Soul of the Ultimate Nation Previews

  • Here comes the SUN.
    Digital Entertainment Network has a preview of SUN posted. We think they wrote this, but we can't be sure:

    "Graphic wise, they really seemed to have taken their time. Everything feels very polished and very very clean. The colors were somewhat subdued, the greens wash a little into grey or white and they weren't overpowering. Honestly it added an ethereal feel to the game, like you were looking at it through the fog of imagination or something. Truth be told it was very effective and made me feel more at home in the game. Someone really had their head on straight when they created the characters for this game as well. Intricate armor was glinting in the sun, interesting straps of leather helped draw your eyes to the unique weapons that each of the three playable characters could use. Really no part was left untouched by detail on this and it really helps the title overall."

    You can read the entire SUN Preview at Digital Entertainment Network.

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    Fri, Jun 17, 2005
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