to valiantly fight against any who would attack the fortress, or steal from the Dwarves.

    On top of that; we now have a "Zone Information Page" setup here at Warhammer - TenTonHammer. You can find the Zone Information Page here.

    Fri, Mar 10, 2006
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