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  • Pikachu meets vehicle-launched tactical nukes.

    If you listened to our second podcast, you learned that playing cards is a fun way to pass the time between fights in your favorite old-school MMO (/cough). However, this is probably not what the makers of Auto Assault had in mind when they pasted their storyboard assets to virtual cover stock and created a digitized (drumroll please) Auto Assault Trading Card Game.

    The real news: public testing of the game has begun, and you're invited.

    Worlds Apart Productions announced the availability of public testing for the Auto Assault™ Trading Card Game (TCG), the digital trading-card game based on Auto Assault® the fastest, most destructive MMO ever, published by NCsoft and developed by NetDevil.

    Check out the Auto Assault TCG infobit at Gaming-Age. And, hey, maybe the TCG site hasn't been blocked by your office computer firewall yet!

    And, oh, did we mention that Auto Assault the MMO comes out this Thursday, April 13th? Spectacular. Check out our Auto Assault @ TenTonHammer community site for all your destructive needs, or visit the Auto Assault official site.

    Tue, Apr 11, 2006
  • Episode 7 is all the rage right now. Does it deserve to the be the rage right now? Darn straight it does! has an interview available with Cryptic Studio's Matt Miller.

    FiringSquad: How did the planning for "Issue 7" begin for the games?

    Matt Miller:Parallel to CoV’s development, the zones of Grandville and Recluse’s Victory were blocked out and designed on paper. When it came time to actually work on the two zones, we had all of CoV’s design experience under our belt so we could use the full arsenal of tools and tricks available to make these the two best zones in the game. Mayhem Missions were the logical extension of “being a villain”, and we wanted a more freeform expression of villainy, where players were not tied into doing exactly what a contact wanted them to.

    Make sure to read the rest of the interview. It has some good information.

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    Tue, Apr 11, 2006
  • Is 1.10 fixed? No? Let's talk 1.11!

    Blizzard is dropping hints about what's in store for World of Warcraft patch 1.11. Apparently it's the mage's turn for an overhaul - the devs hope to provide interesting talent tree choices (cool!) and decrease their downtime (um... downtime? in World of Warcraft? I must be old-school.)

    Anyway, we'll stop waffling now and get to the point: Blizzard has provided first details on the forthcoming 1.11 patch for WoW. What's really only a sneak peek at plans for the update reminds us that it's the Mage that's the World of Warcraft character class receiving an overhaul this time around, talents undergoing a revamp and the developer looking at improvements which "include easing a mage's downtime between fights and opening some new, interesting talent builds through changes to all the mage's talent trees."

    CVG has the scoop on the 1.11 changes, check 'em out!

    And for all your other World of Warcraft info-tainment needs, we suggest the WoW at TenTonHammer community site. It's that good.

    Tue, Apr 11, 2006
  • Get a first glimpse of the many dangerous creatures you will be facing in the game's upcoming expansion, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Read more about the sinister ethereals, the fearsome forest trolls, the nightmarish fleshbeasts, and the terrible gronn on the new Bestiary page. The bestiary will be updated in the coming weeks, so check back often!
    Find the bestiary here.

    See what's new on our World of Warcraft site!

    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • The local boys are famous! NetDevil is featured prominently in the latest issue of the Denver Business Journal, including various quotes from NetDevil and NCsoft staff, in an article discussing the development of Auto Assault and the MMOG industry.

    With Auto Assault, players customize their own combat vehicles, control the weaponry for their own artillery and develop their own characters -- whether they're robots, humans or a combination of both.

    Jeremy Gaffney, vice president of product development for NCsoft's U.S. division in Austin, Texas, said Auto Assault should appeal to both "aging geeks" who fondly remember the car-related video games of the 1970s and '80s and the young geeks who've never played such games.

    Auto Assault Launches this week for the late starters. If you want some really great information on the game, visit our Auto Assault Community Site.

