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  • Two Superhero MMOGs Aren't Enough is reporting that Sigil, makers of the highly anticipated 2006 fantasy MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, will make a comic-book themed MMO with Marvel for the PC and Xbox 360.

    We don't have much more information on the upcoming title - will you be able to play as Wolverine? What happens if there are five hundred Wolverines running around? Will it steal gamers away from City of Heroes? Do we really need another MMO?

    Will Rogue-clones be the next Night Elf female? A Marvel-Sigil partnership for a new MMO announced at!

    Sat, Dec 03, 2005
  • News Flash: MMO Gamers like Star Trek!
    In one of the biggest porkbarrel market research studies ever conducted, Perpetual Entertainment has indeed found that there is a market for their 2-year-out take on the Star Trek universe.

    This just in: massively multiplayer online role-playing game players are interested in a Star Trek MMORPG. That's the not-so-shocking conclusion of a market study conducted by Nielsen Media Research and Perpetual Entertainment, developer of the forthcoming PC MMORPG, Star Trek Online.

    Check out the earthshattering Nielson survey results at Gamespot.
    Do you have a lifelong aspiration to join in a Vulcan mindmeld with an major MMO developer?

    Sat, Dec 03, 2005
  • Toasting To a One Year Anniversary.
    In celebration of World of Warcraft's first successful year, Blizzard
    has decided to give a little something back to the people:

    To help celebrate World of Warcraft's first-year anniversary, Blizzard is
    giving away one ASUS PCI-E GeForce 7800 GTX 256mb video card to a random World
    of Warcraft account holder each day during the month of December! That's 31
    top-of-the-line video cards for 31 lucky players.

    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • Your Hummer Isn't Complete Without a "Blood-Sprayer." reports
    that there are some new screenshots available for Auto Assault:

    Gameplay Monthly has some new a shiny Auto Assault screenshots for
    your viewing pleasure.

    Images, Media
    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • Stop and Smell the Flowers...
    R.O.S.E Online servers are officially up in North America!

    Welcome Adventurers to ROSE Online! The ROSE NA Servers are live, for those
    who have pre-registered their accounts, feel free to log in to the game servers.
    If you have not yet paid for an account from the beta period, please click
    on the payment link at the top next to the login to pay for your account now.

    If your curious about R.O.S.E Online, you can try it out for seven days with
    no charge.

    • Experience It Here
    • R.O.S.E at TTH
    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • Something Need Doing?
    Sci-Fi novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido (Star Trek, Andromeda) is bringing a little
    more than upgrades to Warcraft players. He is writing a series of novels devoted
    to the World of Warcraft series. The first book will be called "World of
    Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred." A very fitting title given the books contents:

    The Burning Legion has been defeated, and eastern regions of Kalimdor
    are now shared by two nations: the orcs of Durotar, led by their noble Warchief,
    Thrall; and the humans of Theramore, led by one of the most powerful mages alive
    -- Lady Jaina Proudmoore. But the tentative peace between orcs and humans is
    suddenly crumbling. Random attacks against Durotar's holdings suggest that the
    humans have renewed their aggression toward the orcs. Now Jaina and Thrall must
    avert disaster before old hatreds are rekindled -- and Kalimdor is plunged into
    another devastating war. Jaina's search to uncover the truth behind the attacks
    leads her to a shocking revelation. Her encounter with a legendary, long-lost
    wizard will challenge everything that she believes and illuminate the secret
    history of the world of...

    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • Hunt the Gods has another peek
    at Darkfall during their "Darkfall Week." For Peek #18, they've got
    some pictures of the Demigods players can hunt down and defeat. If you liked
    the Weapons in Final Fantasy VII, you'll like these guys a whole lot!

    They are huge, they are almost ridiculously dangerous, and they are
    infrequent visitors on the world of Agon. Hunting down and killing a demigod
    is one of the ultimate challenges faced by players in Darkfall.

    There are six demigods in the game, each of which haunts the peripheries of
    one major nation. Demigods are ephemeral presences, whose dwellings lie in unguessed
    dimensions, and whose brief visits to Agon are marked by the uncaring slaughter
    of all who stand in their way.

    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • RPG Vault Puts on a Peek Show, Part 2
    Simutronics'sHero Journey is in the limelight today. A few artists talk about the inspiration behind the gear creatures, or automatoks.

    Automatoks refer to a general group of Gearcrafted constructions. Specific types usually have "tok" appended to their name to indicate the natural creature they were modeled after (e.g. monkeytok), or the use they are meant for (e.g. diggertok). The name Automatok itself is typically shortened to 'Tok. Most 'Toks are specially engineered by the Gearsmiths for complex tasks, and may be employed as couriers, transports, or even war machines. 'Toks are set aside from other constructions in that they all have at least a limited level of intelligence, and are capable of taking verbal and/or written commands.

    Catch the latest HJ peek at RPG Vault.
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    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • It's "Criminal Minds," MMORPG-style
    GamerGod and Strategy Informer are giving City of Villains some pretty some pretty positive reviews. It's undeniable that CoV has that holy grail of just-launched MMOGs: polish. But the franchise's weakness remains its lasting appeal.
    From Strategy Informer:

    City of Villains is easy to understand and can be grasped quickly by any player. The interface is user-friendly and extremely flexible. Your target keys are easy to set up and windows can be resized whenever you feel like it. It can definitely be classified as an “easy” game.

    And from GamerGod:

    In addition to the gameplay aspects, the City of Villains engine is much improved from the original City of Heroes. It now supports ragdoll physics, bloom effects, depths of field effects, and other nifty new graphic card tricks. Consequently, many players may want to turn down the details a bit, as things can get pretty choppy on even a reasonably up-to-date computer. Regardless, all players should enjoy the new possibility to change graphical settings and key bindings without having to change to a different screen. Strangely, the enhancement and id editing screens have not benefited from this technology. The ID editor in particular still has weird quirks that result in difficult description editing.

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    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
  • The Spellborn beta is born, and captures the moment
    One of the first in the next wave of fantasy MMORPGs due out next year, Chronicles of Spellborn garners its fair share of hype. boasts an excellent preview of the game:

    More and more MMORPGs are coming on the market in the next year. Some will be a standard version of everything you have seen before. The Chronicles of Spellborn plans to break the mold of a typical MMORPG and take the genre into a new exciting direction. With stunning visuals the game presents a wonderful look to its respective players. With the world gone and only shards remaining after its destruction the travel aspect and looks of the realm are very unique. Spellborn also presents a change to game play by building the game on skills, not loot. With these two elements in mind the game also features plenty of options for both PvE and PvP oriented players. Spellborn also keeps a very close tab on their community and the growing appeal of MMORPGs to gamers. In a genre of grinding, looting, and endless hours of play, the Chronicles of Spellborn offers something different to the players. The game mantra, “What Lies Hidden Must be found,” gives players a chance to drive the storyline as well as their own character development.

    And if you applied for beta, an invite might be hidden in your email inbox, so go find it! The Chronicles of Spellborn preview at
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    Fri, Dec 02, 2005
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