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  • Seed Forced to Say Good Bye

    Stunning news hit our desks this morning from the Ten Ton Hammer's Most Original Game for E3 2006 winner, Seed. A Letter has been sent out by Lars Kroll Kristensen CEO of Runestone Game Development.

    For the past two months, I and a few others have attempted to sell a partnership deal to a long list of publishers and MMO companies, trying to raise the capital we needed to finish the game properly, and re-launch it in a form it, and especially you the community, deserve. While we have received a great deal of interest, we have not been able to close a deal. The harsh reality is that we have now officially run out of money, and out of options, and therefore, we cannot pay salaries, rent or hosting fees.

    Read the rest of the letter or head to the official Seed Forums to learn more. Share your thoughts on this sad news in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Thu, Sep 28, 2006
  • New Developer Log Looks At Update

    Have you been waiting for the sickbay update? You're not alone. Kroll gives us an update in this entry of the developers journal.

    Broken leg. Dislocated shoulder. Impaled liver.

    I'm feeling like a butcher these days, planning and testing all kinds of nastiness for the players of Seed. No longer will people start a repairjob, and go out for coffee while their tool finishes the job.
    Not without risking coming back to a seriously injured DaVincian at least.

    Seriously though. The "sickbay" update has taken way too long to finish: it just has implications so many places around, it's frustrating.

    Read the rest of this update and then let us know what your thoughts are in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

    Fri, Jul 28, 2006
  • It comes in really handy for the directionally challenged.

    Encyclopledia, rumours, favours, reactions and moods have been added to the road map of upcoming game additions.

    You can find more information here.

    More Seed news.

    Fri, Jun 09, 2006
  • There are prizes to be had!

    Location graphics as well as lightning and particle effects in Seed have improved vastly during the latest months. So vastly that our current collection of screen shots and videos on our website is rather outdated.

    We need new ones, and we would like all of you to help creating a large collection of great, intriguing, fascinating, original screen shots and video clips. All screens/videos published afterwards on the website will carry the credit (forum name) of the person who submitted them.

    As in all competitions there will be prices for the best contributions as well. We have emptied our suitcases from E3 and gathered a little pile of our best swag.

    The prices will be:

    * 1st price: 1 Seed boiler suit + 1 Seed T-shirt (limited sizes available) + 14 days added to paid subscription *.
    * 2nd-5th price: 1 Seed T-shirt (limited sizes available) + 14 days added to paid subscription *.
    * 6th-10th price: 14 days added to paid subscription *.

    *For trial players the 14 days will be added to the first paid subscription period following the trial.

    Boiler suits worn by our E3 actors can be seen here:

    T-shirt front and most of the back are shown by Jan and Stephane here:

    The jury will consist of lead artist Jan Roed Thastum, lead writer Alex Uth and communications manager Morten Juul.

    You can read the rules right here. on their forums.

    More Seed news.

    Tue, Jun 06, 2006
  • You know how we feel about Seed since we gave them our Most Original MMOG award. Now, find out what Stratics thinks of this innovative game.

    Most other MMORPG’s will fit the bill for persistent world, up until the final sentence. Seed is all about the players changing the influence and the world itself, it’s the players that have control over what happens next. This is what blew me away about the game and garnered my interest into the title.

    So let me start with a bit of background information on what Seed is about. You start out in a colony called Da Vinci, you were on a mission to terra-form a planet, however, something goes terribly wrong within the machine. Your mission is to pretty much survive as a colony and work together and come up with a plan and direction. That plan and direction is entirely up for the players to decide.

    Read the rest here.

    More Seed news.

    Thu, May 25, 2006
  • You can get a listing of the latest updates here at the official site.

    Check out the new features. Our guys really loved this game when they saw it at E3 this year!

    Fri, May 19, 2006
  • You can now download the free client with a 14 day free trial at Seed's Official Website.

    On an alien world in the far future, desperate human settlers must work together to ensure the survival of their colony and the whole human race.

    In Seed players use their intellect rather than brute force to get the job done, interact with believable NPCs with their own behaviors and agendas, and truly decide the fate of the colony, whether it thrives or fails, and have the power to change the world around them.

    "The launch of Seed is only the beginning," said Lars Kroll Kristensen, CEO of Runestone Game Development. “The players’ control of the world will ensure an ever-changing interactive player experience.”

    With groundbreaking gameplay powered by next-generation artificial intelligence poured into a rich, comic-book-style 3D world, Seed is like nothing else on Earth.

    Happy Adventuring!

    More Seed news.

    Tue, May 02, 2006
  • There are new screenshots to be had from this comicbook like game. Seriously. I feel like I'm stepping into the pages of a graphic novel just looking at it. Very very interesting and I'd like to see it in action.

    You can get the screenshots here at RPG Vault.

    More Seed news.

    On a side note: All of you people who called WoW cartooney - You didn't know what you were talking about. Think I'm wrong? Tell me why.

    Thu, Apr 20, 2006
  • The CEO of Runestone Game Development talks about the danish MMORPG ‘Seed’, which neither uses a combat-system nor standard quests. Can’t work? ‘WoW’ is the spearhead of innovation? Then you should read further which interesting alternatives ‘Seed’ might offer – and to what kind of player this game could be adressed.

    Apropos swords: As you just said, ‘Seed’ does not have a combat system at all. No elves, dwarfs, dragons - and no battles. What is the clue behind your thoughts. Or are you just crazy?

    We are quite crazy. It helps in this business. We are not crazy enough though, to think that we can beat the likes of Sony and Blizzard at their own game, so we decided to cater to another segment of players instead. We want to be a game that caters primarily to role players, secondarily to crafters. Also, this is the kind of game we really want to make. If we put in a combat system, this would risk to move the focus away from role play and crafting.

    Crazy... crazy like a fox! Will seed breathe new life into the MMO standard? Read it and decide for yourself!

    Read Here for More News and Info on Seed

    Mon, Jan 23, 2006
  • Looks like this Comic book like game is going into beta. Beta kicks off Feb 1st so make sure you signup now if you want in on this out of the box game.

    Aarhus, Denmark – January 9, 2006 – Runestone Game Development announced today that applications are now being accepted for beta testing Seed, the premiere genre-shattering massively multiplayer game slated for release in April 2006, with testing to kick off February 1st.
    "We're thrilled about being so near opening Seed to our testers," said Lars Kroll Kristensen, CEO of Runestone Game Development. "This is the first huge step toward launch, and after years of work we're all very excited to begin sharing it with thousands of gamers!"

    In Seed, players find themselves on an alien world in the far future as desperate human settlers who must work together to ensure the survival of their colony and the whole human race. By using their intellect rather than their brawn, players alone will decide the fate of the entire colony, set within a highly mutable and interactive world.

    Beginning February 1st, the testing phase will ramp up steadily toward launch, growing the population from the pool of beta applicants and ending with a stress test in March, where the community will be encouraged to come by the thousands to give Seed a try.

    With groundbreaking gameplay powered by next-generation artificial intelligence poured into a rich, comic-book-style 3D world, Seed truly stands out from the crowd. Learn more about this revolutionary MMG and sign up for the beta test by visiting

    About Runestone Game Development

    Runestone Game Development is a Danish computer game developer specializing in innovative, story-based massively multiplayer online games. Seed is the premiere title from the company, which is owned partly by the employees, partly by business investors.

    More Info and News on Seed the Game

    Mon, Jan 09, 2006
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