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    Mon, Apr 10, 2006
  • Er, what I meant to say was the Watching Stone. It's a new bestiary update for you today.

    Statues throughout Middle-earth are not always what they seem. The very stone of some statues hold the trapped spirit of malice within, crafted by the Dark Lord long ago with skilled workmanship and dark ritual. These ominous statues act as sentries and alarms within the realm of Angmar and throughout the lands corrupted by the shadow. Within many of the ruins throughout Eriador and Arnor, in lands once controlled by the darkness of Mordor's reach, these watchers remain, ever-vigilant even after centuries of abandonment.

    Read it all here.

    Our Lord of the Rings Online community - A good place to be.

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    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • This summer the City of Heroes comic will be going bi-monthly and heading in an exciting new creative direction!

    After completing the storyline involving the Heroes of W.I.S.D.O.M., the comic will switch from three issue arcs to single issue, self-contained stories that focus directly on events that have happened, are happening or will happen in the City of Heroes game itself.

    To celebrate this new direction we are kicking off a Comic Book Storyline Contest! All players will be able to submit a single story concept - the winner’s idea will be turned into a script by Sean “Manticore” Fish. This contest will begin in early May, so start thinking of ideas now! Stay tuned for more details.

    If you love getting those comics in the mail this is good news indeed!

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • The Auto Assault - Tabula Rasa Beta Invite Contest

    Listen up Auto Assault players! Tabula Rasa is looking for a few elite road warriors!

    The Allied Free Sentient forces need your combat skills to go up against an enemy that has ravaged and enslaved star systems across the galaxy. How do you enlist in this desperate struggle? Be among the first 200 Auto Assault players to sign up for a monthly subscription after the free 30-day trial and you'll be entered into a chance to strap on body armor and high-tech weapons in the Tabula Rasa closed beta.

    The contest begins on Auto Assault launch day and ends 31 days after.

    Notification of approved enlistments will be sent out starting May 15 via email. It's very important that you make sure your PlayNC account email is up to date (watch that spam filter!). Once you've received your official orders, you will report for duty when the TR closed beta begins-at a time to be announced later. Players must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

    One entry per PlayNC account and email address - you can only win ONE beta slot per person.

    Winners list will be posted on both and on May 31st.

    Good luck recruit! We're looking forward to having you join the fight!

    More news and info on Auto Assault

    Fri, Apr 07, 2006
  • I've put the first wave of the Meet & Greet coverage up for you viewing pleasure. You can take a look at the pictures of the event here.

    While you're waiting for the article visit our community site for Auto Assault!

    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
  • We have lots of lovin for your eyes! If you love Warhammer you're going to love these shots.

    FAIRFAX, VA – April 6, 2006 - Mythic Entertainment(R), a developer and
    publisher of critically-acclaimed massively-multiplayer online role-playing
    games (MMORPG’s), today released assets from their upcoming MMORPG
    “Warhammer(R) Online: Age of Reckoning(TM)” (WAR), including screenshots,
    concept art, character renders, maps and logos. Scheduled for release in
    2007 on the PC, “WAR” is based on Games Workshop’s epic Warhammer fantasy
    world, and features an innovative next-generation Realm vs. Realm(TM) (RvR)
    combat system.

    The latest “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning” assets offer a preview of
    two of the MMORPG’s six playable races - the Dwarfs and the Greenskins (Orcs
    and Goblins) - and their territories. Mortal enemies, the Dwarfs and
    Greenskins are locked in perpetual conflict in a world where war is truly

    The screenshots show off “WAR’s” Dwarfs and Greenskins in various levels of
    armor, playable zones including Ekrund, Bloodhorn and the Marshes of
    Madness, plus a few monsters like the river troll. “WAR” character models,
    zone maps, architecture and siege weapons are highlighted in the concept art
    and renders.

    See the shots here.

    Or you can get the full Warhammer Online experience and get them at our Warhammer Online Community Site!

    Thu, Apr 06, 2006
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