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  • Roll the Credits

    With the successful release of Guild Wars Factions, it's time to take a look at some of the people behind the game. In this common content editorial, we introduce you to some of the ArenaNet names you're most likely to find doing interviews, posting on forums, or interacting with the community.

    With most video games, it's hard to remember that there are actual people behind it. The closest thing most players ever get to interacting with the game company is when talking to GMs about bugs and disputes. ArenaNet is a little more hands on.

    Read on in our article Behind the Game at Guild Wars - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • The Blizzard that "snowed in" a genre.

    Join Memnok as he reviews the 15-year history of Blizzard Entertainment, the key personages behind the World of Warcraft phenomenon, and even the game lore going all the way back to 1994's RTS hit Warcraft.

    Jeff Kaplan, aka Tigole, is a lead designer in bringing the World of Warcraft to life, not only in its content, but making accessible to all the player fan bases… not an easy job by any means, one where you usually receive plenty of 1 thing, CRITICISM! Jeff is the stern and caring face to WOW, a poster on their forums, he tries to stay in touch with the gamers themselves, is the spokesman for Blizzard in newspapers, magazines and articles throughout the world.

    Check out Who's Who in World of Warcraft at WoW - TenTonHammer to learn all you need to know about Blizzard, World of Warcraft, and WoW lore.

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • Wait, isn’t Pann Tinkerbelle? Bah, I’m confused!

    The people behind the game are generally unknown to most. However, the people at NetDevil (makers of Auto Assault have insured that they have a much bigger presence among the community then what is considered “average”. It is always a good idea to brush up on just who exactly are those people in red are on the official forums! That’s why this week we bring you an editorial on who is who within NetDevil.

    The staff at both NetDevil and NCsoft is really amazing. I’ve said it plenty of times before, but I will say it again that they really connect with community. They have an amazing ability to listen to the community and react based on what they hear. Whatever the players see as an issue is generally what the development team sees as an issue as well. Now of course, flying penguin shooting vehicles with lasers may not be something they’d listen to, but more serious issues like stealth are quickly addressed.

    Take a ride down to Who’s Who at NetDevil? here at Auto Assault – TenTonHammer!

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • Introducing the Devs...

    When it comes to Lord of the Rings Online game developers, some have full-scale bios everywhere, complete with pictures and plenty of information. But our friends at Turbine are decidedly low-key, preferring to let the game speak for them in lieu of lengthy profiles detailing their career moves, hobbies, and number of dependent children. Since Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar is scheduled to launch late this year, and because Turbine’s developers are well worth getting to know, we've done some major Googling (sort of akin to turning over lots of rocks) in order to better reveal them to you.

    Jeffrey Steefel’s experience covers 15 years or so in the entertainment and technology industries, working with companies ranging from small start-ups to industry giants like Sony, and now Turbine. As Vice President of Programming & Production for Sony Online Entertainment, Steefel headed digital studios in Los Angeles and New York, supervising production, programming and development for The [email protected]. Steefel also supervised the launch and operation of many online franchises including JEOPARDY! Online, Wheel of Fortune Online, and Trivial Pursuit Online. Ever play in the online virtual world of Steefel supervised that launch, too.

    Get the scoop on the Turbine LOTRO developers at LotRO - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • 42 Names to Add to Your Buddy List!

    The surest way gamers can know that the massively-multiplayer online game of their choice has adequate support is to visit the official forums and find plenty of activity from developers. Ralsu takes a look at the official forums for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) and likes what he sees:

    You'll find the names of every Turbine individual to post on the official DDO forums. Along with the person's forum handle, I have added job title, real name (where available), last forum activity date, and some notes about the role that person plays in the bigger picture of DDO. You'll see Community Relations, Customer Service, Technical Support, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Developers, and even a Wild Card.

    Read Who's Who at DDO - TenTonHammer to learn more!

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • A visit to the Ruins will no longer end in ruin...

