Lord of the Rings Online + Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited + Sword of the New World Previews

  • Ten Ton Hammer's Ethec talks with DDO's Erik Boyer and Iain Currie at PAX East 2011

    Excluding Duke Nukem Forever (which counts only in concept), we only found one five+ year-old game on the show floor at PAX East 2011. That game was Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Producer Erik Boyer and Design Director Iain Currie were on-hand to show us how Turbine continues to keep this hybrid free-to-play success story fresh.

    One feature that DDO historically lacked is a full-fledged crafting system - but no more! Iain describes how crafting works, why you'll need to play the game to be a successful crafter, and how Turbine plans to phase in the changes to minimize player economy upheaval. Next, Erik takes us deep into the fourth and final part of Update 9. It's a mad journey through the sensibilities of a fleshcrafting mindflayer "artist", complete with a catwalk and "Spring Fashions" plus what might be DDO's most intense boss fight yet, so have a look at this DDO Update 9 / Crafting Improvements video from PAX East 2011!

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    Mon, Mar 14, 2011
  • LOTRO_SESSION_th.jpg
    Echoes of the Dead: A Play Session with LotRO's Aaron Campbell

    On March 2nd, we were afforded a nice treat. Aaron Campbell, Producer for the Lord of the Rings Online, and Adam Mersky, Director of Communications for Turbine, gave us a guided tour of the new content being delivered with Update 2: Echoes of the Dead, which is scheduled to go live on March 21st.

    Aaron acted as our tour guide, powering us through some of the new instances and explaining some of the new features as we went. Our first stop was the Glacier Fortress, a new instance set in Forochel.

    Fri, Mar 11, 2011
  • ddo_crystal-cove-smuggler-rest-02
    Today marks the fifth anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online and Turbine is ready to celebrate!
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    Tue, Feb 22, 2011
  • ddo-update-8-preview-green-hag-01
    Turbine has really been cranking out the new content for Dungeons and Dragons Online this year, and fans are eagerly awaiting Update 8.
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    Mon, Dec 13, 2010
  • Boromir approves

    November Update Preview

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    Tue, Nov 23, 2010
  • DDO-update7-Our first meeting with the medusa Hesstess passes without incident

    In addition to two premium races and a number of improvements, Update 7 introduces a vast amount of free content to Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Ten Ton Hammer recently played through mos

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    Tue, Oct 12, 2010
  • microthumb2.jpg
    While many gamers are salivating at the thought of the new Star Wars MMOG and the next WoW expansion, free-to-play gamers have even more to anticipate.
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    Tue, Aug 24, 2010
  • DDO Unlimited Update 6

    Featuring a vast new wilderness area, scores of rare mobs, more than a few epic encounters, tons of loot, a great story, and best of all : underwater combat (a first for DDO), Update 6 has all the hal

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    Thu, Aug 19, 2010
  • Enedwaith Ruins

    The Lord of the Rings Online will be joining the free-to-play market this fall with its Volume 3: Book 2 update and Ten Ton Hammer recen

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    Thu, Jul 08, 2010
  • lotro_v3_epic_skirmish

    Speculation has been rampant as to just what Turbine has planned for E3.

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    Wed, Jun 16, 2010
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