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  • It Burns!
    For quite some time now I have really been looking foreword to SUN. It looks
    absolutly breath-taking. Luckily,
    found 13 new screenshots from WorthPlaying!

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    Fri, Dec 16, 2005
  • Oh, so now I can look directly at the SUN?
    RPGUnion has posted some new SUN artwork. Gamers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your pasty white complexion:

    "Descriptions boys...take the 30 seconds and write up a description of the bloody artwork."

    You can view the SUN Artwork at RPGUnion.

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    Wed, Aug 03, 2005
  • Look at all of our screenshot. One is a lot in some cultures.
    RPGUnion has posted a new SUN screenshot. That's right folks, step right up and feast your eyes on this shot.

    "One screenshot and no description. Why did I even cover this story? - Boomjack "

    You can view the SUN Screenshot at RPGUnion.

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    Wed, Jul 27, 2005
  • In this case, look directly into the SUN. GamersHell has posted a new SUN movie along with some screenshots. We think they wrote this: "Webzen has released the first six screenshots and a movie of SUN, showcasing their game which will incorporate console-style game mechanics into a classic MMORPG. Unlike most MMORPGs, SUN allows players to strategically set the stage for battles by choosing different types of maps, entry numbers, degrees of difficulty and types of monsters for the ultimate customized game play experience. Additionally, advanced community tools allow players to communicate within a village and experience various kinds of economic affairs. SUN will be released in Korea in Q3 2005." View the SUN movie and screenshots at Gamers Hell.

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    Fri, Jun 03, 2005
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