    The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj are an incredibly fun, fast small group raid instance. It is very easy to complete the entire instance (once you understand the strategies) in an evening. Many of the bosses introduce very interesting fight mechanics and are in general a lot of fun, while not being overly difficult. In addition there is some very nice loot drops. These combine to make what is one of the most fun instances in the game, in my opinion. This is definitely an instance that you want to spend some time in, Blizzard got this one just right.

    In this initial release of the guide we have the following sections live:
    - Basic Information
    - Reputation Item ad Quest Information Reference Sheets
    - Boss 1 - Kurinnaxx
    - Gallery

    There is MUCH more to come over the next few weeks so check back often. By the end of May we will have a complete guide to all the Bosses and trash mobs.

    The guide can be found here: WoW - TenTonHammer's Guide to the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • Home Sweet (Post-Nuclear) Home

    Your apartment is your very own place in the world of Auto Assault to relax and take it easy. You can invite friends, upgrade the looks, and even organize your inventory away from the hustle and bustle of the world! We have a guide examining the various features that owning an apartment in Auto Assault entails.

    Apartments are given to everyone after level 5 and a short quest (generally involves you going outside of the first major town and picking up a key). The apartment is instanced and only available to the apartments owner and his current convoy (more on that later). They can be customized with various items and be a central location to sit down and rest or hold meetings between friends.

    So head on over to our Apartments and You guide at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • Tactical Arc, not Tacky Article!

    The TacArc is the Auto Assault game mechanic that allows you to aim and fire your various futuristic weaponry. Understanding the TacArc can go along way with killing more efficiently and having a better aim with your weapons! That's why we've brought you a new guide on Auto Assault's various mechanics, the TacArc!

    The TacArc is the blue cone shaped guide that follows your mouse (for turrets) or stays infront of your vehicle (front weapon). The TacArc stands for “Tactical Arc” and displays the range in which your weapons, when fired, will hit things. For example, if there is a Scav in your TacArc and you fire your weapons, he will be hit with the gunfire. There is, of course, a much deeper relationship with the TacArc and the weapons.

    So check out our guide on the TacArc at Auto Asault - TenTonHammer!

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • Journeys in Cantha, Parts 1 & 2

    When the first official 24 hours of Factions were over, Samyel tore herself away from the game to give you her first reflections.

    Alas, I miscalculated my time, and missed getting my prize for playing in the Day of the Tengu event. Yup, I too have a stack of Naga Fangs in my inventory and nothing to show for it. Oh well. Maybe next year. I still had a lot of fun exploring new areas and doing new quests. It's like getting a brand-new game—that you already know how to play.

    Read Welcome to Cantha at Guild Wars - TenTonHammer to for first impressions of the new Guild Wars expansion.

    Then continue on to Day Two of Journeys in Cantha!

    Samyel talks more about the new-found joys of Factions, mini-pets, PAX, and chatting with Gaile Gray in Kaineng. I'm having a great time playing Factions, and I hope you are too!

    With a little help from guild mates (okay, they pretty much carried me) I made it through the second mission, and arrived on the Cantha mainland. Level 13 and wearing the starting armor, I cowered behind my level 20 henchmen and made the short run to Kaineng Center.

    Read our column, Day Two in Cantha, at Guild Wars - TenTonHammer.

    Mon, May 01, 2006
  • Avoid elimination and go to E3!

    If you happen to be an Auto Assault player who is exactly level 30 and have three friends that match the same criteria, you might stand a chance in tomorrow's E3 Elimination Tournament. The grand prize? A trip to E3, all expenses paid!

    We are running an E3 Elimination Tournament on April 29, 2006. This event will take place with level 30 characters only. Characters level 29 and under as well as characters level 31 and over will be disqualified and all characters must be of the same faction to participate as a team. The ‘tournament’ will consist of 4 person convoys. In the qualifying round on April 29th, an unknown number of registered teams will participate in an elimination series of tournaments. The matching functionality is random and handled by the game itself.

    View the official contest rules and prize info at the Auto Assault official site, then go get your frag on Saturday afternoon!

    Sat, Apr 29, 2006
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